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  1. Normal adults have no idea what the Impeachment Trial poll is and certain no idea of how Trump could be found guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors in a poll.
  2. So you are not a lover of news. It all makes sense now.
  3. Lehrer was paid by your tax dollars. Muda....you are a fraud.
  4. Howard resorts to photoshopped memes means he has given up. Trump guilty. Good for Howard that Midnight Mitch will sweep all of Trumps crimes under the carpet so folks like Howard can continue to spew fake news
  5. NEW: In a clip we found in the CNN archives, Mitch McConnell in Feb. 1999 said on Crossfire he supported "whatever the House managers wanted in terms of putting on their trial" including "live witnesses." "I voted for live witnesses myself," he added. Turd
  6. Impeachment IS a political process. Alexander Hamilton made that clear in Federalist #65.
  7. At least we are still #2 when it comes to carbon dioxide emissions.
  8. 16,000 lies and counting and SF still believes him. His own lawyer said Trump was a man of his word. Laughable.
  9. The United States contributes as much as 242 million pounds of plastic trash to the ocean every year
  10. Perhaps if your head coach isnt smoking pot in the coaching office, your school might catch a break.
  11. Is Trump going to defend himself or hide behind Turkey Neck Mitch. I will give you 20-1 odds he hides like the cuck he is.
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