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  1. I wholly agree. Promotion and relegation works for leagues that pay their players and can trade/recruit the world.
  2. Allen County, off the top of my head... North Side transfers...noise. Carroll QB sickness...sad situation. Dwenger, Snider...kings. Homestead, Carroll...next in line. Wayne 8 defensive starters back. Nearby...Adams Central, South Adams, Eastside, Marion Local, Coldwater ...fun to watch.
  3. https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/high-school/2022/08/03/indiana-high-school-football-ihsaa-coach-2022-season-schedule-games/65380582007/ Coaches Confidential: Who is the last coach you'd want to face in a winner-take-all game? ⬤ “Hard to tell private schools with the ability to recruit and unlimited resources kind of makes it hard to judge coaching. I think (Kevin) O’Shea at North Central does a lot with the guys he has.”
  4. I thought they got a QB from Cincinnati Moeller. Any truth that NS has trouble with the transfers from the IHSAA? I guess I can look on the IHSAA website.
  5. Did the football gods/karma take care of Dwenger?
  6. It's been interesting to see the rosters at the beginning of the year, my own favorite teams included.
  7. Snider, generally, improves mightily as the season moves on. Other teams, well, don't. 🙂
  8. North Side, two words, is sometimes fun to watch. We'll see how this year's edition turns out to be.
  9. How many public school towns/cities don't have youth football or Middle School football?
  10. Yep, if they get within 300 miles of the border and are in good standing...yep.
  11. Argentina's system is probably the best, but since you don't get to choose your players, it won't be like promotion and relegation in most sports. Usually, the most money wins. That's not the smartest thing I've read. The supporters would probably volunteer their expertise.
  12. Most of the state doesn't only allow kids to enroll based on boundaries. The schools I've taught in have open enrollment and they are all public. Kids come from other counties or towns/cities and we lose kids all of the time to neighboring districts.
  13. Didn't someone do some power rankings or something? Good programs are just that. Which has nothing to do with the IHSAA. You've just described suburbia. Here we go...
  14. Utter BS. Do you still live in Indiana? Take a few trips around and ask.
  15. When was the last time you spent a year or two in a high school? You often speak as if you are an expert. I wonder why.
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