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  1. Prices seem very steep to me after looking at the website. Who is going to pay $100 an hour to learn how to read a defense? Hope it works out for him.
  2. Typical response from someone that likes to dodge the truth! By the way, sentences should start with a capital letter and end with some sort of punctuation. Must be that private school education you received! You appear to be like some others that have been in the news recently, because you sure do not like to answer questions when asked. Let's try this again. How many public schools hold open houses? I'll wait patiently for your response!
  3. They must not like the pieces they were already given! Please do not be naive enough to say it does not happen! How many public schools hold open houses?
  4. When you say "put together". Does that mean he recruited one of Chatard's historically best teams? Typically high school coaches do not put together football teams, they are already there waiting on them.
  5. 36 can be a parking lot on Friday Night at times. My suggestion is to take 39 north.
  6. Chatard and ALL CLEAN should never be used in the same sentence!
  7. Patriot fans if you want to stay away from Mexican and Pizza there is an all you can eat catfish place in Clayton (Clayton Cafe) about 15 minutes south of the school. on 39. No Booze though
  8. From what I have gathered through reading this thread is Lysander and Trojan 88 still makes every excuse in the world on why Chatard lost to Danville in back to back seasons. Typical private school fan, make excuses when they lose and give no credit. Must have been back to back down recruiting years for Chatard. STC still loves his BL's Muda loves those thickburgers from Hardee's The reason Danville struggled in the first two drives against Vincennes was do to the Asbestos exposure and Hepatitis from the raw sewage on the floor in the locker room. Once that was out of their system, it was a no doubter. My Buddies son told me it was the worst locker room conditions he has ever seen. Now about the Game. I do not have a dog in the fight. But I am going to go with the county foe Danville 21- HH 14. Should be a slobbernocker of a game!
  9. I will continue to make this argument about recruiting until something is done. The only reason open-enrollment exists is so the IHSAA can turn a blind eye to the recruiting that does go on, just like everything else they do not want to deal with. I have witnessed first hand middle school kids being talked to by private schools, and I can assure you it was not about their great academics. I know coaches at the 6A level who have varsity coaches that go to the middle school games to prevent stuff like that from happening.
  10. How is what I said an ignorant comment? Other schools use donations from people in their community to fund school items. You guys have the whole state of Indiana to find donations from, you should feel fortunate.
  11. Maybe Cathedral should recruit more wealthy families to fund their own field.
  12. Other than coaches rating officials for the tournament, is there any other type of accountability for a referees performance?
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