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  1. I wonder how Dwenger would have done with, as a friend put it, a "real" runner running the ball. Whatever that means. I was working too much to watch a lot of Dwenger this year.
  2. We can all rewatch it and opine away. Gee, what did I miss yesterday? I was picking my nose again. I remember when Luers was supposed to lose by 50 to Ritter, the good Lord's gift to FB.
  3. Dwenger has a new OC and DC. We'll see how they turn out. Dwenger followers often say that the HC puts the stronger players on defense rather than offense. They say the wrong running back was playing. I don't know, I just pick my nose.
  4. Sounds like the politicians who want factory workers to work into their 70s. Kind of. I understand, it's a give and take, but I know a very healthy principal who nearly died.
  5. Understood. I'm sure that the people I read on Facebook simply aren't advocating for themselves, don't have the diseases they say they have, AND I'm QB'ing from my kitchen table.
  6. I won't say stupid or cruel, but I've worked with some doozy admins and have seen some board members that I shake my head at.
  7. And history of other viruses to look at. Some are using history, some are using their opinions, some are using the almighty dollar.
  8. Yes, meaning kids and teachers with various illnesses.
  9. Since I still teach, I have no idea what we're going to do. There is no way that we can social distance on the busses without the kids coming every other day or every third day...whatever that would be... I can't even think about what the admins are doing, designing, or thinking right now. We have really sick kids and teachers, tight budgets, but a strong community.
  10. For the most part, I trust my doctor and his team. He's dressed like a space man. He wants to do things electronically, but wanted to see something in person. Everyone was dressed like they were going to Mars. Everyone was thorough, calm, cool, and collected. They don't know yet. They understand these things much more clearly than I do and they weren't taking any chances. I lived in South America for a few years and caught a virus that knocked me on my butt. The scary part is that it hit me several years after I left South America and it took an infectious disease specialist to find it. I'm not taking any chances. I could have caught it in the 1990s in Peru or in the 2000s in Ecuador. It hit me in the middle of teaching in 2012 (I think). I almost had to be put on half days.
  11. I didn't get down there to read it yet, but I will. Everyone has an opinion and the questions are good, but the virus is not very old. We know very, very little, so we're all just giving our opinions. I'll go up and reread.
  12. Kids have a better chance of dying in a car crash up to today, from a virus that is not very old. How old are cars and car crashes? I know teachers who have diabetes, asthma, obesity, in their 60s, hypertension...some with all of the above. You're telling them to go back to work?
  13. I'm not a numbers wiz, just to put that out there, but I'm seeing all kinds of botched numbers everywhere... The thing that isn't often pointed out is that the flu deaths are counted in one count, but the illnesses/deaths don't all come from the same virus. So this COVID-19 (is is still one???) is blowing any one flu out of the water in its short existence.
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