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  1. Looks like HSE will be looking for a new coach as Adam Morris was named the OC at DePauw University. Great opportunity for Coach Morris, and a great opening from a district/talent/conference perspective. https://depauwtigers.com/sports/fball/2019-20/releases/20200311kzfneb
  2. My personal favorite is Brownsburg. No track makes the crowd feel like they are on the sidelines.
  3. Zionsville's Joey Tanona (2022) was offered by Tennessee. This makes offer number 5 for the incoming Junior. https://247sports.com/Player/Joey-Tanona-46084550/
  4. Congrats to Charlie! Would not be surprised one bit if he were to earn himself a scholarship down the road.
  5. When I was in MS our Varsity football team won 6 games in 4 years and had less than 30 kids on the team. We hired a new coach my freshman year and by my Junior year was playing for the state championship with over 60 kids on a 1A roster. At a 1A or 2A school it only takes a couple of good classes or a coach that instills belief into the program for numbers to turn it around. Was the school supposed to close the doors on the program after 5 years of ineptitude and historically low numbers? In my opinion, success and numbers, especially at a small school level is cyclical. There were maybe 2-3 kids on my state championship team that would have played at a larger school, if the administration would have given up on the program it would have deprived the other 60+ kids the opportunity to be a part of something special.
  6. Not only start as a Freshman, but would need to play in a very run heavy offense (like Charlie did at Delta and NP) to even have a chance. Four year starter in a spread offense that throws it 20 times a game likely has no chance.
  7. Relevant to the fixing the 6A tournament topic thats on here right now, but also involves the 5A people too so figured it necessary to spin off. IndyStar did a highlight on what it would look like to seed the 5A and 6A tournament next year. Pretty interesting article: https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/high-school/2019/12/03/indiana-high-school-football-time-seeding-ihsaa-tournament/4346453002/ What are everyone's thoughts? I think it would make for some great late tournament matchups that may occur early on in the current format (e.g. Cathedral/NP, Avon/BB)
  8. Patiently waiting for the Warren contingent chiming in about how the award should have been retired after last year...
  9. I think this is the easiest winner in recent memory. Charlie easily could have won this a Junior and probably could have been in the conversation as a Sophomore if it weren't for the SR only rule.
  10. @cg_holmeaid would know for sure, but I believe the answer is yes. A full season with him and Steele will be fun to watch.
  11. I think any Sophomore playing for a state finalists is in an excellent position going into next year
  12. Who are some of the to-be Juniors that are poised to breakout in 2020? Could be someone who is inline to inherent a great situation or someone who saw significant success as a Sophomore. Some of my favorites: -Clark Barrett, QB, LCC... looked impressive in the state finals game -Gehrig Slunaker, QB, MV... going into his 3rd year as a starter... led MV to the Semi-State, also has a great to-be Junior WR in Ashden Gentry -Houston Swan, QB, Eastern Hancock... broke almost every school record as a Sophomore and has great weapons who were also Sophomores in Cole Rainbolt and Landon O'Neal -Colin Price, RB, Zionsville... led all 6a RB's as a Sophomore -Omar Cooper, LN... Nearly 1k yards receiving as a Sophomore in the MIC Would love to hear who else is out there.
  13. I don't disagree with any of this. Want to be clear in saying I think the answer is also "A" here. I think NP is a top 10 job in the state, no doubt. I just wanted to spark discussion to see what everyone else thinks. I think the one difference between me and the rest of the group here is I'd put it at more 80/20 as Ralph being a NP lifer as opposed to leaving at some point when many seem to think its closer to 95/5. I just think eventually someone makes a Godfather offer or opportunity that he can't pass up.
  14. I'd consider "interviewing" as attending an interview at the school with an AD, which he has done. I'd say that's a little different than fielding a phone call.
  15. Rick always seemed to be a great guy, and the Fishers program is certainly in a really good spot. What years was he at Zionsville? Was he directly before Larry Mac?
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