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  1. Gonzoron

    THE Game This Saturday - Army Navy Game

    And before 1947, the Air Force was part of the Army.
  2. Good for you. No need to be jealous. Positive votes and downvotes are for entertainment purposes only. Yes it is. Maybe you should come over sometime. You could fabricate a topic about "'bro culture in the OOB" or "contraction of positive votes in the regular Forum."
  3. There isn't one. That's debatable. His media is the GID.
  4. Gonzoron

    Second half of the season

    Hopefully Reich is next.
  5. https://sports.yahoo.com/alabama-clemson-notre-dame-oklahoma-make-college-football-playoff-173451686.html?.tsrc=notification-brknews
  6. Gonzoron

    Breaking News : Brohm to stay at Purdue

    The city of Louisville is not happy: https://www.wthr.com/article/louisville-hs-closes-due-threat-after-alum-brohm-picks-purdue It was a trick question on a pop quiz.
  7. You better study up on 2A. It’ll come in handy next year, lol.
  8. And also check out this thread. Perfect time to become a Booster, your first week on the GID! Start out your career right!
  9. Would have been 69 yards. Didn't get to math class yet either, huh?
  10. I watched the video Sonnyboy, if you see #24 picking the ball up in the video you posted, I think you need an optometrist. That's "eye doctor" in case you haven't made it to 11 letter words in English yet.
  11. Your video doesn't show either of these.
  12. CIC stats do not equal Hoosier Conference stats
  13. Are you Virgil's brother, and have you ever ridden the Danville train with him?
  14. I'm not hiding anything. I can't quote how many times Hamilton Heights ran the ball in the first quarter of any game they played this year, much less the same info on a team not on my profile for multiple games. One can either guess #1, you're associated with Pioneer but don't want to admit it, or #2, you're quite a stalker. A stalker who accuses others of stalking. LOL.