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  1. i do enjoy readinG these posts by DT.
  2. You are quite impossible to communicate with. I did buy the book. I'll review it on Amazon. Often ignored, Luers did fairly well in the playoffs when allowed to have more participation.
  3. I don't think I'm confusing anything. I don't see how a system based on changing coaches and players in reaction to the realignment of teams is going to work in an amateur sport. The systems are put in place to basically make money.
  4. No, the players in a system of promotion/relegation are intentionally brought in to get better. That is not the case in high school.
  5. I think the better defense wins. One time Derrick Dennis stood up to Brett Law. 🙂 Derrick Dennis won.
  6. This is not professional soccer. You get what players you get and period. You're not buying your team. It's not fit for relegation.
  7. I'm pretty sure I live in Marion County. Nice slap.
  8. I'd have to disagree, but you do know everything.
  9. panamabob

    SAC playoffs

    If Lakeland beats Concordia, I'll eat my hat.
  10. panamabob

    Snider Panthers

    Shame on me. Shame.
  11. panamabob

    Snider Panthers

    Again, another Snider fan shows not knowing a whole lot about area football. Shock.
  12. panamabob

    Week 9 Scores..

    Snider 26 Luers 14 late 3rd