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  1. Nope. Just a lot of guys changing socks. Which was useless. Our white uniforms were brand new...they've never really recovered.
  2. Last year. Sectional Semi-Final at South Adams. Brutal cold and rain all night. Not the fun kind of mud bowl...unless you won the game...which we didn't lol. One of those memories that both players and coaches on both ends will never forget. Heck, my feet are still cold and wet from the standing water on the sidelines and the 4 inch deep mud. Part of what makes our game so unique.
  3. Perhaps in some instances it's coaches wasting no time making moves. Either way if you're gonna move on, why wait?
  4. North Decatur is LEGIT. They are a very good football team that will make noise in the 1A south tournament. Very physical, coached well, and tackle well.
  5. @Bobref @Impartial_Observer thank you gentlemen. I was genuinely curious was to why it seemed to take so long to blow the whistle in our last game. I guess I do prefer to have the whistle be a fraction late than too early.
  6. @BobrefI have a question about whistle timing. It seems that some crews tend to blow the whistle really late. Like the play has naturally ended and 2-3 seconds have gone by and then the whistle is blown. Almost like they're all looking at each other saying "who's gonna blow this whistle?" Is there a protocol, etiquette, or philosophy behind that? Not upset or anything, just curious.
  7. Wish I could claim that but both Belichick, and Walsh had that in their books, so I stole it from the best lol. Hopefully everyone involved looks back and remembers how ridiculous their situations were, and growth can occur from it. Part of coaching is realizing kids are kids and they'll do silly things in the heat of the moment. We all have. Offer grace, love the kid(s), and then place the proverbial boot up the backside if necessary. Accountability is never bad.
  8. The MEC jamboree hosted at Shenandoah this year: Wes-Del vs Shenandoah Wes-Del vs North Decatur Eastern Hancock vs North Decatur Eastern Hancock vs Monroe Central Shenandoah vs Monroe Central Firday night, 6pm start time
  9. Giving some small school (1A-2A) love here, Pioneer, Eastbrook, Adams Central, and Linton are as strong a programs as any, across all classes. The yearly combined records in the past 9 seasons put them each in the top 15 all classes in winning percentage. If you want more recent than that, the past 3 seasons you'd have to add South Adams and Eastside to that list. There's a lot of good small school football going on in the state.
  10. It's been great! It expedites miserable situations. Whether you're on the giving or receiving end of the butt kicking. I've not heard a coach in our area have a bad thing to say about it.
  11. You are correct, Churubusco would be a longshot to win 1A beacuse they're in 2A now.
  12. Adams Central in my opinion has been the most consistent 1A program for a long time. Coach Mosser does a great job and I don't see them falling off a lot because they never do. They're, in my view, still the favorites to win the North until shown otherwise.
  13. That's a solid rebuttal, though I'd be more solid with a Jeff Adamson on that list too 😉 I feel like you skipped over some of the other points made, but you're making your court case, and I can't say you're right, wrong or otherwise. Just trying to provide a different perspective.
  14. These two things are mutually exclusive IMO. I understand your point above, and I can certainly agree when talking about college or pro jobs. There is nothing wrong with climbing the latter if you so choose, but the relationships are the best part of coaching. Some lose their way or become burned out constantly bouncing around. If you invest your heart, communities have a way of making you one of their own. You get to see first hand the impact you make on and off the field. There is no hall of fame or internet clout I'd trade that for, and I can speak the same for a lot of my coaching colleagues. This is a great list of leaders, I wish them nothing but the best whatever they choose.
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