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  1. GID rule of thumb #1 If DT makes a "proclamation" it will last less time than it takes a hungry man to eat his lunch....because he intends to do the opposite.
  2. Yes I agree more schools over 3000 exist, but I think that helps my argument more than yours competition is getting tighter now, the "middle" of 6A is closer to the top now than before.
  3. Maybe, but we both know that's not going to happen, so.......
  4. Agreed it's not just a "work harder" solution here. That may be the case for some of these schools, and may not I'm not going down that path. But it does require significant district investment to achieve that goal. That is missing in many many school districts. Take Brownsburg as an example. 10 years ago you'd never put them in the neighborhood of BD. But the district has taken many steps from that list I gave earlier to improve the competitiveness of the district. They may not have the complete investments that BD or Carmel has for their program, but it appears they are putting in gr
  5. You're correct I didn't add in this year, as I looked at the historical page. Their "dominance" is less than I mentioned. Agreed which is why the list I made included a plethora of factors needed. You know what also won't give Tech a state title...moving them to 5A, which they still wouldn't do under a scenario that drops the bottom 8 or bottom 16.
  6. Actually it's entirely about those three schools, because if they weren't winning at a high level this thread wouldn't exist.
  7. Investment in high school football is incredibly measurable. From facility investment (weight room, AV capabilities), parent organizations, head coach salary and daily responsibilities, caliber of head coach, size of assistant coaching staff, funding of assistant coaching staff, caliber of assistant coaches, non conference scheduling, youth program organization and development, weight training courses in the daily school schedule All of these are crucial if you are doing all of these things at an elite level, then enrollment is like dumping gas on the fire, but if you are not doing all
  8. Yes I'm sure that's the case at every high school. That's the beauty of the playoffs only 6 winners out of over 300 schools. No that's statistics.
  9. Center Grove has made it to the final four 10 of the last 11 years. It wasn't that long ago LC was in the finals 2 out of 3 years, and just whooping people. They are both in the bottom half of 6A. North Central, Lake Central, Avon, Noblesville, Crown Point, all have zero trips in the past 10 years, but are in the top 1/2 of 6A. Enrollment is not the overriding factor for each of their success or lack of success individually. There are many reasons schools succeed. Enrollment is one of those factors, but it is not the only factor, and often it's not even #1 on the list. The 3
  10. Do you believe Tech and Perry have invested in competing at the same level as those other 3? If yes then we have issues, if not then we don't.
  11. 9/14 state finalists in 6A history have been Carmel, Warren, or BD. That's roughly 2/3 of the participants are from those 3 schools. Shrinking 6A to 24 teams, or 16 teams doesn't take BD, Carmel, and Warren down. Investing in your programs like BD, Carmel, and Warren does.
  12. Yes the IHSAA does have a history of it. The issue in 6A doesn't seem to do with the Indy schools, it has more to do with the non-Indy schools. The reality is there needs to be some revamping of the scheduling mechanics outside of Indy for the bigger schools. The depth of schedules just don't prepare them the same way.
  13. Certainly possible he chose Kentucky over Bama, and those others. It's also important to remember if a college needs 4 OL they don't just offer 4 guys, they offer 8 guys and the first 4 get it (maybe they hold out a spot for the special player).
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