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  1. Because you are shifting goalposts. That is what the weak minded often do when they are losing a debate. If your hunch is correct, it would just be mirroring the trend of people moving to urban and suburban areas that has been going on for about the past 100 years. #Expansion
  2. Disgusting behavior. https://www.yahoo.com/news/absolutely-irresponsible-rand-pauls-colleagues-145950404.html Like many libertarians, they only think about themselves.
  3. Yes the one that protected all the corporate paymasters. Not at all shocking you didn't mention their reasons. Gotta take care of the fat cats first. #BurrSellOFF
  4. An a hole would be the guy who votes against extending unemployment benefits to those affected by the virus. I wonder if the perm will donate his paycheck while is not working. Somehow, I doubt it. Pointing out irony is not gloating. Get off your high horse and back on Rocinante.
  5. The perm tests positive https://www.yahoo.com/news/sen-rand-paul-reveals-coronavirus-174549863.html Oh the irony, after he and his extra whacky dad tried to claim this was a hoax.
  6. If only the genius would have stocked up on masks and test kits. Whoops.
  7. I'd settle for someone who doesn't fire the professionals hired to handle pandemics.
  8. In utterly shocking news.... https://www.foxnews.com/media/tucker-carlson-calls-on-sen-burr-to-explain-reported-1-6-million-stock-sale-or-resign Warns his wealthy donors of stock market collapse and sells off his stock while lying to his constituents..... When AOC and Tucker Carlson call you a scumbag.....you are 99.9% a scumbag.
  9. In context, Biden is not working for him on the issue they were bitching about because the factory dude was duped by the Trump campaigns manipulated media efforts. More fake news.
  10. Link to quote? Isn't this the exchange where he said the factory guy was full of sh!t?
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