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  1. I think 75 looks pudgy...clearly he had too many candied yams Thursday
  2. Saying someone looks slow on an 80 yard touchdown run in the state finals is an opinion based on the selfish need to troll and bring attention to yourself. It is clearly working.....acting the fool is a phase most youngsters grow out of.
  3. Translation....I will continue throw uninformed inane comments in an effort to emulate my hero....Skip Bayless
  4. Standing in the endzone and looking at the two squads, it looked like a complete mismatch. It appeared as if Andrean had 4 inches and 20 pound minimum size advantage at every position. Eastbrook did have one big boy on the OLine. Eastbrook reminded me of those Jimtown teams of old. Filled with hard nosed, undersized kids that pursue and tackle like demons and athletic lineman who got to the edge consistently to block for their backs against Andrean. Very impressed.
  5. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/trump-impeachment-hearings-twitter-vindman-ukraine-taylor-kent-tweet-a9209676.html Trump attacking military who don't lie and cover for him has, unfortunately, become the new normal.
  6. My eggs are in the Blue Jay nest now. That defense should shut out the plodding cavs
  7. I'll take my ball and state title and go home.
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