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  1. Take 3 knees, stay away from the punted ball and that team may have been the champion in 2A. They would have been fine seeded anywhere, maybe?
  2. Both schools sit on/across the street from the city limits.
  3. I've been thoroughly amazed by Social Studies teachers this year. Misunderstanding so much. Mixing liberal and conservative economics up so much. The ones I've read...many times don't know the history of things.
  4. I went to grade school and high school with Fred, but only see him when he's refereeing IHSAA basketball games that I see anymore. Yes, he went to Catholic grade school. When I lived in the area, I'd often catch WEBO games. Good football over that way. Whatever happens, I hope that the decent Luers team shows up and they don't drop opportunities.
  5. That was God's gift to football, that Ritter team. Too bad the digest went down and we can't see those posts. Luers best not get cocky at all. Pioneer is the real deal.
  6. Well, it happens. Dwenger decided to turnover the game away. Concordia played fairly well against one of the best teams in the state. Homestead is Homestead and does this occasionally. If I was that other guy southend, I’d wonder why Harding and New Haven together are playing so poorly. Did they pick the wrong coach? Lots of politics there.
  7. The IHSAA is a membership (club?) of member schools. It has nothing to do with what type of school.
  8. It’s actually 23-3 and Tipton marched right down the field before half and should have had a TD.
  9. There are a myriad of ways to make up the lost seat time and money.
  10. No, but I'm sure there is some wealthy person that might be able to help out. The church is quite wealthy, but as a member I understand that it is distributed unwisely. That's another story. I was there and thought that MD was the better team, but the timing was just a bit off.
  11. It is what it is. Mater Dei had some bus issues, too, last year. They just couldn't get it together. Maybe MD should have driven up on Friday.
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