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  1. I know that Coach Mosser at Adams Central teaches social studies, as well as being their head track coach. Coach Sehy at Blackford teaches English as well as their head track coach. Coach Hess at Wes-Del teaches Biology. Coach Moser at South Adams teaches business. Coach Wilhelm at Yorktown teaches science. That's just the guys I know, and they all do a fine job. My guess would be that more teach outside of the PE/Health realm than you would think. That being said PE/coaching complement each other well.
  2. someone let me know if the link works. struggled with it
  3. Congratulations to those selected! Region 5 team 2020 - Region All Star Template.pdf
  4. All I know is we needed a game 1 after Blackford dropped us. We scrimmaged HH last summer and have a lot of respect for them. They really did us a huge favor by agreeing to this game, we were at the end of our options for a reasonable game 1.
  5. Thanks! It's tough finding games when your conference only has 4 teams that play football, but I think we got a good one here.
  6. Monroe Central will be traveling to 3A Hamilton Heights week 1 of the 2020 season replacing Blackford.
  7. Ryan Kerrigan - Muncie Central A classmate of mine. Fine man, wonderful family.
  8. Gonna give away all of our secrets! lol Really though he's a great kid that definitely is all in. Bright future.
  9. We will return 10 on offense and most of our defense. A good freshman group coming in should bolster our depth. We added a 3A week 1 opponent adding to an already tough schedule with the likes of Adams Central, South Adams, Eastern Hancock, and Shenandoah. I'm excited to continue to grow our program.
  10. The top 12 to end the year in no particular order were; Lutheran, LCC, South Adams, Adams Central, Southwood, North Vermilion, Parke Heritage, West Washington, Busco, Monroe Central, Sheridan, Traders Point. I see mostly the same cast of characters being around. Are North Decatur, Attica, Milan, going to be players in the future? Those are schools I don't know much about save North Decatur which dropped us last year. Who else am I missing??
  11. Open enrollment changed the game, right on the money @Coach Nowlin Really the only (non location) advantage a private school COULD possibly have anymore is if the church affiliated with the school were helping them out behind the scenes....BUT this doesn't really happen. Especially in this day and age, nothing is a secret. Even if they wanted to "cheat" or "have advantages" or whatever you wanna whine about, it wouldn't go unnoticed. The fact is people don't like watching the Yankees, win the title. It can feel a little like that when you see an LCC or a Chatard win again. But constantly accusing them of cheating is just robbing the kids of the credit they deserve. Football is still played on the same field with the same rules.
  12. If you tune into the Eastbrook/Andrean game you can hear the broadcast pipes of a certain @Coach Nowlin retirement gig someday? Hobart 17- East Noble 7
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