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  1. I'd sure hate to have to gameplan it. But I enjoy watching it
  2. Jordan McCaslin at Shenandoah. He's done a great job keeping that program a winning one. Always a pain in the butt to play and a good man.
  3. AC needs to drain the clock offensively, get to the SA QB over and over (which no one has done) and have the benefit of a terrible weather night....then after that they'd need lighting to strike the field, Medusa to turn them to stone, and a Hurricane named Ditka. AC and SA are great football teams, South Adam's combination of size, speed, and DEPTH, is almost overwhelming. The Mosser's at AC are fantastic coaches and will have their best ready for the Starfires. Should be a slobberknocker.
  4. Those California crab rolls are to die for. A calorie paradise though.
  5. I went over to that game, tremendous fight by the Indians. It would have been easy to abandon their plan with Marion's speed and big play abilities. But they kept on pounding, and that goal line stand was the difference. Coach Funk's crew played harder for longer. Congrats
  6. 2 years ago we hosted a regional game. We were told (from the top) that if we had a sideline heater that we had to provide one for the other team to keep the site "neutral". Now, supposedly PA announcers are also not supposed to show bias, and home field advantage isn't supposed to be a thing. We all know the powers that be don't care to enforce any of these things makes one wonder why these rules exist.
  7. I would say the team with more TALENT doesn't always win. But if a team plays better for one night and wins, well in my not so important opinion they were the better team.
  8. Ahhhh yes. Sounds about right. Seems to me like someone was being a real Richard. But I could be misinformed.
  9. wow....I can only imagine how heated that got....any chance you could give a quick synopsis or do you get Vietnam like flashbacks thinking about it?
  10. Would you say these winds are more of a derecho?
  11. As a lineman this is what I lived for right here. Snow is better than rain anyway. RTDB
  12. Apparently DT has never seen Mount Vernon's indoor turf field facility . And who the HC is....no commitment to football....you're made of spare parts aren't ya bud?
  13. It's true! I read this in the Geneva Convention.
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