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  1. Hahaha I think Lowell and Morton would have to prove it before Hobart..didn't they beat both of those teams soundly? And from what I understand they bring back there d1 talent and a 3yr qb?.. i mean I would hope my team stands a shot against them... hut I'm going with they run the ncc again.. and their sectional.
  2. I'm using pure data and hands on analysis to give answers. Has anyone here besides me cared for a covid patient as a first responder? Has anyone else's wife worked on a covid floor at a hospital this whole time? Has anyone here besides me had covid? I'm no expert by any means, even though it looks as it doesn't take much to call yourself an expert these days, but I am good at my job and so is my wife.. throwing in the towel... no. Giving up trying to explain actual statistics to people that don't want to hear about it...yes
  3. This is my point. We are forcing taco bell workers to be essential.. i feel teachers are essential as well. Unless of course you have a serious underlying health condition. Or are over 60... kids are not dying from covid. Let them play, let them go to school.. let them have their mental health back.
  4. No, and if you would have read my post afterwards, you would see that I stated that they should not.. everyone seems to think I'm saying forget about this vifus and go back to full normal...I am not. There WILL be challenges in protecting the "at risk" community, but no more than the challenges that we are and have been facing... im the only one explaining any of this.. it seems everyone else is just saying "that won't work", "not possible". I keep asking you guys that disagree... WHAT IS YOUR ENDGAME? WHAT IS YOUR PLAN? A vaccine is not going to eradicate this. Even if it does work polls show 40 percent won't get it...what do you think we should do?
  5. If you dont think that we can have protective measures for 50 million people, then you obviously cant think we can protect the whole population correct? What you are asking is not a question with a right or wrong answer. You are looking for a debate, and I would love to give it to you. If this "lockdown" as you call it has done anything it has given us a lot of infrastructure for being secluded. You can now easily order all the necessities in your life and have them come to your doorstep. PPE is not in shortage anymore, so if you do have to go out as a person who is "at risk", you should be able to have a N95 mask and whatever else you need. Its honestly pretty simple. You are acting like we were ever truly locked down. Maybe you had a job that allowed you to stay home, but a lot of people did not, myself included. The FAST FOOD restaurant workers were even deemed "essential". The virus has been running its course, pretty full speed ahead. Nursing homes where I am at were overrun, some had a 100% infection rate, but social distancing has been declared successful. I call BS. Social distancing hasnt worked at all. over HALF of New Yorks hospitalizations were people who stayed home. We have done little to slow this down at all that has been successful, but still our numbers drop. Georgia has been open for over a month with no spike in numbers, proving that this has been running at full speed regardless of "lockdown" measures. Cases haven been rising at the same rate as numbers tested. Indiana has consistently been at 15-20 percent positive no matter how many people are tested. People are not dropping dead everywhere over this, especailly if you are under 60. 47% OF INDIANAS DEATHS HAVE COME FROM PEOPLE THAT WERE IN A NURSING HOME (876 PEOPLE)!!!! Only 9.6% of Indianas deaths (177 people) have been people under 60. Only 4% have been under 50 (74). And only 2% under 40 (37). AND most of those deaths in the younger age groups have come from people with serious underlying conditions. We have the data, protect those at risk. The numbers arent lying. I dont understand why you think this is so much harder than trying to shut everyone down? So, it is that simple. If you are at risk, you continue to be able to be on unemployment. Teachers over 60..not this year. Serious health issue?.....not going back to work... keep staying in and do exactly what you are doing now. Stay vigilant with PPE and staying distanced. WHATS YOUR END GAME WHEN A VACCINE DOESNT WORK?
  6. Correct, but we have done a terrible job at educating people with truth. TRUTH is that kids have a better chance of dying in a car crash. TRUTH is that this is not as deadly as once expected. There are many more.. the largest one majority of deaths has come from nursing homes. Some states at near 60 percent. We need to protect those people and all elderly. For those of you saying that is not possible, how is it possible in your mind to not be able to lockdown 15 percent of our population, but lockdown everyone? We have the numbers.. PROTECT THE POPULATION THAT IS DYING FROM THIS.
  7. But he is not lucky.. he is part of the majority.. thats not lucky, that is as expected.. if you add the antibody tests in covid has been just a a small fraction more deadly by percentage than the flu in 2018.. CDC just said this week that the Infection fatality rate of covid is .27...... so IF you catch it you have a .27% of dying.... and we are flipping out about what? https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/05/need-better-experts-cdc-admits-coronavirus-mortality-ratio-similar-1957-58-flu-pandemic-no-lockdown-needed/
  8. You are dazed and confused.. why does everyone think that people are dropping like flies from this virus.. they arent...WAKE UP. My dad did social distance, he didn't go anywhere for a month. I didn't even see him... boom infected. Social distancing hasn't worked. If that isn't obvious by now you are living in a cocoon. Georgia isn't flaring up and they have been open almost a month... the virus has and is running its course.. my dad wasn't one of the lucky ones. He was part of the LARGE majority that caught this and did fine with it. Its not the flu, its worse, no doubt. But it is not black death. Media would have you think people are just dropping dead everywhere and they are not. That's the bottom line. If you are "at risk" take precautions, but by all means don't act like this is killing everyone, because it's not. "One of the lucky ones" gimme a break
  9. People above 80 account for 10% of our positive cases, but 50% of our deaths.. people under 50 Count for a whooping 3 percent of Indianas deaths.... of the 1716 deaths in Indiana 732 were from nursing homes... 91.3% of our deaths have been 60 and above 75.2% 70 and above... 1 percent of deaths is 40 and below.. everyone stop worrying. If you're not old with severe underlying issues you are not going to drop dead.. my dad is 73 with underlying issues.. he did fine.. I did fine. the most secluded people, that can't go anywhere because they are isolated in a nursing home account for almost half of Indianas' deaths..let that sink in..
  10. The state did an antibody test on a control group before reopening as well as a virus test on same individuals. We have consistently been at 20 percent positive on nasal covid tests since the beginning. My guess is a LARGE majority had antibodies. Cases WILL go up with more testing.. that is a no brainer.. The highest counties have the highest amount of tests. Lake County and Marion County have tested more people by far, look at the numbers. Its consistently around 20% positive. The governor has said he will look at hospitalizations, which is the only TOTAL accurate number we have. There may be 2 million positive cases in state, but we are never going to know... All we can go off of is hospitalizations.
  11. I'm not downplaying covid. In fact, I had Covid19. What we do know is that this was circling the earth even before the Chinese told anyone. France came out and said they had found covid in victims in early December. That was before Wuhan said anything. So as contagious as this appears to be there is no way that it wasn't here in the US then as well. We could be going through a second wave right now.. NO ONE KNOWS. That is the key thing here. UK reported like 30 kids.. now NY is saying they have 15...sooo the question is.. where has this "phenomena" been the last 5 months?
  12. 15 kids in the whole city of New York? With this "pandemic" that New York had as the epicenter of death and horror....... only 15 kids got sick?
  13. Look this is not ideal for anyone.. What happened to adapt and survive, this is for the kids. There will be sacrifices made by all coaches, players, parents, and officials. but on the financial side of it.. as the article states above... it makes sense. And you mention it not being that simple, I have never said that it would be simple. In fact, I'm saying the opposite. They should be taking this time to make things work.. maybe less classes for a year, or give an option for participation and divide them up. There are hurdles, but they are not unachievable. With a little effort on some peoples parts, and some unorthodox thinking, it can and will work.
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