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  1. Gonzoron

    Get the Red Rings Ready...

    That's all it takes to be a "media member"
  2. That's odd, because he did both in high school. In fact, I believe he ran track and played baseball also. I may pull out one of my old yearbooks to confirm.
  3. Gonzoron

    CIC Week 6

    Alexandria @ Elwood (2pts) Madison Grant @ Blackford Frankton @ Eastbrook Oakhill @ Mississinewa Delta @ New Castle
  4. Gonzoron

    Conference Indiana week 6

    Southport BNL New Albany Columbus North
  5. Gonzoron

    Mid-State Pick Em - Week 6

    Decatur Central at Plainfield Franklin at Mooresville Greenwood at Perry Meridian Whiteland at Martinsville
  6. Spar with DT about it, he made the claim.
  7. No we don’t. See above for Warren Central charts. Per @DrivenT early in this thread: poor ethnic kids translate to more success in football.
  8. They're doing great for a bunch of rich guys!
  9. More than 10 years passed between the time Streiff left and O'Shea took the job.
  10. Wrong. Carmel has been a power since the mid-70's.
  11. Gonzoron

    Warren Central at Pike

    No, I'm not looking for a template. I'm refuting the template you first claimed. Your statements on the subject have been all over the map. Basically, you've been debating yourself until you have proven to yourself that your first claim wasn't valid. Congratulations.
  12. I never claimed to work for Hamilton Heights. Those schools listed on people's profiles-that's the school they are a fan of, or an alumni, or a parent, and I think there are a few other categories to choose from. Also, not sure how where I live would prevent me from working in Warren or Washington townships, we do have automobiles up here. And odds are high that I was driving around those townships before you were born.
  13. It's where the school is located. One would think a media member would know that. We know when it's time to put our boots on up here. Yeah, that's the ticket.
  14. Gonzoron

    Warren Central at Pike

    Does New Pal have the same ethnic/socio-economic makeup as Warren Central? Apples to oranges. You make claims with no basis in fact, then 2 comments later you’re contradicting yourself. Crazy stuff.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  15. I don’t live in Arcadia. It’s possible to put anything you want on your profile, but I see you already knew that.