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  1. Thank you! We need a Mount Bovinator. I can't believe the cojones a couple of these posters have sometimes. BIggus whatever that guy says on Monty Python.
  2. Next, you're going to tell us something like this: Those who can, do; those who can't, teach.
  3. Had a guy like him at Luers a few decades ago. Went to be a Spartan, but ended up the FB for Anthony Thompson and Vaughn Dunbar. Yeah, go stand next to Blaine Bishop.
  4. Shall I spell it out for you? My ex moved to South Bend, so I moved back so the kids didn't have to change schools. Plus, the pay is about $10K lower in Frankfort. Is that fleeing?
  5. Cox seems to be learning to compromise. He should see by now that 2 years isn't long enough or maybe the points are screwy.
  6. I don't know if I can go back as many years on the digest to find the proof. I'll go on the wayback machine during winter break.
  7. It's interesting that they haven't seen that the coach version is a better version. I also wanted to chime in that some of the best athletes at Luers were not rich at all and some of the best athletes at Luers were very rich! 🙂
  8. Maybe simplification. Be happy for them, instead of whining because some of them don't want to play football and they push your team up into a higher class. Better yet, find someone to tap in. I think Woodlan would welcome them, yes. Sherwood will teach them. This is true. I have a friend who has a kid who sits on the bench at Snider. I guarantee you he would have started as a sophomore at Luers.
  9. As a teacher, I understand that not everyone exceeds in literacy.
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