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  1. Also while Carmel is still growing at the high school it has begun to shrink at the elementary levels. The community is built up, very few places for a new home to be built. As this group of parents graduate their kids the high school will begin to shrink too, you wont get enough in the move in/move out exchange to keep up with the size. You already see Carmel closing elementary schools. Carmel isn't going to drop to 2000 kids or anything, but it's very likely they fall well into the 4,000's in the next decade. A question I have is how long until Westfield, and Noblesville st
  2. Berwyn-Cicero Morton in Illinois has nearly 8,200 kids.
  3. DT classification systems shouldn't be created as a response to a couple schools it should be developed in a way that benefits most (if not all) schools in a similar fashion. Your breakdown takes a class where the smallest school is about 40% of the biggest, by creating two classes where one group gets a gap thats about 49% while the other class has a gap it's about 75%. That's hardly an equitable split for the teams in your top breakdown. An equitable break down puts Carmel, BD, and Warren in a class, and the other 29 in their own class. Obviously that's incredibly silly to
  4. Every couple years this same discussion occurs. Here is a little insight on why things are the way they are right now. First off when this was all established I pushed for a 32 team 6A, and a 32 team 1A but not a lot of support existed for that setup. While I still support that model, I will tell you that the the final product is probably the correct way to do it. Here is the mindset behind the current setup. Currently in 6A you have a 5286 enrollment at the top and 2054 at the bottom. On initial investigation this looks like the top of the class is 250% the size of the bottom
  5. Who had two days in the pool of "when will DT return"? I was way off I said three weeks.
  6. "Stop, don't, come back."- Willy Wonka See you in three weeks when you return from your most recent self-imposed banishment.
  7. Games run all day Friday and Saturday for those that need their football fix this weekend. All games are televised on Fox Sports Network (Detroit). Streamable as well, enjoy.
  8. The issue isn't do you count virtual students in your enrollment....the answer is yes BTW, the issue is many families (in the thousands) didn't send their kid to any school this year in any form. This occurred in higher rates in urban and very rural areas with lack of access to internet can be an issue. It'll be interesting to see how the IHSAA handles this.
  9. I was correct on my info for GRCC they went 6-4, and lost first round. That Andrean team was the year after the state championship team, but still went 14-1 and was runner up.
  10. To put that game in context however, that was a REALLY good Andrean team who beat West Lafayette by 50 that year, and that GRCC team went 6-4 and was a first round playoff exit. So that West Lafaytte semifinal team probably losses to that first round playoff losing GRCC team by a couple scores. (GRCC that year would've been a 4A school compared to WL and Andrean being 3A though)
  11. I can speak a little to this topic having coached a decade in both Indiana and Michigan. I like many of you may have played a game or two against teams from other states and watched film as well. Here are a few quick observations. Ohio: I believe is above the rest of the group by a sizeable margin. The difference in Ohio is the depth in my opinion, there are more teams of high caliber at each level, it's not top heavy or bottom heavy. Kentucky: I believe is the bottom of this list. Population, and lack of a mega city anywhere play into this. Still many very good programs
  12. If you are missing HS football you are in luck, Michigan which has had it's tourney started and shut down multiple times, is back on (for now) and will be playing regional round games this saturday. If you need a football fix you can stream games. All state finals games will be televised for those that have the correct cable package. Even if you don't know the schools....it's high school football in january, can't complain.
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