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  1. For every team that runs the Wishbone, Barry Switzer gets another year tacked onto his life. Always appreciative of a good ol' ground-n-pound offense.
  2. I know I said earlier I wouldn't make predictions after our week one cancellation, but maybe my luck will change since I'm including all conference games, right? Linton Mount Vernon North Posey South Spencer Gibson Southern Springs Valley Washington
  3. Tough first three games for my Hatchets, including this past week's blowout loss to county rival North Daviess. I know we've got a young QB (only a sophomore I believe) and I think having an all-state athlete at that position last year masked some issues that are much worse than we thought. Nonetheless, we move forward. This week's match up against Pike Central can provide our offense with an opportunity to score some points and give us some confidence moving forward. I'm sure PC will be thinking the same as our defense has been just as porous as their's so far. Plus, I can guarantee Coach Brashear would love to have his first W with the Chargers come against his alma mater while Coach Morris wants to keep that shiny new trophy for a little bit longer. It is rivalry week once again in HatchetTown!
  4. GS was as good as advertised, if not better. 68-6 hurts no matter how you put it or who you're talking about. That Allen kid is a stud. I could continue to rattle off things we already know, but I will digress. GS fans (and other PAC fans who have nothing to due over the Thanksgiving) might want to hurry up and make their hotel reservations for Indy. Would love to see them hoisting that giant trophy come season's end. My only hope is the Hatchets learn something from this game and apply it to their next three games, all against winnable opponents. Coming out 3-0 against ND, PC and Princeton would be huge for the season before ending the season with three tough match ups against HH, Boonville and Mt. Vernon.
  5. Has to be THE story of the SIAC this early into the season right? Haven't started 2-0 since I first came into this Earth. Shaping up to be an exciting season on the South Side!
  6. WHS drops their opener against McLean Co. (KY) 18-8. Offense is still a work in progress; defense looked somewhat improved outside of some big rushing plays. McLean Co. fumbled the ball a handful of times and I would've liked to see the Hatchets land on a few more of those. Think that could've changed the outcome of the game. Line play looked improved from last year, even with losing a few seniors from last year's squad. Still plenty of room for improvement on line play in the eyes of this Old Hog... Onward to week 3 as the Titans descend upon Hatchet Hallow from Tartarus (otherwise known as Ft. Branch). As someone who likes to think of themselves as an objective fan, I DO NOT foresee the Hatchet's putting a stop to the buzz saw that is Gibson Southern. Imagine if you will a Makita cutting into a stick of butter that had been left on the counter. My hope is the Titans don't score triple digits and both teams come out unscathed from injury. Putting up some TDs for confidence wouldn't hurt either!
  7. A bit of old news that I hadn't gotten to report since the site had been down, but Washington has picked up a Week 2 opponent. They will host the McLean Co. Cougars out of KY at 7pm on Saturday the 28th. Glad to see them pick up the game after last week's cancellation due to rampant illness. I know little to nothing about the visiting Cougars. From what I can dig up on Google: School size seems to be comparable. Roster lists 45 kids. Went 3-2 last year with 4 games cancelled due to COVID-19. Both losses were to Owensboro Catholic. Won their 2021 opener 38-30. Seem to rely heavily on the run game. Scoring consisted of 5 rushing TDs and 4 successful 2-pt. conversions (no attempted PATs). Looks to be a nice early tests of the Hatchet's run defense. Let's see if they can take the step forward that I'm hoping for. Best of luck to everyone playing on Friday evening!
  8. The glorious part of the post-season is you never know who's gonna show up on the gridiron. Great example from around the area would be Bosse back in 2010. All Washington wanted was the chance to play. When you don't have a lot of post-season success in your history, the opportunity to play for a sectional title is paramount for your program. So to answer your question, there were a lot of supporters of the program who indeed thought they had a chance against Sullivan.
  9. Friday's game v. West Vigo has been cancelled according to the local paper. A statement from the administration said that the team has been struck down will illnesses; however, at the time there is no evidence pointing towards the illnesses being COVID-19 related. Sad to see; was looking forward to the match up. That being said, you can count me out of any further weekly predictions henceforth. I will not be a contributing factor for further losses for my Hatchets lol Here's to no further cancellations starting week 2 gentlemen!
  10. Statement from the school said there was no evidence that points towards the illnesses being COVID-19 related. Sad to see for both ends. Was really looking forward to this match up.
  11. Best of luck to the Alices as well. The entire town felt a gut punch after the contact tracing report; hell, I felt the pain and I live in Louisville, KY. I think both towns would relish the opportunity to play each other in the post-season! Would definitely be deserving of a special trip home on my end. If it's played in Vincennes, I'll have to be sure to go ahead and call up Bobe's Pizza early for the pre-game meal. They got something magical in those ovens on 6th Street I swear to God. Or Main Street. Decisions, decisions...
  12. Big key for the Washington-WV match up will be line play IMO. After losing a do-it-all QB, how will Washington's offense look? They're wanting to be a 50-50 run/pass team. That will not be able to happen unless the offensive line shows improvement over last year. If they're able to open some holes in the running game, I think we've got some nice depth at the RB position to help ease the transition at QB. I think the offense will only get better as the season rolls on. I hope to see the defense take a step forward as well. They showed up in spots last year against teams they were supposed to; now I'd like to see them make some stops against teams have rolled us or are expected to roll us. Coach Morris is a defensive minded HC and I'm very hopeful to see our defense take a step forward in Year 2. Look for them to run a base 4-4 scheme. Final prediction based only off reading newspaper articles and the occasional conversation with coaching staff members: Hatchets 24 WV 21
  13. Sadly, no I will not be in attendance. I'm a displaced Hatchet alum who lives in Louisville, KY now. Haven't made the trip to West Terre Haute since my sophomore year of HS (when I attended Edgewood) back in 2010. Y'all whipped us pretty good that year. You guys seemed massive up front and had a fullback who I'm still convinced was at least 22 years old lol Fingers crossed that both teams make it out healthy. And, best of luck to tour Vikings this year!
  14. Curious to see how my former Mustangs open up with a new coaching regime and scheme after having so much consistency the past decade or so after Bland and Rosie. Hope the transition goes smooth. Also looking forward to the Washington-West Vigo match up for obvious reasons. We graduated our stud QB who's going to be playing baseball up in your neck oft he woods at ISU. Very curious to see what the offense looks like after relying on his athleticism last year. What're your expectations for the Vikings this year?
  15. As a Hatchet alum/fan, I'd welcome the opportunity to have Vincennes Lincoln back on the schedule each year. Losing them and Jasper to the SIAC effectively cut out our two biggest rivals (although, we are 3-63 all-time against Jasper with no wins since 1979...to be honest not much of a rivalry now that I've typed that out) We've got a trophy game with North Daviess HS (1A) and they're trying to push a new trophy rivalry with Pike Central, with whom we own a 36-4 record against with no losses since 2004. Just my opinion, but we should be able to beat a 1A school year in and year out (13-7 all-time against them so obviously we don't, but that should be the expectation) and PC is...well PC. Nothing against them at all and I'd love to see our former Coach build something over there, but for the time being I believe the record speaks for itself. While our record vs Vincennes wasn't the greatest (20-61-4 all-time), it was still a game that the community really took a lot of pride in. Easy travel right across Hwy 50, two historic stadiums that were WPA projects; many times families lined up against each other on these fields. A win over Lincoln could really inject some pride and positivity, regardless of our final season record. If there was any way we could schedule that game again, I'd love to see it happen.
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