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  1. I had to chuckle a bit at the thought of Seeger airing it out enough to warrant rushing 2 and dropping 9. Fall of 2011 v. BC. We had Rooze at QB and Fischback as our leading WR. Very physical game, but not uncommon at all for you guys to literally have two guys with hands in the dirt and 9 on their feet in coverage.
  2. I've seen you guys do something like this before. If memory serves correct it was more of a 2-9 Umbrella...
  3. I student taught under Kurt, he is a great guy and knows his stuff. Really looking forward to what he can do at CHS! Best of luck Coach!
  4. I have long referred to the following things as part of me being "stuperstitious," meaning I know that they have no bearing on the outcome of a game itself (hence the "stupid" part) but I can't bring myself to NOT do them (the "superstitious" part): -The only night of the week that I shave is Thursday night. -I wear the same coaches polo every Friday at school and on the sideline (despite being told that I can wear a team t-shirt). -I have to have the same numbered headset every Friday night (it was #8 last year) and wear it on the left ear over my baseball cap. -I take two pieces of chewing gum before the game and two at half time. These are not "winning streak stretchers" I simply HAVE to do these every week, win or lose, or else I feel like I personally doom our chances on Friday night... I know, stuperstitious right?
  5. Geographically those all make sense. Memphis is who I thought I'd root for, but San Antonio looked good defensively. It'll be interesting to see if that holds up.
  6. I asked this on another thread, but I've read about some of the affiliates for other teams, but who is the Colts' affiliate?
  7. This. This is huge. If they had tried to go up against the NFL they wouldn't have even gotten off the ground...
  8. I had hyperlinked it. I've tried several times, but it keeps getting flagged as spam so I'll attach it here as a PDF if it will let me. The ads stretch the PDF out to be around 15 pages, but I promise the reading is not that much. Indianapolis Colts 2019 Mock Draft Monday_ Feb. 11.pdf
  9. Curious to know what happened in Meadeville, it seemed like Hammer had things on the right track. I remember watching he and his bother play together when I was in high school, they were scary good. Good luck to him as he moves on. It would be easy to look at the past few years and say that it has been a down spell, but honestly, we've spoiled for the past 10-20 years. It is important to keep in mind that Wabash is a small, all-male, liberal arts college in the middle of Indiana. That's not a bad thing at all, in fact it's something I believe we should be incredibly proud of (I know I am), but when you are talking about competing with the "Purple Powers" of Division III football, that makes it tough. We have had an incredibly great run of coaches in that span (Creighton, Raeburn, and Morel, not to mention their various assistants) that have been a huge part of that. Life has made it somewhat difficult to keep up with the team since I graduated, but I like what I see when I get a chance to watch really closely. The on the field talent has been phenomenal, but perhaps inconsistent when it has counted at times. This past year was incredibly difficult, lose Ike James for the season early (first game I think), having Witt on the road, and above all else Evan Hansen's heartbreaking passing and yet still a share of the conference title. That is very impressive. As to Oliver Page and whether he would stay for another season. The name Wes Chamblee comes immediately to mind. Wes had an additional year due to injury and not only did he take it, but he had a great final campaign. Again, I don't know Page at all, but just pointing out that his return would not be without recent precedent. #WAF
  10. The hiring of Mudd is phenomenal! A proven guy who has done it here once. Mock draft article from Colts.com found here. Compilation of several "experts," several of whom go with Lawrence or Wilkins, the two Clemson DTs I blanked on earlier. A majority seem to go with defense, but credit to you punttheball, there are a few WRs in there too... Does anyone know which of the AAF teams have rights to the Colts practice squad players by chance? I am a little wary yet of suggesting that NFL team seriously consider using the AAF as a talent pool just yet, especially on the defensive side of the ball, but would still like to know moving forward.
  11. I watched quite a bit of last nights game. The league seems pretty solid. It is obvious that this is truly a "developmental" league, especially up front. The offensive line play was pretty suspect in the SD/SA game.
  12. Destin gave me the opportunity to begin my career in education and I will be forever grateful to him. God bless...
  13. I know I am not the only Colts fan that has been saying since the early Manning days that we need to focus on the defensive side of the ball, and even given the way this defense overachieved, I still think that is your focus. I think the discussion around TY and whether he is a #1 receiver seems silly to me because the Colts' focus this year was on multiple formations out of multiple personnel groups, especially with multiple tight ends, and TY is able to fit into just about any of those groups. He is your #1 because first, he has the ability to play it multiple positions and second, because the focus of the offense is on tight ends. Also, what happened to the perimeter screen game? It seemed like that was a huge part of the offense in spots this year, but they kind of got away from it late in the year. That was an area where TY thrived, maybe the ankle injury took away from this? Back to the defense, there were two times this year where injuries made me nervous. One was Ryan Kelley, but Evan Bohem stepped in nicely. The other was when Leonard went down on literally the first or second play against the Dolphins. Forget all the talk about the Pro Bowl snub, whether he is the DROY/DPOY, all of it; if he doesn't come back there the Colts are done. The d-line is good for what they needed to do and that is keep Leonard clean, they deserve a lot of credit for those 190 or whatever tackles. As much as I loved Dwight Freeney, and I mean loved, I don't want a player like that for this defense. Freeney took himself out of the running game a lot, not because he didn't like contact or anything like that, just stylistically he was so fast up the field that a lot of times you didn't even need to block him. For a pass rusher, I would love to see an outside linebacker type, a la a Dee Ford actually, someone who not only has the edge speed needed to give elite tackles issues, but also the awareness to understand when to use that speed and when to stay anchored to the LOS. That or a big time "pocket pusher" in the middle, like one of the Clemson DTs (names escape me now), someone who can push the pocket and make QBs antsy with their feet, but also still draw doubles in the run game. The DBs had a surprisingly good year, Hooker is solid when he is healthy, and Kenny Moore had a pretty great year as well. On both sides of the ball Ballard's genius was that he gave Reich and Company players who could do multiple things well, that needs to be the focus. I agree that Antonio Brown as a player would be nice, but this has never been an organization that puts up with a lot of off the field issues (call them distractions). Not that I begrudge AB, or anyone for that matter, for being a big personality, but when it becomes detrimental to an organization, that is a problem. Same kind of deal with a Le'veon Bell. I'm sorry, but Trent Richardson is still fresh in my mind. I know it is a different situation, with a different GM and much better, more proven back, but you are still talking about a big name running back in the modern NFL where running backs almost always come in pairs anyway. With 9 picks, I would almost like to see them try to trade a couple of them to move up, I mean like top 10 or top 5, to take a guy that they really like. Again, don't go crazy, I'm talking like 2, 3 picks max, to move up into that top area and only if you are going to get a guy you really feel can be a long term guy. I love that the Colts have simply pieced things together, and it has worked, to an extent, for a while, but every now and then you've got to make a big move, not a desperate move, but a big move.
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