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  1. My senior year of HS was his 1st year as well. If my memory serves me correctly, we scrimmaged y'all to open the season. I could tell right then and there that something special was brewing at GS. His pedigree was undeniable and the results have been nothing short of fruitful. I got to coach against y'all twice when I was in college and it was like coaching against a small college program.
  2. There is major value for hosting all-star games like this when your campus is essentially dead during the summer. You hit the nail on the head.
  3. Absolutely beautiful. Back in the day I'd go watch the state games with my dad and cousins from IL; I'd study the game program front to back as soon as we got to our seats and be in awe of the sheer numbers those 5A (now 6A) schools had on their rosters.
  4. My heart goes out to those Bosse young men. Can't imagine what it feels like to have a coach quit on you 2 months before season kicks off. Have always found the Bosse program to be very peculiar. With those types of athletes, I'm surprised that they aren't able to gain traction as a program and be at least a consistent .500 program. Not very familiar with the history of the Evansville programs, but if anyone could provide me with some context I'd be all ears!
  5. I'm hoping for a week 2 game as well. With less and less full padded days in the summer I feel those reps are more valuable than ever! A storyline I'm very interested in that I forgot to mention in my earlier post is their week 5 match up with PC. The Hatchets' all-time winningest ball coach, Kelly Brashear, takes over as the Chargers' head man. Kelly coached me at Washington and if I know anything for sure, he's going to bring a 'pound the rock' mentality. Confirmed on Facebook, the Chargers will bring a flexbone offensive attack and run a 4-4 Cover 3 for their base defense. I wish this
  6. As an alum, I think it was the best possible scenario for the future of the program. Geographically, it was a no brainer to join the PAC. As someone who spent a couple years coaching in it, I know it's a very respectable conference and you've got to be tough to contend. Looking forward to all of the match ups henceforth!
  7. First off, I'm excited to join the conversation with you gentlemen in regards to this great game we share an affinity for. Only 74 days until kickoff. I'm ready for some gosh dang football already. Year one in the PAC for my Hatchets led to the most victories in a season in four years and first sectional victory since 2017. The end of the season left a bad taste in the mouths of Hatchet Nation as our boys advanced to the sectional championship for the first time in about a decade...only to see the season ended by COVID-19 contact tracing. That team was very senior laden with about a hand full
  8. As a collegiate throws coach, I am perfectly fine with him not wanting to test the gridiron. Makes my job significantly easier! Lol Can't count how many times I've lost out on great throwers because their hearts are in football, and rightly so. There's a reason it's the greatest game ever invented!
  9. Great size for a WR in any style of offense. Air Force runs that flexbone triple option so I can see that size being very attractive for blocking on the edge. Hope this young man continues to progress this summer and I'm sure offers will continue to roll in.
  10. A great pick up for GS. A proven winner, even from his own playing days in HS.
  11. Track transfers over to the gridiron so well, it's a no brainer for football players to participate in track in the Spring. College coaches say all the time how they want multi-sport athletes. Track will train the athlete's speed and power, assuming they don't get thrown in distance events and stick to sprints.jumps/throws. The key at the HS level is coaching and unfortunately not every school has access to quality coaching. A good track program can be a good football program's favorite cousin!
  12. With the Ivy League and Pioneer Football League being non-scholarship, these schools give great academic packages for those who are able to get in. Especially student-athletes. Service academies (Army, Air Force, Navy) are able to give scholarships so the Air Force offer is a pretty big deal. Kudos to that young man! I had the pleasure(?) of throwing discus against Braunecker at the 2012 regional at Central. Just like on the gridiron, he was a man among boys.
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