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  1. I would think the Flash would be pretty difficult to bring down in open field!
  2. Can agree... I attended as a MS student from 6-8 grade at Franklin College, loved it.
  3. Not familiar with the school's situation, but I wonder if there are other factors at play here. Maybe (hypothetical) there was a large number of athletes who decided to not play football in high school because the program was so bad, but played in middle school for the coach who was just hired. Perhaps the administration feels by bringing him up to the high school level will get those kids back out (assuming the kids who quit liked playing for the coach in MS). Is it a big jump from MS to running an entire high school program? Absolutely. But if the school feels like he can turn the program around and do it quickly then what's the harm in trying. Maybe it's their last ditch effort at saving the dying program, where if the immediate future is uncertain anyway, what's the worst thing that can happen?
  4. Cole Wiseman from Zionsville, saw action in many games last year and has a fantastic pure arm. He also started in the 2017 playoff run as a Sophomore and led Zville to a sectional title win over New Pal. Plus, he plays in a very pass-friendly offense and should have some astronomical statistics as a Zville QB normally does. Avon and Brownsburg are both returning starters at QB who started as Sophomores last season. Both Hesson (Avon) and Easters (Brownsburg) threw for nearly 2,000 yards last year. Another HCC QB who returns is Camden Simmons of Westfield.
  5. Assuming you're talking about the same thing... It's true... he's back
  6. Bringing back McWhorter to run the defense.
  7. I don't think that is necessarily true. They definitely struggled in year one, particularly against the top half of the conference (Brownsburg, Avon, Westfield, Zionsville). However, they were fairly competitive against Fishers, HSE, and Noblesville. Can they win the conference this year? Probably not, unless there is a significant jump from last year. But I think the can be middle of the road and win a few more games if they improve in the right areas. I still think they finish in 8th, however wouldn't surprise me if they finished 6th or 7th after picking up a couple wins.
  8. Zionsville brings back a lot of talent up front while losing the majority of their offensive skill players. However, the bring back a good QB (who saw action in a lot of games last year and was a contender for the starting job), the starting RB who is now a Sophomore and other receivers who could step in and fill some voids. The defense brings back everyone with only graduating a couple of starters on that side of the ball and expect to improve with the new, but familiar, DC. I expect similar success as they had last year, however, they are still chasing Brownsburg and Avon at the top. My guesses: 1.) Avon 2.) Brownsburg 3.) Zville 4.) Westfield 5.) HSE 6.) Fishers 7.) Noblesville 8.) FC
  9. Coach Turnquist, most recently OC from Carmel and former Zville coach, is expected to be named the new HC of Zionsville.
  10. Back to the original topic of this post... Hearing that finalists interviews are complete and the AD has begun making calls to those who have been eliminated. Likely an announcement later today. No word on the complete finalist, but there were two internal candidates that made it to the final rounds of interviews.
  11. Tough to say, obviously. Will be interesting to see who is in their 6A sectional alignment, I think that's the biggest factor. Last season was their most competitive season against top-level competition in 6a as they played both Brownsburg tight and beat Avon. But then you have questionable losses against HSE and the worst of all, Pike.
  12. Hearing that interviews are happening this week. Also hearing that the Zionsville posted the weight lifting teaching position and HC position separately, opening the possibility of a lay coach being hired as the HC. Two names to look out for if Zville goes that route... Offensive Line Coach and Super Bowl Champion Dylan Gandy, has offensive coordinator experience and has been on the staff for a few seasons, has also produced several scholarship guys from his position group since being there. Another internal name, Matt Geske, who has been the OC for the past 4 seasons, and the offense has been one of the state's best under his command. He is also not a teacher (not sure what he does) so would be a lay coach hire. If they go external hire, obviously both positions would likely be given to one person, but interesting that they are keeping their options open.
  13. Easy to look at his record and say he has had an average career, but numbers only tell half the story. He took over a 4-6 team that played a 6a schedule and turned them into a sectional contender every year. Plus, he's finished with three straight .500 or better seasons at Zionsville. Not enough? This was basically an exact clone of what he did at Eastern Hancock. When he took over at EH that program was one of the worst in the entire state, with only 6 wins in 4 years. Went 3-7, 6-6 and then 14-1 with a state championship appearance. It's clear he won't take this Pike program and make them competitive overnight, but if history is any indication by 2021 Pike will be back.
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