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  1. An irrational hatred of public education does not make your stance logically consistent. Only in your vortex is that the case. A government boondoggle is a government boondoggle any way you slice. And you have sliced yourself a big piece of the give away pie.
  2. How quickly you forget.....stay in your hypocritical vortex and I will go back to my ideologically consistent basement.
  3. You have made your support for this handout abundantly clear. and your hypocrisy is crystal clear.
  4. So you won't mind Free College because it would be giving away tax money "stolen" in the first place. Hypocrite
  5. And yet you support the government give away.....free market be damned. Turn in your Rand fan club card.....It is obvious you have turned to the Bernie or Bust crowd. Shameful
  6. You will support the hand outs, you say to hell with the free market, you have outed yourself. Socialism NOW is your mantra!!!!
  7. Go hang with your new friends, Bernie and AOC....progressive patty. Hand out harry Everything is free Freddie.
  8. I have heard FW Northrop but there have been several outstanding track athletes with the same last name that went to FW Wayne.
  9. Not so, he was rearrested on July 6th. The court documents that show Trump on Pedo Plane were unsealed on August 9th. Pedo Boy gets the Trump Necktie on August 10th while being held by the DOJ headed by William Barr, an acknowledged Trump bootlicker and son of Pedo Boy boss at his first HIGH SCHOOL teaching job. Coincidence??? I think not!!!
  10. He was arrested a decade plus ago. The Clintons did nothing back then. I wonder why??? Oh yeah, he was let off the hook by a future Trump cabinet member. The connections just get deeper and deeper between Pedo Man and our Commander Puzzy Grabber. Dead Men tell no tales.
  11. Obviously knocked off by Trump, the Clinton trips have been well documented. It was only after Trump's trip became common knowledge that Epstein met his demise. It's Science
  12. Those have been know about for years and Epstein lived. Only when evidence that Trump was on Pedo Airways did Epstein meet his demise. On Trump's Dept of Justices watch no less. Verrrrrrry Fishy................. Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  13. Our Attorney General's dad hired the serial rapist to teach high school kids so it make sense that his justice department would silence him especially after the Trump connection became more pronounced last week. And the coverup continues https://www.yahoo.com/gma/attorney-general-barr-epstein-co-conspirators-not-rest-150700994--abc-news-topstories.html All the pictures of Trump getting pissed on by 13 year olds will disappear.
  14. The supposed Clinton connection has been a right wing meme for a dozen years.....yet Pedo boy dies when court documents show the connection between Trump and Epstein. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  15. Kill Kill Kill the brown people. Yes indeed...someone is drinking kool aid
  16. He killed Mexicans, not environmentalists or those advocating a universal minimum wage. You can try to deflect and be obtuse but he went to kill Mexicans and was clearly influenced by our very terrific Prez.
  17. Maybe because he shot 8 Mexicans and not people related to the other stuff he was babbling about.
  18. Epstein commits "suicide" hours after documents that Trump was on his plane to Pedo Island. https://www.insider.com/donald-trump-jeffrey-epstein-flight-logs-unsealed-2019-8 Hmmmmmm
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