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  1. Can someone please inform me of the spring practice dates/time frame for high school football.
  2. This is definitely not a lateral move. The tradition at Indian Creek alone is worth the move. Cascade has one winning season since 2006. Spinks had success the past two seasons because of a few move in kids from Decatur Central and a few other schools. My source is telling me that there is a possibility of Cascade not having an 8th grade team next year. Numbers are currently down, not to mention the conference they are in (Triton Central, Scecina, Ritter, Lutheran, etc.). They will be the whipping post of that conference as long as they are in it.
  3. Congrats Coach Sutton!! Harrison better be ready to work!
  4. I know that. There was another player that transferred from Lebanon before Cruz came over.
  5. Maybe I had him mixed up with someone else. Other than Cruz Washington, who was the other Lebanon kid that transferred to Webo?
  6. Didn't Wethington transfer from Lebanon as a sophomore?
  7. I have been informed that his position was posted at his current school, so I guess its safe to share. Steve Spinks from Cascade is the new Indian Creek coach. Congrats to Coach Spinks!
  8. Casey Foster is the best in the bunch in my opinion. Few inches taller and he would have been a D1 kid.
  9. Indian Creek has hired their new coach. I'll leave it at that, until it hits the media.
  10. Prices seem very steep to me after looking at the website. Who is going to pay $100 an hour to learn how to read a defense? Hope it works out for him.
  11. Typical response from someone that likes to dodge the truth! By the way, sentences should start with a capital letter and end with some sort of punctuation. Must be that private school education you received! You appear to be like some others that have been in the news recently, because you sure do not like to answer questions when asked. Let's try this again. How many public schools hold open houses? I'll wait patiently for your response!
  12. They must not like the pieces they were already given! Please do not be naive enough to say it does not happen! How many public schools hold open houses?
  13. When you say "put together". Does that mean he recruited one of Chatard's historically best teams? Typically high school coaches do not put together football teams, they are already there waiting on them.
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