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  1. Blitz thinks there is a lazy belief (of which this bear falls into sometimes) that a team from an equal or larger class automatically helps a team prepare for the playoffs. It's easy to say "Oh 6A Team A is gonna help get ready for the postseason." It's deeper than that in a lot of instances. Maybe a particular scheme needs to be seen to prep for the same challenge in the sectional. Perhaps your offensive line needs to see more in the way of physicality. Perhaps your kids play soft and need a punch in the gut so to speak from a program that is tough. A lot of times higher class = bigger challenge. But that's not 100%
  2. Coaches are masters of preparation. To prepare for Westfield, for example, who do you think Homestead is better off playing in the regular season, Coldwater or Westfield? Like Blitz said earlier. This new format was not made to appease fans who want to see out-of-state matchups. It was to give SAC teams the ability to play in-state teams that will better prepare them for the postseason. You will only see inter-state matchups if a team was not able to find a suitable opponent in Indiana.
  3. Also remember that during the time between Elmhurst/Harding out and Carroll/Homestead in, each team in the SAC had 2 non-conference openings but they were spread all over the schedule. One team it was Week 2 and 6. Another it was Weeks 4 and 5. Point being, with the new format having the non-conference weeks being the first two of the season, it makes it a lot easier to schedule Indiana opponents. While some of those Toledo Whitmer, Cincinnati LaSalle games were exciting to look at on the schedule, they basically came about because of the inability to find anyone in the state to play.
  4. Part of the rationale with the new format was to pit the SAC against the best Indiana has to offer. I don't foresee teams in the SAC seeking out opponents outside of the state before they have exhausted all opportunities with teams inside Indiana that will give them a proper challenge.
  5. Look for Snider to add a 6A powerhouse as that second non-conference game. And Carroll and Homestead both are not going to pass up the opportunity to schedule at the 6A level to prep them better for the postseason. Also, Bishop Dwenger may have already secured its two games, as it is now seeking JV and 9th grade games ONLY for 2023. Patience folks. We will see the top of the SAC play some big-time matchups. Coaches backing this new format want to be able to play big games against top teams in the state. As sexy as out of state games look, they do nothing to draw extra fans locally and fans don't travel well to the road games. And why play a team out of Ohio or Michigan to prep you for a Cathedral, Center Grove or Carmel when you can go schedule, oh I don't know, Cathedral, Center Grove and Carmel? Suffice to say that the SAC squads, the majority anyway, have been answering a lot of phone calls the last week or two...
  6. I spoke to Snider coach Kurt Tippmann last night and asked him about the divisions and how they were decided upon. He said that the 10 head coaches threw around a bunch of different formats - "big and small", "north and south", "private and public", "east and west", straight enrollment top 5-bottom 5. None were unanimously agreed upon. This is the format that found approval from all 10 schools. It's not "big or small" or anything else really, just basically what the league coaches liked the most, for whatever reason.
  7. Wanted to drop this here while I am mindlessly working on it as I await a Covid test. Outside the Huddle has worked with Mark Candler to keep his Northern Indiana Football results site through the IFCA alive. When we have time (which isn't much, considering it's just two of us operating this wacky venture), we transfer information over from Candler's site to ours. Candler isn't sure how long his site will stay up as he nor anyone else is updating it or paying to host that site. In addition to Candler's information, we have provided our own as well. We aren't gotten to every local team (who knows how long that will take) and most of the live pages need updated with 2021 info, but thought it could be something of interest for you all here. https://outsidethehuddle.net/historical-football/
  8. In Blitz's mind, Luers benefits pretty well from the new format. Most years, Luers is going to be the favorite in its division, and now it only has to play three of the group of Carroll, Northrop, Dwenger, Homestead and Snider each season instead of all five. That helps the Knights tremendously when it comes to competing for Victory Bells. Blitz has heard that Wayne has reached out to CC, HN and NH for games. Leo v. Luers could be on tap for 2024.
  9. Blitz is already hearing from sources about the potential for the following matchups... Warren Central-Snider Carroll-Valparaiso South Side-New Haven Northrop-Goshen Bishop Luers-East Noble Been told that some area teams are looking to get out of contracts so they can schedule the SAC sooner.
  10. Ohio and Indiana begin the 2022 season the same week. Michigan is one week later.
  11. Maybe a pipe dream, but Blitz would LOVE to see a one-day, shootout-style football event in Fort Wayne on a Saturday in Week 1 or 2. Some of the matchups you all have mentioned above in this thread. Put several of em in one day. Three, four or even five. Similar to what TRC has done in the past at Ball St. but non-conference games. A Carroll or Homestead could host. Or you have it at a Saint Francis or Trine. Games at noon, 2:30, 5 and 7:30. One fee gets you in all day. Bring out food trucks. Concession stands will make bank. Again, maybe a long shot...
  12. Blitz already excited about the potential matchups we will see over the first two weeks of the season. Haven't been this excited about the SAC in a long time. And to showcase the talent of this league around the state, AND to give area leagues a chance to see how they stack up against the SAC? Blitz is here for all of it.
  13. A lot of contention going around about "big school" and "small school" divisions. They will not be known as "big" and "small" divisions like the NECC because the enrollment doesn't make sense, obviously. Maybe "Pigskin Prophet" and "Blitz" divisions? Has a certain flair. The plan has been approved by all SAC head coaches. It now goes to the next step in the process which, even Blitz's sources are unsure what it is. Probably approval by ADs and admins. But it's happening. Maybe some tweaks here and there, but this is coming for 2023.
  14. Hey fellas, Jumping in right quick. I have changed the story with updated information. Talking to sources last night, the original plan was to have a Week 9 championship week. It is now a third "crossover" week with inter-division games. The SAC title will be decided by the head-to-head game between the two division winners, if they indeed played during the season. If they did not, the Victory Bell will be shared between the division winners.
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