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  1. For JV/Freshman games, are officials required to have an IHSAA patch on their shirt?
  2. Unless the Prep school in Laporte is an IHSAA member, I'm not sure that bylaw exists because they play Indiana schools in basketball games.
  3. In my opinion any award given by the IFCA, has more meaning than any award given by the media. The media shows way to much bias when giving out awards.
  4. How does the conference manage trades with opponents outside of the conference and during tournament time? Have there been issues with teams trading outside of the conference?
  5. Are there any conferences that have open trading, meaning all games go into a pool for the whole conference instead of just trading the last two games? Are there any conferences that trade both the wide and endzone films?
  6. I have not inquired about D1 training or Finch Creek. I am a teacher and this was sent to my school email. No need to attend this camp, my son's coaches are pretty dang good. Lastly I do not need to witness their recruiting efforts, Chatard tried to recruit a player from my son's school when he played on Team Indiana as an 8th grader. To say it does not exist is hilarious to me.
  7. Where they got my email address is a great question. I have never inquired about my kids going to Chatard and I do not attend a Parish. What is your ESSEX camp? IF that is a business that is different than a high school advertising their camp to the entire state! G2 is the same way. Yes it may be coached by Mooresville coaches, but it is not advertised as a Mooresville Football Camp. The issue at hand is you have a school who's school district is the entire state, so I guess they feel like they can advertise to the entire state. I also find it very ironic that most of the defenders of this are also from Catholic Schools.
  8. Here is the issues I have. One my kid does not go to Chatard or any CYO feeder school, but I still receive that in an email. Wonder why I have not received anything from Ben Davis, Center Grove, Warren Central etc. Secondly, it states "Inviting ALL Football Players". Typically a public high school sends out their camp info to the students in their school system. I have never seen a IHSAA High School advertise their youth camp outside of their cooperation like this. Seems very odd of the age group that was chosen as well.
  9. Bishop Chatard Football Camp - Finch Creek Fieldhouse - Come sharpen your football skills with STATE CHAMPION coaches and the D1 Training Finch Creek team. This 3 week program is for athletes grades 5th-8th, and geared for both lineman and skill position players.
  10. I know of two other schools that have changed their numbers for this week as well. I do not think it is just a Columbus North deal. Both schools are only allowing players parents to buy tickets.
  11. Manual forfeited against Danville tonight. Not enough players
  12. Can someone please inform me of the spring practice dates/time frame for high school football.
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