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  1. BTF

    SAC week 6

    Dwenger 31, Concordia 21 - I think Concordia will be in this game throughout Homestead 49, North 14 - Homestead recovers from last week and brings the Legends back down to earth Wayne 28 Snider 27 - Just when we think the Panthers are back on track, Wayne shows us just how vulnerable they are Northrop 42, Luers 38 - The Bruins prove they are for real Carroll 63, South 14 - Carroll will score at will
  2. BTF

    SAC Week 5

    Without a doubt, Dwenger is the team to beat in 4a. I could see Luers or Concordia making a run to Semi-State. With Snider's young team improving week by week, I would say they are the sectional favorites at this point. Hard telling how good they could be by the end of the season, but right now I'm thinking Carmel would be a 2 touchdown favorite.
  3. BTF

    SAC Week 5

    What would a Power Poll look like? 1. Dwenger - The obvious pick at this point 2. Snider- young team making strides 3. Wayne - only loss to Dwenger 4. Homestead - good wins against Concordia and Northrop. No bad losses 5. Carroll - good win against Snider and played Dwenger solid.........although the scoreboard didn't reflect it 6. Luers - impressive year up until last night 7. Concordia - no bad losses yet and a win against a solid Northrop team 8. Northrop - made Carroll look bad. This team being ranked 8th goes to show how tough the SAC is this year. 9. North Side - showed last night that they have some fight in them 10. South Side - not much fight at all other then then 20 points they dropped on Dwenger Biggest surprises of the season. Carroll over Snider 38-14. After going down 14-7, Snider never even fought back and the game was never in doubt. North Side over Luers. I'm just at a loss for words here. It just doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Northrop dominating Carroll. Looking ahead: Carroll needs to win their next 4 games if they want to be taken seriously going into the playoffs. The Snider/Dwenger game could bring a crowd the SAC hasn't seen in several years. Homestead/Carroll will be a great game............and once again determine who the 3rd and 4th best teams in the conference are.
  4. BTF

    SAC Week 5

    Northrop 35 Concordia 31 Luers 49 Northside 14 Wayne 56 Southside 14 Carroll 21 Dwenger 17 Homestead 38 Snider 31
  5. It's now Government Subsidized housing with a large area of land open for future development. IU Health possibly? I think your brother-in-law blew it. . I'm kinda hoping IU Health goes in there. Hopefully lot's of ambulances making plenty of noise. Tell your brother-in-law to sit and spin on that.
  6. BTF

    Week 2 Stock Report

    DrivenT has always been good at starting conversations, sometimes controversial, but always gets the forum going. With regard to Snider, I think he has an enormous amount of respect for the program............evident from his posts over the years. I just think he is wondering, like everyone else, when the burbs of Fort Wayne are going to start playing to their potential like they have in Indianapolis. It won’t be this year though. Homestead is not as good as the team they had last year that got waxed twice by Snider. And when I think of Carroll, I think of the team that lost to Luers in Week 1. Snider is still Snider. They still set the bar for the rest of the SAC. And they will still be the team to beat come sectional time. I do think Carroll is up from last year. So take nothing away from them. But Snider is reloading with many new faces and it may take a few weeks to find their rhythm. I think the outcome Friday night was a result of two factors. Carroll was ticked from being down a combined 77-0 the last two seasons at halftime. 42-0 last year, and 35-0 the year before. The other factor being that Snider just looked bored and unenthusiastic after going up 7-0 on Friday night. I agree with Komets that their is a lot of parity in the SAC this year. I could see both Snider and Carroll with 2-3 losses at the end of the year. As far as I’m concerned, Carroll’s win Friday night earned them the right to say one thing. “We’re #3”.......behind Dwenger and Homestead. Or “we’re #5”, behind Luers and Concordia. It’s too early to jump on the Carroll bandwagon just yet.
  7. BTF

    SAC 2018

    Very good point. Dwenger does the same thing. The first sign you notice driving down Washington Ctr is the one listing their football championships. "Football School" is just a general way of pointing out that the school excels at football. Luers Mom has completely blown this out of proportion. More than a few were saying that. The nice thing about high school football is that each team has 9 games to figure things out before the real ones that matter most. Not that the SAC bell doesn't matter, should be interesting.
  8. Lol, just doesn't make any sense. It's almost laughable.
  9. BTF

    SAC 2018

    Lol, it's a high school that just happens to be very good at football. Yes they are, especially when the Snider football program shares the revenue on Friday night with their opponent. Football and basketball are money sports, they pretty much foot the bill for the expenses of the other athletic programs. Dragging Snider to Mishawaka to play Penn will have much more impact on the athletic department then staying home to play South Side. Let's not forget about the impact money has and the important role that it plays. You want the reality of the situation? 130 football players spend four years at Snider not only playing football, but staying out of trouble, improving their physical health, learning the concept of teamwork, and learning how to be leaders and outstanding young men. THAT, my dear, is the "reality of the situation." Not to mention the five players who earned scholarships to advance their education. No one ever implied that. For instance, if Snider dropped two SAC schools and replaced them with Penn and Cathedral, chances are one of those games would be at home. So we are talking about traveling 2 hours one time. Don't worry though, it's not going to happen. Ten teams, nine games = ease of scheduling.
  10. BTF

    SAC WEEK 2

    Dwenger 45, North Side 7 No reason for this game to be close Wayne 28, Luers 21 Wayne unfortunately had to open against Dwenger last week. They turn some heads this week Snider 49, Carroll 14 Snider is just superior all around Northrop 35, South Side 14 Northrop isn't bad and is in the beginning stages of building a "program" Homestead 38, Concordia 28 Homestead's offense looks solid and should have enough to hold off the Cadets
  11. Maybe we should focus more on why FWCS turned down a donation of half a million dollars than whether or not FW taxpayers should fund turf fields for all four schools. It was implied that the donation to turf Spuller Stadium was turned down because it wasn't fair to the other three schools. Last I checked, the other three schools have their own stadium and don't need to share it with anyone else. If we're being "fair", let's spend 5 million and fund a stadium for Snider. Or, we could just accept the DONATION and turf the only field that has a game on it every single Friday. I can't imagine anyone in their right mind disagreeing with this line of thought.
  12. http://www.wpta21.com/story/38932119/condition-of-fwcs-football-field-questioned?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook_ABC21_WPTA The football field in the video is that of Spuller Stadium, home of Northrop and Snider. It's the only Fort Wayne football field that hosts a game EVERY Friday night. Wayne, North Side, & South Side have their own Stadium. Northrop has to share theirs with Snider and it's an absolute mess. There you go in a nutshell. If Fort Wayne Community Schools can afford ONE turf field, it needs to go to Spuller. It would be a nice way for FWCS to thank Snider for all the revenue it's football program has provided the school system over the years. Snider has a big following and the gate at each game is shared with it's opponent. If FWCS can't figure out a way to give Snider a stadium like the rest of the schools, then at least provide them with a field that is playable come playoff time. I wonder what Penn and Carmel fans think when they visit during the playoffs and have to watch their team perform in the mud.
  13. BTF

    SAC 2018

    Snider is a football school and the unfortunate truth is that the SAC alone doesn't prep Snider for the Indy big boys. It would be nice to drop a couple of teams and pick Penn and Cathedral back up. Yes they are. 6A is comprised of 32 schools and Snider is one of the best 15 teams EVERY year, Top 10 most years, and Top 5 some years. 6A needs Snider, and quite frankly, playing Carmel in the regionals is just a bit more intriguing than playing Westfield. No offense to the Shamrocks, but Snider/Carmel goes back almost four decades. Kinda like the 2004 team? Yeah, I agree with that statement. But they've made it to the state game (big boy class) 6 times. Won once, blew one, and fell to the injury bug in another. IMO, Snider was the best team in the state 4 times when the were in the biggest divison...........'87, '92, '97, & '04. It's special when Snider puts together one of those teams. And there is nothing better than taking down a Carmel, Penn, Ben Davis, or Warren Central. I would love to see a voluntary bump up to 6A for good.
  14. BTF

    SAC 2018

    Snider should just drop the SAC..............period. If Dwenger, Carroll, Homestead, and Northrop want to schedule them, fine. If not, fine. The whole idea of a ten team SAC is ease of scheduling. Unfortunately, that does nothing for Snider's success at the 6a level. Will Snider have future teams worthy of 6a Top 3? No doubt about it. But if that tiny school of 1800 wants to compete with those 3000+ on a yearly basis, then they are going to have to do something about their schedule. The only team they played last year that was even remotely as good as Carmel, was Homestead. As a result, Snider bowed out in regionals to a team they should have beaten by 3 or 4 touchdowns.