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  1. I guess this is what happens when you don't have many compelling games...……... Ultimate, this ones for you:
  2. At the snap, the left guard ran 10 yards down field. He stood there as the pass was being thrown.
  3. Without going thru every detail, the first Laville TD should've been called back........
  4. BJ and HL thought it would've been good from 60. He was definitely a huge difference in the game.
  5. Thank you! This is exactly right. I hold myself accountable. I'm my biggest critic.
  6. If at the halftime break, or anytime following, the score differential is 35 or more, the game clock will run continually, stopping only for scores, time outs, or injuries. The only person to stop the clock during application of the mercy rule is the Referee (White Hat).
  7. Can we bring George Carlin back to let us know what constitutes a profanity? Am I going to get a 1 from a coach for flagging him for saying $hit? Maybe I don't hear as much as I should, but I don't think profanity is a huge issue. I'd much rather hear someone say they thought that was a Bull$hit call than to hear "You're cheating us."
  8. I'm good with any Mercy Rule that takes away the need for officials to ask coaches if they want a running clock. You might as well tell me to ask the losing coach if he wants me to punch him in the $@!#%.
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