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  1. https://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-college-admissions-scheme-stories-storygallery.html
  2. Bremen would be the third team offered if Caston left.....pipe dream.
  3. Truer words have never been spoken. Just wish Coach How would have the guts to hire a guru such as yourself to make that LaVille offense purr like a kitty.
  4. Coach How has made LaVille relevant and all you do is complain. Have you offered up your credentials as to how the offense should be run? Let the QB run the offense and get his....When Doyle is running and passing, the Lancer offense rolls.
  5. The new Mexican restaurant/pancake house in town sells a helluva wet burrito. Otherwise, I would hit the Kibitzer for the heart stopping pounder.
  6. All this frivolous end zone camera nonsense banter. Everyone knows that games are won or lost on the quality of pre game meal, lard, bacon grease and other saturated phats. If those ingredients are not present in a ratio (minimum) of 8 ounces per player, that team has no chance of winning. If a few octogenarian honeys are present then that team is an automatic 2 score favorite.
  7. An irrational hatred of public education does not make your stance logically consistent. Only in your vortex is that the case. A government boondoggle is a government boondoggle any way you slice. And you have sliced yourself a big piece of the give away pie.
  8. How quickly you forget.....stay in your hypocritical vortex and I will go back to my ideologically consistent basement.
  9. You have made your support for this handout abundantly clear. and your hypocrisy is crystal clear.
  10. So you won't mind Free College because it would be giving away tax money "stolen" in the first place. Hypocrite
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