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  1. Drove past it when they were building it. It looks great! Why did they move the location to begin with? It's a little odd it wasn't by the high school.
  2. I clicked on this thread looking for the same thing haha
  3. I can tell you that having an experienced coach in the box is invaluable. Hudl sideline is a luxury not all can afford, and in some instances it's not needed. Being able to see the game live, and in real time, and then providing instant feedback is huge. Speaking from my own experience I'd rather ask a question and get an answer. Another thing to consider is coaches don't always have time to look down at an ipad in the middle of a game. It's a freaking sweet tool though.
  4. to your point, you dont NEED to adopt any type of philosophy. But if its effective, why not?
  5. I have not found this to be the case. Distance kids are in a majority of cases cross country athletes. A feed the cats program has little bearing on them outside of prioritizing recovery. They have no interest in sprints. "Mid-Distance" doesn't particularly exist. 400 and below are sprints, 800 and above are distance events. Individualizing training as much as possible so each athlete gets what they need is not a bad thing. Kid's are never discouraged from doing any event they please. But the archetypes all fall into place.
  6. Feed the cats is a great philosophy and one that has personally helped me distinguish the difference between sprinting and running to those athletes. It amplifies the value of speed development for those who think track and cross country are the same, and shows the variety track has to offer to all. You CAN teach speed.
  7. For any coach like me that is both a track and football coach, this website https://trackfootballconsortium.com/ is a valuable resource. Both programs can complement each other, and should. Unless a football athlete is a diehard baseball guy, he should be encouraged to sprint, jump, and/or throw. It will only enhance their skill set.
  8. Hi Rudy! During quarantine I had actually been working on putting together a database of the football fields and stadiums(past/present) of all the high schools (present and defunct) here in Indiana. Real life eventually came back and I don't have the time to do such a thing anymore. I think it would be cool to find pictures and histories of these places, especially the ones that are gone, and add it to your info. Just a suggestion. Thank you for doing what you do for the history and records of our sport.
  9. For me, there isn't much more of a unique scene than playing a slugfest at South Adams and looking over and seeing horse and buggies go by all night lol. It's pretty cool.
  10. Speaking specifically on football.....It was either the spring of 2016 or 2017 (I can't remember) Coach Mike Johnson came down and did a mini clinic for our region. He had moved on to Logansport but he used clips from his athletes at Pioneer. It was excellent. He was very nice, and he answered every question with no hesitance to who might be listening. It was evident that the athletic culture at Pioneer was BOOMING. Fast forward to the fall of '17 we met Pioneer in the semi state game....One of the best teams we put on the field in our time at MC got handled. We had a definite size advantage and even took an early lead before the dam broke. To this day our staff frequently talks about HOW FREAKING HARD that team played, and still use it as a measuring stick. The WHOLE team played so dang hard and fast all night...it was overwhelming. And to top it all off, they were genuinely good kids. Kind between plays, sportsmanlike and tough between the whistles. SO, whats the point?.......Culture keeps you relevant even in years you may not be as talented. Athlete development is part of culture. Years and years of excellence and doing things the right way all ties back to culture. Add a cycle of a great athletic classes and you get what they have. Pioneer has 25 straight winning football seasons....and as long as they fight to maintain that culture, I don't think they'll really ever have a bad year.
  11. I'm not keen on details, and I'm not entirely sure the logistics of things. All the relevant information I know is it's not a football conference anymore.
  12. North Decatur was in a football only conference that dissolved. I think the scenarios are very different.
  13. Due to the addition of North Decatur to the MEC for football only, Monroe Central now plays North Decatur week 3. Also We'll travel to 3A Hamilton Heights week 1 (a game that didn't happen due to covid last year), and play 4A Indy Attucks week 2.
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