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  1. For what seems like the umpteenth year in a row, the weather could not be better. It always seemed like 15 years ago that the weather turned super hot and muggy like it was two weeks ago right around today.
  2. So... nothing then... Pardon me while I get ready for practice tomorrow...
  3. So instead of spinning our wheels, again, does anyone know: 1) did this meeting actually take place? Or when is it to take place if it is this evening? 2) if it has taken place, has anything DEFINITVE been released? Otherwise we literally could not beat a deader horse.
  4. Zero chance a "swap" between football and baseball at the high school level is happening. If nothing else, its far too late in the calendar for that.
  5. Thank you, I should have figured it had something to do with Horace Mann...
  6. This begs an interesting question, where does the 180 number come from? I honestly don't know, I just always assumed that the old "traditional" calendar had close to that but I don't know that for a fact.
  7. Here's a different question; what schools have already started? I saw this on the news last Thursday, Washington Township started 100% virtual but Greenfield-Central started in person. https://www.theindychannel.com/news/education/back-to-school/washington-township-and-greenfield-central-start-school-thursday Here's a more expansive story on Avon reopening on Wednesday. https://www.theindychannel.com/news/education/back-to-school/avon-students-return-to-the-classroom-for-a-different-kind-of-school-year
  8. No I wasn't. Not only is the meme based on a cartoon, but it's based on the cartoon that has made its bones being over the top insensitive over the years. That's part of the reason why I wondered if they had done a Covid episode because it would not surprise me one bit if they had, and by the way, it probably would have been incredibly inappropriate and insensitive.
  9. For some reason it won't let me edit my previous post, but if the meme offends you because you don't feel it takes the situation seriously enough, I get that, but it says nothing about death rate in the pic, that's all.
  10. Not to nitpick, mainly because it ultimately doesn't matter anyway, but the meme says nothing about death rate. It says "...99.98% of us will remain." The number is still incorrect, but to not because of "bad math" related to death rate as you suggest.
  11. I've watched just enough South Park to where I can actually hear Stan's dad saying this. Haven't watched for a long time though, have they actually done a Covid episode? Surely they haven't...
  12. These days, there are no simple solutions, only simple thoughts... doesn't mean they're bad thoughts, just not simple in application...
  13. Some observations from the past month's worth of workouts in relation to these: 1) When it comes to drill time, our current guidelines are to maintain social distancing (6 feet) during outdoor workouts. If we need to demonstrate a drill, for example, which requires that we break that distance, we must wear a mask. For my two cents; I have a mask hooked on one ear while I am outside of 6 feet so that if, and when, I have to demonstrate a drill I simply grab the other ear hook (or whatever the proper term for it is) and the mask is on long before I come within 6 feet. It was a bit tedious at first, but after a couple of days you just make it part of the norm. 2) As obvious by some of my posts, I am long winded by nature 😉 so this has actually forced me in the moment to be more succinct in my explanations when in close proximity to players (and masked) and/or be more pointed and focused in my verbal instructions from a distance. 3) With regards to games, I see where you are coming from, but you HAVE to have coaches on the sidelines. The chaos of anywhere from 20-60 teenagers running around on the sideline without adults with them is... unimaginable. That said, I think that the IHSAA extending the sideline box for players will help, and again, our current guidance mandates masking when you are within 6 feet, so as long as coaches on the sidelines are masked it seems as though healthcare professionals are, to a degree okay with that.
  14. After looking at the study, a couple things jump to mind: 1) None of that seems all that surprising, unfortunately... 2) Pages 9, 10, and 11 of the study reference "Historical Data," does the study cite where that data comes from? Its' probably there somewhere and I just missed it.
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