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  1. Speaking specifically on football.....It was either the spring of 2016 or 2017 (I can't remember) Coach Mike Johnson came down and did a mini clinic for our region. He had moved on to Logansport but he used clips from his athletes at Pioneer. It was excellent. He was very nice, and he answered every question with no hesitance to who might be listening. It was evident that the athletic culture at Pioneer was BOOMING. Fast forward to the fall of '17 we met Pioneer in the semi state game....One of the best teams we put on the field in our time at MC got handled. We had a definite size advantage a
  2. I'm not keen on details, and I'm not entirely sure the logistics of things. All the relevant information I know is it's not a football conference anymore.
  3. North Decatur was in a football only conference that dissolved. I think the scenarios are very different.
  4. Due to the addition of North Decatur to the MEC for football only, Monroe Central now plays North Decatur week 3. Also We'll travel to 3A Hamilton Heights week 1 (a game that didn't happen due to covid last year), and play 4A Indy Attucks week 2.
  5. The ACAC is no slouch. Regardless of the class next to the school very good and physical football is played there. A product of the importance placed on football in the greater Fort Wayne area. By the same token, Coach Z is not a loser. And I don't think he will be at Jay. Success might be defined differently than "dominating the conference" for a win starved Jay County. It's a great hire for both Jay County and the competitiveness to their conference as a whole.
  6. Football is important in the places where people make it to be. I was born and raised in Ohio. Despite the quality of football in some places, the importance of football always felt paramount. It's almost unfathomable football wouldn't happen. Having spent my latter high school years, and my entire coaching career here in Indiana I can tell you that my opening statement is very much the same. Football is important in the places where people have made an effort to make it so. As a whole I feel it will be hard to uproot basketball's title as king in Indiana...but football in Indiana is on the ri
  7. The Bear Den Conference: Blackford Bruins Evansville Central Bears Monroe Central Golden Bears Shelbyville Golden Bears Fort Wayne Northrop Bruins Franklin Grizzly Cubs Lawrence Central Bears Madison Cubs Tri-West Bruins
  8. Yes. It does the job lol. I'm sure there might be nicer platforms but it's fine.
  9. You can give parents an access code to the "class" so they can know what's going on.... it's their responsibility to check it though.
  10. @DanteEstoniaI'm our head track coach and I use it to communicate with all of my athletes. I'm able to post workouts, schedules, resources, videos, etc. And they can message me on there if they need something, or need to talk. And they have an IOS app. So for that, I love it.
  11. Media has zero to do with this list. This is all IFCA.
  12. There is a deadline to nominate every year, generally around the Regional games. If you are a member of the IFCA you get frequent emails and communication detailing all of that and everything else that goes on
  13. A note for those who don't know. Coaches have limited number of athletes they can nominate for all-state. It can be very difficult to narrow the list down. If your favorite player didn't make the team it can be for a number of reasons that range from being nominated in a LOADED position category, to being on a team with 4-5 other tremendous athletes. It's a difficult thing to do, and the meetings last hours.
  14. haha, you should pin this with how many times it comes up! Congrats to the top 50!
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