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  1. Coach, this was in another post, looked like it belonged here: https://www.hipod.com/home/ We use the hi-pod lite. After a couple of years we can set it up in 10-15 minutes and tear it down in the same amount of time as well. First time doing it was fairly lengthy, but its been a pretty good system for us. Captures Film to a mini-SD card, need to remember to delete each game before filming the next one to make the upload easier/quicker. I'm fairly tech savvy and that process is easier because of that. Company is great to work with. They quickly replaced a part that was under warranty, had it within a few days. We also had our custodial crew accidentally toss out the tv screen used with it and the company replaced it, but it did not fall under warranty. Also, gave us new sand bags at not extra cost. Hope that helps... Irishuncle
  2. http://yappi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=313585&page=16 The online address goes to a shopping center/for-profit technical school. Football factory?
  3. To Carroll, hopefully a move. To Knoxville, definitely a move. Wayne and Luers are neighbors, relatively speaking.
  4. Didn't Mishawaka elect to play up? Am I misunderstanding the parameters?
  5. Which JV team did Snider send/play with? Since Dwenger has Luers and North Side converts and former head coaches galore, they'll be fine putting the pegs in.
  6. Funny how some things take years and this took weeks. No board should ever let this happen. Reeks of rot at the top.
  7. What would you like happen to intercollegiate sports? Throw out the publics?
  8. Tres Hermanos 1413 Wabash has the best barbacoa tacos I've ever had..inside and outside of Mexico.
  9. Lots of teachers talk up The Angry Donkey in Michigantown.
  10. Are you being cheeky? I never blame anyone for looking out for themselves.
  11. I heard at lunch today that Frankfort has 90+ out this year. The word is the kids are more excited than they’ve been in years.
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