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  1. 150 days until kickoff. As of now, my Hatchets are still missing a game in week two. They did the same thing last year following their week one game vs. McLean Co. (KY). Maybe we're using it as a bye week to get some extra prep before the GS game? Anything we can do to add to the....six total points we've put up on them since joining the PAC.
  2. Funny enough, that district format the IHSA went to for football has already been scrapped. A whole conference gone because a trial run didn't go well. Woof.
  3. This is very encouraging to hear as an alum who no longer is in the area. Even after a step back last year, I truly believe Coach Morris has the Hatchets on the right path from the varsity program all the way down to youth league ball.
  4. I for one hope VL finds their way back on our schedule. Lots of good, old-fashioned, clean hate between our two schools.
  5. Big congratulations to the Titans! Way to represent the conference and the rest of southern Indiana. There was so much smack talked about football south of Indy and now they gotta eat their words!
  6. Hatchet alum (c/o 2013) here ready to answer all your questions/comments about our lovely little stadium. Let me first establish that football and marching band are the only two programs that use this facility. Soccer has their own facility/complex with the baseball and softball programs on the West side of town. Track has their own facility not too far away from that behind an elementary school. We don't have a lax program. Recent upgrades to Hatchet Hollow include new visitor bleachers within the past two years (they were literally falling apart before hand) and the aforementioned usage of the refurbished turf to cover the concrete track. Other than that, some home stand painting and maybe some replaced lighting and upgraded sound system, although our PA guy can go kick rocks for all I care. No personality as an announcer and has some family beef with me. But, that's not for this discussion. Last year there was talk and a referendum put up to build a new junior high on some farm land purchased near one of the current elementary schools. It would have included a new football/track facility and alleviated some issues with lack classroom spaces. This referendum was then voted down, leaving our program to continue to call Hatchet Hollow home. I wasn't too sad to hear this news as I enjoyed my time there, but I'm not ignorant in knowing that upgrades are needed in order for Hatchet Hollow to fulfill its potential as one of the most intimate high school football settings in the state. One of the best qualities Coach Morris brings to the table in my opinion is his qualities as a salesmen. Year 1 he reached out a bunch of us alums and set the path down for injecting us into the program more than we have ever been (or at least in my case). It was easy to to relate considering he's a Hatchet alum as well. He discussed his vision for the program and how our involvement as alums is vital in the development of the program. You look at some of the successful programs around SW Indiana and how active their alumni base is (Reitz, Mater Dei, Heritage Hills just to name a few) and we've been playing football just as long if not longer than some of them. It's no different than college: get the alums involved/engaged and good things tend to happen. The first goal in maximizing Hatchet Hollow's potential is definitely ripping up that concrete track, the terribly placed drainage grates (where I witnessed a teammate DESTROY his ankle during a 7on7) and the instillation of turf. While my involvement with the program is entirely hands off since I live in Louisville, KY, I've always dreamed about Hatchet Hollow getting turfed up to the home stands kinda how the Reitz Bowl is. The teams are also in need of a new locker room space. Current one isn't bad, but a new one would look fantastic just outside the West end zone where they used to have a film tower that's now torn down. That would allow the junior high to move to the current varsity locker room. The home bleachers also have space underneath them: however, I'm not too sure how much of it is actually usable. Another upgrade that is sorely needed is a new weight room. They have a dungeon down in the gymnasium that has been outgrown in my opinion, even when I was there. Dark, damp with old equipment they've had to made due with. I believe there's enough space to build a facility in the area I mentioned above to build a combined weight room/football locker room right at the field. I know for a fact that these renovations listed above are on Coach Morris' to-do list. I believe they'd breathe life into the program never seen before.
  7. We scrimmaged GS my senior season (2012) and even from the other sideline you could tell there was a different aura about the program. Your guys' run to semi-state that year made me a quick believer.
  8. It truly is. I work in athletics at the collegiate level and trying to find volunteers for events it like grasping into thin air. And the one's we do get...let's just say "bless their hearts" like they do in the South. Too often I've seen uninterested student volunteers almost get impaled by an awry javelin or hammer.
  9. That's what I've heard as well. If our youth numbers stay up and they continue to play together thru Jr. High, we're gonna be much more competitive than this year showed. Coach Morris has told me that his goal is to get enough kids out to have a freshman team at Washington, which is something I'm not sure we've ever had. Pipeline looks good; just gotta take some lumps now before some good times roll. My hope is the rest of the fan base understands that and continues to support these boys!
  10. Bishop Dullaghan runs some good football camps as well. I know they offer individual and team camps. Haven't been ran the past couple summers because of COVID precautions, but looks like they'll be back up again in 2022. I believe the location has been up at DePauw. They also run a middle school camp you can pass on to your youngsters. I believe the info on the website is from this past summer, but it'd be great to have on hand for when they update it. https://bishopdullaghan.com/high-school-team-camps/
  11. Been a bit since I've chimed in about my alma mater, but there's not much to report in Hatchet Town. Inexperienced squad made up of mostly underclassmen still learning the game of football lost a tough one in their Sectional 30 opener against Edgewood...which happens to be my other alma mater. Hatchets will get better with another off-season of learning good fundamentals. Line play has to get better on both sides; really holding us back because I think we've got a couple solid pieces at the "skill positions." Skill positions....makes me sick to type that out lol
  12. Washington had three non-PAC opponents scheduled for this season: West Vigo out of the WIC (whom they weren't able to play because of rampant, non-COVID illness throughout the team), McClean Co. out of Kentucky (which was a late addition to the schedule), and North Daviess out of the SWC (inter-county rivalry game). One cross-division game is against Pike Central (another rivalry game). Other five games are Big School Division games.
  13. There's a whole lotta unnecessary salt in this thread. Being new to the league, I'm of the opinion that come playoff time I wanna see all the PAC schools go as far as they possibly can. How exciting would it be for the conference to see a team like GS represent us on the biggest stage in the state? Just as Heritage Hills did back in 19 and Southridge in 17.
  14. Funny enough, the most lopsided college football game of all-time happened 10 years prior (Georgia Tech beat Cumberland College 222-0). I bet those boys remember reading that headline in the paper as kids and their game became the first representation of the phrase "hold my beer."
  15. My observations after finally getting to see my Hatchets in person this weekend: Best part about freshman is they become sophomores, sophomores become juniors, etc. Didn't realize how young this team actually was (only 6 seniors on the roster sheet I had). The staff has some guys who know the game of football; these young bucks just need to continue to soak up the info. Princeton definitely had the better athletes on the field Friday evening. One day I think we'll have the athletes who can run like they did. Friday night was not that day. Alas, I will continue to look towards the future! These Hatchets didn't give up the fight. I always stay until the final buzzer and I was encouraged by the players still working to get open and running hard after the catch trying to get just one more score. Previous squads would've mailed it in. I believe this is a testament to the culture Coach Morris and Co. are instilling in the program. This will prove vital if this rebuild is to be fruitful. Hatchet's best case scenario for a victory this season will be a first round draw of Pike Central. Even though I didn't get to see the game last week, I believe if the Hatchet team I saw against Princeton Friday night takes the field against PC again, it could be a different story. Not guaranteeing a W by any means; just saying that's their best opportunity. Next three weeks are about surviving the gauntlet and coming out healthy.
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