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  1. Correction. Ad free viewing experience! Appreciate you @Olympian06.
  2. I had a bender and forgot my wallet. Pretty sure you spotted me $10.. yes the game in 04 was at Franklin Central.
  3. Dawgie only gets the facts. Had to settle for the balloon arches but rest assured DAWG is still hearing inflatable helmets... Are you ever right? Sure is a lot of smoke in this pic. Looks like DAWGs living room when he said he'd put money on the Tigers! Bets will be paid in full. Z shall be freed. Soon. Stinky, stink, stink... for Sectional week I might go over/under into how many Tiger coaches are in shorts.. can you verify if those are cargo?
  4. @StinkTownClown stink, stink... 1, 2, 3... Apparently there's drones flying all over EIAC and in the PIT on Friday?? Hope the cans of Tiger BLL will stack just as high as the drone.
  5. CCC - Rumor is the DAWGS are getting a fog machine and considering an inflatable helmet of their own! Why wouldn't they do an inflatable dog house and come out to who let the DAWGS out? By the way, where's K9 at?? Will try and tune into the game but even WRBI seems to be boycotting the product per last Friday, on homecoming nonetheless, and becoming your home of the Trojans, East Central Radio Network.
  6. Any oddsmakers putting a number on "Will there be a punt on first down?"
  7. Stinky stink stink 1, 2, 3... if only #FREE_Z gave $5 each. There's a rumor Z is only $25 away! How about DAWG will donate $1 per TIGER point scored on KFI this week?
  8. I think the only coincidence is that you're wrong again, a few times here.
  9. Z's ban holding firm like Stalingrad...... MAN. Been out of state for a few days in the old home of Michael Jordan... what number was he again @Coffin K9? I'm talking 1991 Jordan, you might be able to get that right. Can't say I'm too familiar with that number though. Speaking of 1991. Rumor along 74 is the Dogs were in full pads this week prepping for the Wildcats. Can you believe this was 28 years ago? Dawgie was just a young pup back then... was K9 around? By the way @troyfan whatever happened to ole' Foghorn Leghorn...? Thank you for the donation.
  10. Your posts represent this thought. Didn't know I was trying to hide my "secret identity." Just don't ask DOG POUND, maybe he was a Trojan then... Hate to skip the Carmel game but once a dog, always a dog right? Maybe I'll stop by Hondaburg and introduce myself tomorrow night? Where can I find you?
  11. As they were his comments I will let @Coach Nowlinspeak a little more on this in the morning but the fact of the matter is when we, or admins, get reports and messages of complaints as much as I prefer to let you guys be you and roam free, it will get shot down. As a general explanation of what you can do to not feel targeted from your behavior, let's keep it simple. Don't post about coaches and you'll be fine.
  12. Little STC why are your feathers so ruffled? Must have been a tough weekend at the Hollywood Sportsbook, let me guess, you went big on Clemson too.. Don't come at me now after all these years. You sound like you're trying to impeach DAWG..... WITCH HUNT! (CLOWN HUNT??). FAKE NEWS but shoulda, woulda, coulda... DOC, weren't you riding around in a golf cart back then?? DAWG quite a few years removed from Coffin City. If anything - quite outspoken. Can't quite agree with the new ideology. Don't think I am welcome back.
  13. Don't sweat it. As an example, this would for the 10 accounts registered to Lawrenceburg High School. As an example..... of course.
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