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  1. Copy Cat. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I don't think I can compete with your deep passion for our former President, but I am flattered nonetheless😊
  2. Ha ha. You got roasted and immediately went with name calling.
  3. 1. I don't. You made that up. It is a weak rhetorical technique 2. Corporations are not human, they don't have morals. They exist to maximize profits. 3. My 2018 Chevy Bolt is outstanding.
  4. Maximizing Profits....its what corporations do. Not sure why you keep using the word "evil" Unfortunately Subaru is 20 years late to the hybrid vehicle market and instead of focusing on vehicle emissions (a MUCH bigger environment issue that solid waste) they choose to pound their chest over reducing solid waste. By refusing to address climate change in their corporate vision they have turned a blind eye to the real environmental issue of the 21st century while still looking like a responsible corporate citizen. Very slick of them. Maximizing Profits....its what corporations do. Of course, your recent posting of articles from climate change denying sites makes me think that this line of argument will be lost on you.
  5. When the lack of regulation makes it more profitable to dump than to pay fines or clean up costs. It is in BP's future plans to maximize profit for their shareholders. By any means necessary.
  6. When BP is allowed to dump a 2 inch thick oil slick without repercussion like they did in 1952.
  7. No it is illogical. I mentioned that it has been less than 10 years where corporations had virtually unlimited financial access to lawmakers and 2 years of an administration that is so cravenly beholden to the donor/corporate class that they are trying to roll back 50 years of clean up. Give them time
  8. Give them time. Citizens United decision isn't even 10 years old yet. Trump's administration has their marching orders from big biz and is doing their best to increase pollution. http://columbiaclimatelaw.com/resources/climate-deregulation-tracker/ Coal Emissions, Methane and Unregulated Landfills....oh my.
  9. Hairy marching hippies carried much more weight in the 60s. Corporations and their lobbying dough carry the weight now. Corporations have no compunction to not pollute if the corporation can make more money by polluting. That's exactly why the river became Cleveland's toilet.
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