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  1. Yes, I did see that. He was probably making a list of what he thought had happened, like you do after you have a car accident or some kind of damage to your home. He did retract. I don't see it as jumping to conclusions.
  2. There certainly is/was damage, right? "Dwenger Principal Jason Schiffli said that bolts and nuts that support crossbeams for the bleacher were removed, foot plates were missing and bent, bleachers were bent, and a standing bar was missing."
  3. http://ifca.zebras.net/ifca/candler/foot-history/nei/fw_luers.htm
  4. Hearing and seeing that Carroll students were displaying their friendliness in their cheer block the other night. We’ll see if this hits the media. Homestead and Carroll, aren’t they supposed to be the cream of the crop?
  5. I generally see you and that other Snider poster to be taken literally. My mistake.
  6. Turnovers really hurt the Knights. THey may match up well until Regionals in 2A, especially if they keep the ball on the ground or throw to the receivers that can get by slower defenses. I'm trying to be careful, but when will the next Knapke make some appearances?
  7. Everything I clicked on last night was free. What Pennywise said.
  8. Unimpressive and weakling? Are you in the Twilight Zone? I know nothing compares to the Leprechaun's Panthers, but holy cripes! 🙂
  9. https://www.ihsaatv.org/watch/bishop-chatard-vs-cathedral-2019-football-whmb-tv-40-sports 31-21 Cathedral, it looks like
  10. Radio said the coach lost his cool and wasted 40 seconds yelling at the officials
  11. Concordia 49 Luers 14. 8:20 left concordia still lifting the ball downfield. 🤔 2A teams licking their chops.
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