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  1. Castle is closed. I will direct you to Courier and Press. They have an article on the web site explaining the situation.
  2. Since Castle is closed today for an abundance of caution, is the game being moved, reschedule, or canceled?
  3. Does anyone have SIAC Scrimmage matches and locations?
  4. MD feeder school number is miss represented. If MD received all of the students in their feeder, they would/could be larger. But the enrollment in the MD feeder school are drastically down compare to past numbers. From my own experience, my oldest son's class at had 44 8th grade students. They had 21 boys. 6 went to Memorial, 1 to North, 4 to Central, 2 to Signature, and 8 went to MD. My youngest son class had 11 8th graders and 4 boys in the class. 2 went to MD, 1 went to Reitz, and one went to Signature. On the other hand my daughter's 8th grade class had 12 students and 8 were boys. Once again, 5 went to MD, 2 went to Reitz, and 1 to Signature. Typically, all 8 feeder school feed about a total of 110-125 students into MD. For this purpose, we will say it is a 50/50 split. MD gets about 55-75 boys per year. MD gets if share, but it loses boys to other schools. You can see when to you drop from a class of 44 students to a feeder school to classes of 12 in ten years, MD does not get as many athletes as they used to. MD must battle cost and Public HS that have great academic (Reitz, Central, North Posey, Gibson Southern, Mt Vernon, and North)
  5. Over half the season has been played. It is safe to say we have a better understanding of each team now. Mid-Season Report: Central, North, and Jasper has separated them self from the rest of the SIAC. The second group is Memorial, Mater Dei, Vincennes Lincoln, and Castle. This group relies on their defense first and hopes the offense can score enough points to win. Each of these teams are a toss up when they play. The bottom grouping is Reitz, Bosse, and Harrison. I am not sure what to think about Reitz. They do have a last second win against Vincennes and a win against Harrison. But the team on the hill is struggling on both sides of the ball. They do have a chance to move up into the middle grouping. All of the bottom teams have new coaches/staff and this is probably causing their struggles. Mid-Season ranking with season ending predicted season records: 1. Central (9-0) 2. North (8-1) 3. Jasper (8-2) 4. Memorial (6-3) 5. Castle (5-3) 6. Mater Dei (4-5) 7. Vincennes Lincoln (2-8) 8. Reitz (3-6) 9. Harrison (1-8) 10. Bosse (0-8) To this week games: Castle @ Reitz: Knights 31-14 Bosse @ Memorial: Tigers with a running clock in the 4th. 42-12 Harrison @Vincennes Lincoln: Alices pulls away in the second half. 35-14 Mater Dei @ North: North wins this, but MD will keep it close. 28-17 Game of the Week: Jasper @ Central Jasper now enters the hardest part of their schedule. Central is so talented and fast. It will be very interesting to see what the DC come up with to try to stop the other team. However in the end, Central has more overall talent and speed than Jasper. Central wins pulling away. Bears 38-21
  6. Week 5 Picks: Central over Reitz. Running clock in the second half. Bears 48-14 Memorial over Harrison. This will be close for half. Memorial make adjustment and cruises in the second half. Tigers 38-12 North over Bosse. Running clock in the second half. Huskies 52-7 Game of the Week: Castle vs Vincennes. This will be a low scoring game. Castle wins 21-14 Upset of the Week: Mater Dei vs Jasper: I believe this will be a low scoring game. MD kicker wins it with a late FG. MD Wildcats 17-14 From my perceptive at this point of the season it appears there is two front runners, Central and North. They are the best rounded teams with both an offense and defense. MD, Memorial, Castle, and VL are all better defensive teams that still has work to do on the Offensive side. Bosse and Harrison are still works in progress with new coaching staffs. Reitz is just an average team on both sides of the ball.
  7. This is the week football takes over. NCAA, NFL, and week 4 for IHSAA Football. This is the time of year I love, and I believe many of us on here does too. To this week games: Bosse vs Jasper: Jasper wins big with a running clock, Jasper 49-12 Reitz vs North: I agree North is for real. North wins, but it will be close in the 4th qrt. North 35-27 Castle vs Harrison: Castle with a running clock. Castle 45-14 Vincennes vs Central: Central wins by controlling both sides of the ball. Central D will shut down Vincennes while the Offense will explode. Central 42-7 Game of the Week< The Catholic Bowl, Memorial at Mater Dei I have been able to watch Memorial film. They have gradually improved each week. The only game I watch of Mater Dei was against Central. I think it will be a low scoring game. Both defense are better than the Offenses. For me, it comes down to the QB play. Memorial QB is light year ahead of MD QB. Memorial takes this one. Memorial 24-MD 17
  8. See, trying to help out and I messed it all up. To this week schedule week 3: Castle with a running clock Central with a running clock Does MD finally score a TD? I think so. MD get two TD but it they still lose. I will take the home team here. Vincennes 21-17 Jasper vs Reitz is the game of the week IMO. I think it will be a close game, but Jasper goes to the bowl and comes out with the win. 28-27.
  9. Posting thread as requested: Castle at Harrison - Castle big, running clock Bosse at Jasper - Jasper big, running clock Memorial at Mater Dei - Not sure about either offense, but MD Defense is better at this point of the season, MD 13-10 Reitz at North - Taking home team. North by 10pts Vincennes at Central - Central wins big. Might be a running clock game
  10. Can anyone provide the Mooresville radio information for the game. I will be traveling up I-69 this evening and was hoping to listen the game during my travels. Thanks
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