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  1. The Indian Claims Commission had the federal government pay out over a billion dollars in the 50s 60s and 70s to Native American groups. It is general considered that the federal government did not feel the Natives were competent to get the money directly and held it in trusts. North Carolina and Japan has paid reparations for government ran forced sterilization programs, California is considering the same. Florida has paid reparations to the victims of Rosewood who where brutalized by the Klan and other racist terrorists back in the 20s. The state acknowledged they did nothing to curb the violence. Interred Japanese Americans were compensated for racist government policies during WW2.
  2. No conspiracy. Obvious examples of collusion and obstruction litter the report.
  3. Why read when he can look at facebook videos and get the true story. At least he is retiring after this term.
  4. Exactly....Louie "Goober" Gohmert and Jim "Meathead" Jordan will completely embarrass Mueller. The only triple digit IQ in the entire Trump collusion scandal is Mueller.
  5. The largest gym in northern indiana is in east chicago. Not that facts matter much to you....
  6. https://www.yahoo.com/news/trump-denies-calling-meghan-markle-nasty-despite-interview-recording-161913609.html Dope
  7. Leakiest White House.....Ever! Luckily we have a stable genius at the helm. Other wise we might be subject to weekly tweetstorm tantrums, Rose Garden tantrums, and then a whole bunch of Kelly Conways an Huckleberry Sanders telling us just how stable and geniusy he is.
  8. Weak. Newsflash! You can still be a Republican, even if Trump fires you are trashes your character (Robert Meuller).
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