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  1. The democrats of the the post Civil War Era are the polar opposite of the modern Democratic Party. Democrats were the conservative party who wished to keep slavery/segregation and Republicans were literally called the the Radical Republican because they wished to change the system. Redneck crackers like Lester Maddox, Strom Thurmond and Jessie Helms were all "Southern Democrats" until Dick Nixon got many of the racist assholes in the south to flip to the Republican Party. Modern Republicans are now the conservative party and Democrats (north and south) are the progressive party. Your take, sir, is pure historical idiocy. Only promoted by those trying to justify 21st century racism. Shame on you.
  2. Are you saying the Sons of Liberty were destroying private property? Say it aint so Gonz....
  3. Huge props to former head coach and AD, John Hutton. He had a huge part in the design of the field.
  4. Winamac borders a county that has an infection rate 5 times that of Marion Co. Not that data matters to a loon.
  5. Dr. Brian R. Peterson, M.D. signed the death certificate affirming that Professor Wells' cause of death was "Complications of novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection. But the main fact is that the meme is misleading. This man was BOTH a former lieutenant for the Milwaukee Police Department and a Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Memphis. So, the man didn't die twice from COVID-19, as the meme states. The man died once and his obituary in Wisconsin focused on his role with the Milwaukee Police Department, while his obituary in Mississippi (he lived in Mississippi and commuted to Memphis for his work there) focused on his role as a criminal justice professor.
  6. He has one PhD and his EMAIL claims have been debunked. He is part of the conspiracy theory kook group that easily manipulate gullible dupes like Howe. Dredging the bottom of the barrel to defend Trump.
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