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  1. Let’s slow down. I would agree that the Trojan Offense had been struggling the last few weeks, but on life support? Here I disagree. This is a talented Chatard team, and while not the monster of all classes it was last year it is still a great team. Disagree again with the underdog statement. I would say based on the schedule that chatard has played this year and the strength of their defense especially, this team is in no way an underdog this week. That said, this will be a phenomenal game. Danville is on quite a roll, while the Trojans have been contested the last few weeks, but I have a fee
  2. I think this is a fair guess. Offense is completely different than last year, still a good offense no doubt, just not the explosive big name offense it was last year. Defense on the other hand is still an elite unit like it was last year, lots of juniors and now seniors stepping up in the absence of big names from last year(Mastrian, Schrader, Shepherd). As mentioned before they’ve only allowed 10 total points in the first 3 weeks of playoffs. Could see a score being somewhere around 35-7 or 28-3
  3. Yup. Lot of underclassmen that now have game experience and experience against Chatard. I think this will be a different game than it was last year, although I have no doubt the Trojans will advance, just think it will be more competitive.
  4. This should be the best matchup for Chatard so far in the playoffs. Concordia played a loaded schedule with lots of 5 and 6A talent. Both offenses and defenses should matchup well. Concordia has some height and speed at receiver that chatard hasn’t seen yet in the playoffs. Still think that the chatard defense is an elite unit and should keep the cadets pretty shut down. Concordia defense appeared to put up good fights against Fort Wayne powerhouses, but Chatards offense has definitely developed and is continuing to get better weekly. Should be a good matchup but I expect chatard to win by at
  5. Heard there were 1500 total tickets available. Believe Chatard was given 500 total, limited number for senior students, remainder for parents/fans. In regards to the game; should be one of the best in 3A this week along with Tri-West/Danville and Norwell/Concordia. Brebeuf played the Trojans close in Week 1 (27-14), both teams seem to have improved since then for sure. The Braves should give Chatard their biggest play off challenge so far. My prediction; Chatard 31- Brebuef 14.
  6. would love to see Ritter over Danville and Scecina over Heritage
  7. Would love to see a rematch of these 2 teams take place in LOS. If I remember correctly, Danville knocked chatard out of playoffs 2 years in a row in 2016 and 2017? Lot of bad blood between these teams. I’m sure both programs would love to prove who’s on top now
  8. No doubt this will be a good game. GS could very likely beat this Southridge team. Definitely a top 3 team in the south with Danville and Southridge. I could see any one of those 3 teams making it to LOS, Southridge is just who I predict will do it
  9. Interested to see how the rest of the field pans out. I think there could be some more shockers as seen with Guerin and West Lafayette... Regionals: Marian over River Forest by 3 scores Danville over Sullivan by at least 3 scores Chatard over Norwell by 4/5 scores Southridge over Lburg in a nailbiter Semi-State: #1 Chatard beats #2 Marian by at least 2 or 3 scores; chatard defense dominates Southridge beats Danville in what was a close game early but pull away late State: Chatard over Southridge by at least 2 scores Would love to see so
  10. This is correct I believe and can be a nightmare to schedule with travel included. Because of this many teams seek indoor facilities for practices the week of State as to adjust from a usually cold playoff run outdoors to a 80 degree LOS
  11. Hagerman of Brebeuf is top 10 in passing Yards right now. East central took it to Cincy Moeller who is historically a great out of state program. And Roncalli has one of the hardest hitting running backs in the state. The game will speak for itself tomorrow. Classic cathedral attitude going into the game against their “little brothers, or CYO Allstars”
  12. Wayyyyy too much confidence in a guy that played very below average defenses for the first 3 weeks. Half his catches versus Carmel and Penn were straight up the seam untouched by a single defender and blown coverages. Aggressive chatard DB’s will not be playing patty cake and allowing free release down the seam. No doubt he will make some plays but this chatard defense is known for being one of the most aggressive, fast, and hard hitting defenses every year state-wide. I’d study up before assuming one guy can win the game against a veteran defense more aggressive than the historically soft Car
  13. Not necessarily comparing them to another team, maybe compared to Last years cathedral defense... Shiloh was definitely a big loss for the secondary and the d-line doesn’t look as strong this year, definitely still a talented group but a lot of young guys that I would assume chatard will attempt to target throughout the game passing wise... I expect the best matchup of the night to be cathedral offense against chatard defense. Will be interesting to see McCahil, Jordan, Perry, Langdon, Wooten, Tibbs/Page pair up with Calvert, Kinnett, Bolen, Coons, Haslett, Fillenwarth, Babcock... s
  14. Imagine this will be a much better game then people suspect, certainly won’t be a blowout... Cathedral has definitely shown up in the last 3 weeks and is playing at playoff levels. However, I think this will be the most competitive game they’ve had so far this year. Chatard defense appears to have the ability to slow down a potent cathedral offense and shut down the Big plays that have killed cathedrals opponents so far this year. Chatard offense also showed a viable pass game against Roncalli last week and should be able to pass well against a less talented cathedral defense. Should be a
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