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  1. You are correct, Churubusco would be a longshot to win 1A beacuse they're in 2A now.
  2. Adams Central in my opinion has been the most consistent 1A program for a long time. Coach Mosser does a great job and I don't see them falling off a lot because they never do. They're, in my view, still the favorites to win the North until shown otherwise.
  3. That's a solid rebuttal, though I'd be more solid with a Jeff Adamson on that list too 😉 I feel like you skipped over some of the other points made, but you're making your court case, and I can't say you're right, wrong or otherwise. Just trying to provide a different perspective.
  4. These two things are mutually exclusive IMO. I understand your point above, and I can certainly agree when talking about college or pro jobs. There is nothing wrong with climbing the latter if you so choose, but the relationships are the best part of coaching. Some lose their way or become burned out constantly bouncing around. If you invest your heart, communities have a way of making you one of their own. You get to see first hand the impact you make on and off the field. There is no hall of fame or internet clout I'd trade that for, and I can speak the same for a lot of my coaching colleagues. This is a great list of leaders, I wish them nothing but the best whatever they choose.
  5. That's up to them. Just telling you what I know. I imagine they'll be trying to figure that stuff out during their pilot run. Games will more than likely be on Saturday's as to avoid overbooking officials.
  6. The pilot program for 8-man football in Indiana football begins in 2022. Plenty of schools interested. Only available to schools that do not currently have 11 man. It's coming my man.
  7. From 2008 to 2019 Tri High school had 1 winning season including 4 (0-10) seasons. If they would have just given up and cut the program they never would have made the semi-state run they just made. And I can tell you that those kids during that decade would say that football enriched their high school experiences regardless of the record. But since Tri isn't in Indianapolis or the region they don't exist in (the artist formerly known as) DT's mind so they must contract. This whole contraction crap gets old. If the money spent on football was really hurting these systems, they would cut them.
  8. In the press release the remaining 6 claim Carmel and CG are "culturally re-aligning" but isn't that exactly what they did with this move? Not saying the move was wrong or anything, just find it ironic that they did exactly what they accused the other 2 of doing. We live in strange times.
  9. It's cool on Friday nights when people can share scores and updates. But it's kind of annoying to see random posts throughout the week from someone replying and blowing off about something with no context as to what in the heck they're talking about. Plus in the past I know there's been some very profane or explicit posts that have been autoshared from a reply. Idk, I feel like a lot of the GID faithful just post it here anyway.
  10. It's apparent Tri's defense isn't going to be able to stop Lutheran, but their offense is making this game uncomfortable for them. Shortening the game for sure.
  11. Tri's first drive 16 plays 75 yards, 9.5 minutes off the clock. Tri's second drive 1 play a slot counter for 88 yards. haha wow
  12. As a player: My sophomore year of high school at Muncie Central we were playing Delta in the sectional championship, which happened 5 years in a row back then. I was a very average JV player that didn't play a lot of varsity yet, but I was our backup long snapper. As luck would have it our long snapper got hurt and I was inserted into a very tight ballgame to snap on the punt team. The temperature had dropped into the single digits, and I couldn't feel my hands, much less the rock hard football. My heart was pounding a million miles an hour and I was noticeably nervous. A senior on that team who happened to be my "big brother" ( a mentorship program we had at the time) patted me on the butt and told me "you got this." Much to my surprise I delivered not one, but 3 perfect snaps in that game. We lost that game in 3OT's (the only one of the 5 we lost) but I can't remember ever feeling more part of a team than in that moment. As a coach: 2017 was a heck of a year for our Monroe Central team. It was our 6th year as a staff here and we were starting to see some success. We found ourselves in a regional championship game against a dominating Southwood team that had run through the north racking up the number 1 passing offense in the state. Long story short, on a freezing, damp November night we threw a TD pass with 12 seconds left on 4th down to take our first lead of the night, and ultimately win the game. It was a heavyweight slugfest of a football game that no one around here will soon forget. A picture of the game winning catch hangs in our locker room from the night. An awesome experience I'll never forget.
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