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  1. A short limb: Dwenger, Snider, Homestead. Where did Ledo, Taylor, and Trotter go?
  2. http://www.journalgazette.net/news/local/schools/20190312/spuller-field-to-get-synthetic-turf
  3. I guess they are rumors, but I do know teachers in both buildings. They generally know about the bs that happens for prized pupils (athletes) who might have behavior issues. I might have a different perspective since my kids go to Northrop. The gun at school all day rumor certainly came to be true. I’d like the coaches’ cycle recommendation.
  4. I do agree that you are free to drive your own children to where you'd like. I asked my kids if they wanted to go to Luers and they didn't. Even as a public school teacher, I would have inquired about the voucher.
  5. Absolutely not. I was sharing the article. I'm not afraid to share my thoughts, nor are you. What did happen with those youngsters at Snider? Did you hear about the Northrop basketball players bullying kids and even throwing urine on them in the bathroom and FWCS does nothing because they're winning?
  6. I was awaiting the "Luers did nothing in 3a" comments. Luers was pretty darn good a few of those years and played some pretty darn good teams along the way.
  7. Your point on Tech is right on. I think the bigger the school system, the harder it is to do anything right.
  8. http://www.journalgazette.net/sports/high-schools/20190305/ihsaa-reset-puts-luers-football-back-in-class-2a
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