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  1. That right there.....that's bait....don't feed the trolls.
  2. Back when we were at another school, we used to just put a camera on top of a lift. The school just let us use it and we didn't have to spend $5,000 on a EZ camera. So there are other ways since some people are so concerned about spending money that's not theirs.
  3. As far as endzone camera's go we have one called "Hi Rise" It's just okay but I would not recommend. I feel like other people have better setups for the money IMO. Unfortunately Hudl as a company has been making some disappointing decisions all around lately.
  4. Hahaha, if anything I'm to lazy to copy the whole thing.
  5. Whoomp! (There it is) 2019 IFCA COACHES POLL Week 4.pdf
  6. Thanks! Most around here think it's kinda goofy, lookin but we definitely want to keep it. It's actually pretty heavy and cumbersome lol. The only problem with it is our helmet looks nothing like the helmet on the trophy..
  7. Monroe Central and Wes-Del play for the Harvest Helmet. At one point we were the only 2 schools in the conference to have a football team before expansion. The helmet celebrates the agricultural base of both communities. It started around 2010 (MC's first football season). The helmet is 2 sided with both schools represented.
  8. We were emailed them this morning 2019 IFCA Coaches Poll Week 3.pdf
  9. Good question. Lord knows we could read another thread about where the boundaries of the "Region" actually are 😂
  10. The Jimtown Jimmies and the Hobart Brickies have always been 2 favorite mascots/nicknames of mine.
  11. Good old Bob Bridge is/was a wishbone guy. As a matter of fact on our Region 5 website it used to say he hailed from "Wishbone U". 😂😂
  12. In short, the 40 second clock is awesome and if you don't like it you're wrong!.....just kidding, but in my opinion the 40 second clock has proved to be a better option and no one is worse for wear. I'm glad it's the standard now. To go back would almost feel like regression.
  13. Nahhh opposing viewpoints are a good thing. Even if they get ridiculous. And it suuuuure is entertaining. LOL
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