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  1. Last year in our sectional they had Clinton Prairie go all the way to Union City.....because that makes sense. lol
  2. For 1A your mock up makes the most geographical sense that I've seen. They'll probably gerrymander differently however.
  3. Penn would have been my guess as well.
  4. Another shade of ridiculousness. https://www.southbendtribune.com/sports/high_school/south-bend-schools-to-eliminate-athletic-director-positions/article_05d9a1b4-108d-538a-bc73-64dd38ec73a9.html
  5. Drake's or Tilly's are decent little pubs with good food. Should be able to find all needed in column A.
  6. I was gonna say, I doubt we go south...Just don't see that happening.
  7. 44 and 45 will be intriguing. A few of the schools in this mock Sectional 45 were in the north last cycle, including us. I could see them sending Indy (Indiana Deaf, Traders Point, Park Tutor) south, and keeping Union City, Monroe Central, Wes-Del north.
  8. You have Adams Central marked in Nebraska somewhere. I think that's the only mistake besides some of them being right on top of each other.
  9. That is very odd, although not surprising. I don't think you're ever "too good" not to treat someone with respect. It's not a sign of weakness to be kind.....also aren't we as coaches supposed to live out the values we teach our kids? Respect the opponent, the game, and yourself.
  10. I have a little bit of animosity for coaches that don't shake hands after the game.....I'll just leave it at that.
  11. I have tremendous respect for Adams Central, and their staff. Coach Mosser is a great coach and man....both of them lol.
  12. OFFENSE C Tyler Haney Monroe Central TE Clay Dalton Eastbrook OL Stewart Mossholder Oak Hill OL Adam Bowman Maconaquah OL Luke Herr Hamilton Heights OL Jackson Miller Southwood WR Heisman Skeens Mississinewa WR Steven Edwards Kokomo RB Kitchel Gifford Western RB Xaine Kirby Eastbrook RB Seth Wilson Monroe Central QB KJ Roudebush Tipton K Sabestian Connor Tipton OFF AT LARGE Delton Moore Manchester Michael Schlechty Jay County DEFENSE DL Aidan Ortego Southwood DL Javias Gray Kokomo DE Nate Southerland Delta DE Andreas Aguliar Marion ILB Brady Pease Delta ILB Terrence Wilson Blackford OLB / SS Mason Hale Eastbrook OLB / SS Logan Vander Veldon Wabash CB Landry Ozmun Oak Hill CB Tyler Gilland Delta FS Luke Stoker Tipton FS Brayden Burke Marion P Justin Summers Alexandria DEF AT LARGE Taft Manship Monroe Central Andrew Ault Western COACH: Randy Sehy Blackford ASST COACH: Stuart Goble Eastbrook
  13. South Adams had a lot of young talent this year. That Sophomore (soon to be Junior) group is stout. They sure gave us a kicking. If @Basementbias is around I'm sure he could help me out here.
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