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  1. First, I was merely correcting an incorrect statement through use of facts. I have not said a word about any previous or present coach at RHS. Now, if you wish to ask my opinion on the matter, I have not been thrilled with either of the past two hires that the EVSC has made for coach at RHS. But that is me, and I continue to go out every weekend to back the boys in blue, just like I did before I was in school, and during my days in school there. At at the end of the day, most Reitz fans are spoiled. And if you are wanting to coach there, you do have to have thick skin. But don’t try to pretend that our fan base is the only one with whackadoo fans. It’s like that everywhere. And don’t classify all fans in that category. They are the vocal minority. Thanks. And what exactly is a ‘screagle’?
  2. One trip to LOS. Lost in sectionals in 2008 and 2011, lost in regionals in 2012, lost in semi state in 2010, won it all in 2009. That’s only one trip.
  3. Valpo was 6A because of enrollment, not due to TSF. So, with Snider remaining up due to points accrued, Valpo would be the first team to drop to 5A because they are the smallest 6A school by enrollment, but not the smallest in 6A. (Columbus East moves up due to TSF, and now Snider remains up due to TSF.)
  4. Finally, something we can agree on. Boonville’s AD just made them look like a joke. As he said, they had their best season in 15-20 years, and presumably the kids are excited to be out there and build off of it, and all of a sudden, your AD says that you can’t compete with the BOTTOM of the conference they are considering joining? What is he telling those kids, and future generations? Have to say, if I am a parent in Boonville, I might be looking for other options. I mean, what happens if they can’t win in the big school division of the PAC? Petition to join the small school division? i understand where he is coming from on the whole students not playing because they can’t win. But how many students now won’t play because the staff doesn’t believe in them? Oh, and for the record, all time, Boonville is 41-133 against teams currently in the SIAC. And 33-87 against the two newest members coming in.
  5. I would believe it does, but you never really know, do you?
  6. Well, since this hasn’t been asked, what would your proposed divisions been if Boonville and GS had been added as well?
  7. Not sure on other sports, but I know that the middle school programs play in the same league and it is an intense game whether it is Castle North or South playing Jasper.
  8. Lincoln. Jasper’s biggest rival. In a conference that is falling apart in front of everyone’s eyes. Uncertain future if they stay, but willing to step up and play “the big boys” unlike another that has been discussed here. Makes sense. Gibson Southern. No affiliation with Jasper in football. Conference is stable and strong. Showed no inclination of wanting to move until the last hour. I personally could care less which school the SIAC took with Jasper. I like both schools that were mentioned here. So to me, I’ll go to Lincoln and Jasper when Reitz has games there, and you know what? I won’t gripe about them being brought into the conference. I am ok with driving an hour to see a game. Heck, been doing it for a very long time, and won’t be stopping anytime soon.
  9. It isn’t only football. They are 1-30 against the current SIAC schools in boys basketball since 2012-2013.
  10. No one has denied that there was going to be four. But Boonville decided what they felt was best for them was to pass on joining the SIAC. And while that was bad for Gibson Southern, Boonville believes it was good for them.
  11. It is two or none because they do not want the fiasco of mid and late season non con games because a team can’t play a conference game every week because of an odd number of teams in the league.
  12. My guess at 4A: 17-ECC, Gary West, Morton, Gavit, Highland, Griffith, Lowell, Hobart 18-Clay, St. Joe, Riley, New Prarie, Plymouth, NorthWood, Culver, Kankakee Valley 19 or 20-East Noble, Angola, DeKalb, Leo, Wayne, South, New Haven, Northridge 19 or 20-Logansport, Huntington North, Mississinewa, Marion, Jay County, Columbia City, Wawasee, Delta 21-Western, Lebanon, Frankfort, Shortridge, Cathedral, Crispus Attucks, Mooresville, Martinsville 22-Greenfield-Central, Beech Grove, Roncalli, Greenwood, New Castle, Muncie Central, Mt. Vernon, Pendleton Heights 23-Richmond, Connersville, East Central, South Dearborn, Jennings County, Madison, Silver Creek, Shelbyville 24- Ev. Reitz, Ev. Central, Ev. Harrison, Ev. Memorial, Boonville, Jasper, Northview made more sense to send Northview south than Silver Creek west. Plus, this splits Cathedral and Roncalli. (I know. Pipe dream that won’t happen, but it makes a lot of sense on the map.)
  13. Not sure it would work with the coaches coaches voting on playoff officials...... but i I could be wrong.
  14. Are we talking the current version of the PAC, or are we talking the proposed version of the Big 8/PAC? There is a reason I ask. If in the current, outside of GS, HH, and SR, are there any other games that would draw any interest? Could you imagine a North/TC, Castle/SS, Reitz/PC, Harrison/NP, or Bosse/FP. Nothing against any of these games, but I can’t see most of these games drawing much interest. The teams that people would want to see are GS, HH, and SR. Now, if we are talking after the merger (loss of SR would stink in that instance), but matchups like Castle/Jasper, MD/MV, or a RHS/GS or HH matchup would be good for both sides. Heck, if Castle/Jasper were to ever happen, I might even go to that game. At the middle school level, those two teams do not like each other.
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