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  1. North always seems to under perform. I don’t see a top 3 finish for them. I’ll go with 1. Reitz 2. Castle 3. Lincoln
  2. ToD. 1 play for the game. 45 yards away. Intercepted. 28-27 final.
  3. Reitz 83 yard TD. Reitz missed xp when LB pushed a player over the long snapper. No flag. 28-27 B. 2:24 left
  4. More or less. 28-14 Pioneers. 4:59 left in the game. Only a miracle can save us.
  5. Officiating is terrible. Their tackles hold every play. And nothing gets called.
  6. Boonville 60 yard pass TD on 3&4. missed xp. 20-14 Boonville
  7. Boonville drives the length. Tied at 14. B-town getting away with a lot of holding.
  8. Opening drive for a TD for Reitz. Thomas from Davies for 45 yd. 14-7 Reitz
  9. Tied at 7 at halftime. Reitz has been sloppy, and B-town is holding their own.
  10. Just like that, TD B-Town. QB made a move and was gone from 55 out. 7-7.
  11. Touchdown Panthers. 7-0 on an 82 yard drive. TD by Brantley (front man in the power formation). 10:04 left till half
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