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  1. Maybe share with your group and I'll share with mine. If so moved...
  2. Hpmestead dwarfs Luers. Homestead is aggressive defensively, may penalties appear?
  3. I've already seen some new leaders around here, so guys are moving up and allowing others on their old crews.
  4. Somehow Luers 38. Carroll 31 does not bode well for 2a…Luers has a D. tremendous clock management. someone turned the lights out. 38 seconds to go
  5. North Side 31 Snider 34 Watch the last two plays on YouTube. FINAL 5:54 4th Warsaw 42. Coffman 23
  6. That loss, for me, is entirely on coaches not utilizing the field/clock/plays. No, I don't coach football, but I've taught with state championship coaches who love to point out Luers' clock management/special teams/player usage fiascos. My gosh, run sideways and lose some precious seconds. I digress. There is no way Luers keeps it close against Carroll, unless the defense has improved tremendously.
  7. Kuruaray One Shade , which dentist has been hacking my account?
  8. It took all of my might not to scream something about using the clock as a local coach passed me in Kroger the other day. Haha. The clock can be your friend, especially when you can score and your defense can't stop anyone.
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