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  1. Yes actually. We have received emails where they are available for those that would prefer to wear them. They're just a add on. Same rules as a visor, have to be clear if used. Simple piece of plastic exactly like a visor but cover the bottom part of the mask as well.
  2. Anyone know anything about Parke Heritage? They've had 2 solid seasons since the merger. Appears as if they could be decent for a while.
  3. RPO's aren't a new concept. I've seen them in playbooks as far back as the 70's. Heck, even Bud Wright utilized an RPO 2 years ago against us in the sectional. Why would you not take advantage of an effective scheme? Your lack of football knowledge is very evident. The Bart Curtis and Russ Radtke's of the world still co-exist peacefully among the new wave coaching concepts, and the sky is not falling.
  4. yeah creative ideas get thrown out the window all because some guy wants to save some money that's not even his
  5. 2 things. I say not an "if" anymore because I believe 8 man is happening. A longer stay at home order for Indiana probably won't happen until both Ohio and Illinois do it...It seems we've been more reactive instead of proactive....but that's a different topic for a different forum. I hope we get a season too!
  6. I know that Coach Mosser at Adams Central teaches social studies, as well as being their head track coach. Coach Sehy at Blackford teaches English as well as their head track coach. Coach Hess at Wes-Del teaches Biology. Coach Moser at South Adams teaches business. Coach Wilhelm at Yorktown teaches science. That's just the guys I know, and they all do a fine job. My guess would be that more teach outside of the PE/Health realm than you would think. That being said PE/coaching complement each other well.
  7. someone let me know if the link works. struggled with it
  8. Congratulations to those selected! Region 5 team 2020 - Region All Star Template.pdf
  9. All I know is we needed a game 1 after Blackford dropped us. We scrimmaged HH last summer and have a lot of respect for them. They really did us a huge favor by agreeing to this game, we were at the end of our options for a reasonable game 1.
  10. Thanks! It's tough finding games when your conference only has 4 teams that play football, but I think we got a good one here.
  11. Monroe Central will be traveling to 3A Hamilton Heights week 1 of the 2020 season replacing Blackford.
  12. Ryan Kerrigan - Muncie Central A classmate of mine. Fine man, wonderful family.
  13. Gonna give away all of our secrets! lol Really though he's a great kid that definitely is all in. Bright future.
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