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  1. Does baseball, or any of the sports that expand the number of officials in the tournament, require special certification, on those mechanics, to qualify for the tournament? Or are those mechanics covered in the testing process? I ask, because speaking to a Florida official a few years ago, I was told that they go from 5 to 7 as soon as the playoffs start. They, of course, can do that because they have a (sensitive word coming.....) qualifier for their tournament. In order to work the tournament, they have to be certified in 7 man mechanics.
  2. This is the "advantage". The P/P schools that win big are in the states most populated cities: Indy, Lafayette, Evansville, Ft Wayne...... It doesn't guarantee you'll win, but the resources are there, that draw the families.
  3. Gelsosomo's - US6 and County Line Rd 2.9 mi from HHS AJ's Pizza - South of Chesterton on 49, near the toll road entrance. Good selection of craft beer.
  4. Q. Restrictions Please inform your students and fans that during the game: 1. Banners and posters are not allowed. 2. Battery powered or electronic noise makers, fireworks, recorded music (permissible during‐ quarter breaks, halftime, and post‐game) , sirens or whistles are not allowed. 3. Throwing of articles, including toilet tissue and baby powder, is not allowed. 4. No live animal mascots are permitted at any time. 5. The facility should be as neutral as possible without any enhancements that emphasize a home team.
  5. Always October at ND (even though this one was a little earlier than usual) and November at SC.
  6. Yes. BTW, they lost to that opponent on their home field. It was just a thought and not going to happen. I'll, HOPEFULLY, be working the first 4 weeks of the tournament, so I wouldn't be able to see it anyway. As a grad of Pioneer, that typically only gets to see them in deep tournament runs, I can't speak with any certainty. My guess is that they don't mind playing at Cass and, if they're healthy, it's probably just as well that they do it in the 1st round.
  7. I can only go by pictures, since I haven't been to Cass in years. It's not going to happen, just thought it would be cool. Personally, I'd like to see all championship games (sect, reg, semi) played on a neutral field. I've seen too many fields that had no business holding a first round game, let alone a championship.
  8. I know why Pioneer would, if they had it. They have twice in the Semi-State.
  9. Wonder how many more would attend if it was the Sectional Championship? Just a thought. Imagine, in 3 weeks, if there was a neutral facility available, halfway between Royal Center and Walton, that could hold a larger crowd. Say the county seat. Sounds like it would be a great night for Cass County football...……... I'll get my donation in...…..…….😁
  10. Calumet at Griffith - Postponed on Friday. Saturday was the funeral for the Calumet freshman that passed away. My understanding was the schools asked for a waiver to play on Monday, but was denied.
  11. EC Central @ Hammond Clark PPD until Noon tomorrow.
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