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  1. The short answer is no. With the advent of spring football and the time you get during the summer, you certainly don't NEED 2-a-days. Even with 2-a-days the restrictions are such that they aren't anything close to what they used to be when I was in school....and I don't think that's a bad thing at all.
  2. North Miami, Northfield, Southwood, Rochester, Norwell, are grass.
  3. Those are all the places I've been for football or track or driven past in the last year. So those are all I can confirm. Oh, and Pioneer is grass....the reason we had to play the semi-state 2 years ago at Logan instead of Pioneer...not that it mattered LOL
  4. Monroe Central, Churubusco, South Adams, Southern Wells, Union City, Wes Del, Adams Central, Clinton Central, Clinton Prairie, Tri Central, Anderson Prep, Edinburgh, Tri, Hagerstown, Cambridge City Lincon, Alexandria, Blackford, Elwood, Eastern (greentown)....all natural grass. Woodlan is turf.
  5. It will not revert back. We were told at the state clinic this year that this was in the works, and pretty much a done deal at that point. The IHSAA has wanted this for some time now, and I'm glad something was able to be worked out. This is not a bad thing. I'm sure if you go back and look at all of the games that were 35+ at halftime in the past 20 years, the comeback percentage would probably be in the very low single digits. If at all.
  6. Isn't that weird that those 2 are right in your back yard but Caston and Triton were assigned to 44?
  7. This mayyyy not be the answer but it's worth noting. I live in Muncie and I think the answer might just be in semantics. Muncie South never "consolidated" with Central it just "closed". That point was made clear by admin. So I don't know if that had anything to do with it since those kids had the freedom to go anywhere they wanted right away. Muncie Central is now about the same size they were before the closure of South.
  8. This right here!.....nothing like playing a huge sectional game in mud up to your eyebrows LOL.
  9. Last year in our sectional they had Clinton Prairie go all the way to Union City.....because that makes sense. lol
  10. For 1A your mock up makes the most geographical sense that I've seen. They'll probably gerrymander differently however.
  11. Penn would have been my guess as well.
  12. Another shade of ridiculousness. https://www.southbendtribune.com/sports/high_school/south-bend-schools-to-eliminate-athletic-director-positions/article_05d9a1b4-108d-538a-bc73-64dd38ec73a9.html
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