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  1. Spread out over 5 years, it isn't so bad. I just choose something that interests me and is in one of my areas. I'm weird. 🙂
  2. https://www.doe.in.gov/licensing/application-instructions-step-step#add1 perhaps I can still do it through the link above.
  3. I almost always renew with 2 college courses within one of my license areas. Each class is worth 45 points. I don't have that option now, I believe. I almost always have one or two jobs outside of school, but that is my business. I did have a coach at IPS tell me that maybe I needed to let go of one of those extra jobs. That was a crock of cheese.
  4. I've dropped the union before and will watch this closely. It still floors me, changing the topic a little, how people really think teachers do nothing but babysit. I'm reading and rereading this BS on facebook from people in business who act as if we teachers aren't good enough to do anything. When I chime in that I've worked on some darn fine teams and that many of the teachers I've worked with work elsewhere and are often asked to be management, they balk and/or say things about their wives being teachers... Those who can, teach!
  5. I have a friend who regularly runs marathons, plays 18 or 36, and eats like a king on the clock. Must be nice. I had a chocolate cake with cherry icing last week and a couple of tacos for teacher appreciation week. Once, I gave a talk at an international conference, only to get sick and just kind of stand there while my colleague did all of the talking. 🙂
  6. It depends on the schools who bring them in. I had some Kagan training way back when. People look at me like I'm a nut sometimes when I get the music going.
  7. Going in to start my PGP adventure now. LVIS is in the building.
  8. One of the things that makes me question my mother church.
  9. It's nice to see some objectivity. I'm seriously considering going to the Catholic schools and working in a restaurant on the off hours. I went to one and just visited one last year...still similar to 30 years ago as far as work ethic/discipline. On another note, I'm a friend of Dr. Bennett on Facebook. We've gone our rounds. He's either brainwashed or $ blind.
  10. They lost three regular season games on the field. If I remember correctly, they were toe to toe with Snider that year. From http://ifca.zebras.net/ifca/candler/region3/luers.htm 1999 (13-2,7-2) Class 2A State Champ ----------------------------------------------- Aug 20 *FW NORTHROP............ 7-36 L Aug 27 *FW WAYNE............... 20-7 W Sep 03 *at FW South Side....... 7-26 W F Sep 10 *at Harding............. 23-12 W Sep 17 *at FW North Side....... 27-0 W Sep 24 *at FW Dwenger.......... 30-10 W Oct 01 *FW SNIDER.............. 10-14 L Oct 08 *at Elmhurst............ 67-0 W Oct 15 *FW CONCORDIA........... 42-12 W Oct 22 HERITAGE............... 35-7 W Oct 29 at Harding............. 14-6 W Nov 05 WOODLAN................ 41-13 W Nov 12 at Jimtown............. 7-0 W Nov 19 at Eastbrook........... 35-8 W Nov 26 vs Danville............ 38-7 W F- Forfeit win to Luers
  11. I think we all knew who he was and he was the coach at Howe. It was often brought up about who his dad was. He certainly bled for his team.
  12. I was thinking the same thing. Now, last year they would have been close...
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