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  1. Have you been in our gym???? We'll hang a banner/picture for sure!
  2. JCD soccer team was legit this year, 18-2-2. AND JCD football team made it another year without a loss. I may have to check out this "tailgate" tonight at the Dawg Pound. Hopefully it isn't too rowdy and Triple C makes it to kickoff and K9 doesn't bite anyone before the game. I'm hoping for a Stink Town vs Casket Nation rematch. It's always fun when the Stink Boys come to town.
  3. JCD football has another bye week so I'll be heading to the Dawg Pound tonight to watch Coach U get back on the winning track. I hear the Spartan cheerleaders have a couple special guest performers tonight so hopefully the Casket Boyz are ready to play.
  4. Long time follower first time poster. Even got a STC costume for Sectional time. Jac-Cen-Del Football Undefeated since 1961
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