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  1. FW HS Football

    SAC playoffs

    Luers 45-7 Wayne 45-7 Concordia 24-22 Dwenger 45-7 North Side 45–37
  2. FW HS Football

    Snider Panthers

    Just having fun. Good luck - pound Carroll!
  3. FW HS Football

    Snider Panthers

    Sorry. I meant Dwenger/Wayne. Good catch.
  4. FW HS Football

    Snider Panthers

    You’re right. But his tendency is to break off long runs, just like the Dwenger game (7 carries, 60 yds - long was 45). We’ll see this week how the coaches play him. Good luck to all the SAC schools in the playoffs. I’m looking forward to seeing Dwenger/Snider Snider/Homestead and Luers/Concordia rematches in sectional finals.
  5. FW HS Football

    Snider Panthers

    The 3rd play of the game is garbage time? Come on! He ran 55 yards and broke 4-5 tackles. That’s not garbage time. Admit you’re wrong and move on. Sure, Luers was never going to run in the second half. But all but 2 yards of Presleys yards came in the first half. Plus, his two touchdowns. 14-14 at half cannot be garbage time. If you think so, just start a thread title “Snider Lovers Only” and enjoy your posts
  6. FW HS Football

    Snider Panthers

    Watch the game and then comment please.
  7. FW HS Football

    Snider Panthers

    Jaylon was/is a freakish football player. I’m not saying that Luers RB Presley is the same type of back that Jaylon was back in high school. However, he might be the best back in the SAC this year and he only gets 6-10 carries a game and averages well over 6 yards a carry. Why not try to control the game by using the running game? That’s exactly what Snider did to Luers in the second half last night.
  8. FW HS Football

    SAC week 9

    Yep. Depth and play calling definitely won it tonight for Snider. Why Luers would attempt to throw twice inside of their 3 yard line after running with early success is beyond my comprehension. I’ve seen these decisions made too much this year for the Knights. It’s time for them to run Presley 30 times a game during the playoffs. He had 10 carries for 81 yds with a TD and caught 3 for 50 more plus another TD. He’s your workhorse now that the weather is changing. Congrats BD Saints! A well-deserved championship. Your Bell awaits.
  9. FW HS Football

    SAC week 9

    Snider loses at Spuller for the first time since 2015. Luers by 3. Dwenger shuts down Northrop and wins the Bell. Saints by 21. Spartans start the scoring during warmups and don’t stop until they get on the bus. Homestead by 35. Concordia keeps momentum going heading into sectionals. Cadets by 14. Wayne rebounds. Generals hold off Chargers by 6.
  10. $6 per person is hardly costing the schools a bundle. Fixing the fields may bring a few more people to the games. It would help improve overall team performances. The SAC is a very athletic conference and it’s a shame when athletes cannot showcase their talents because of field conditions.
  11. FW HS Football

    SAC week 8

    Does anyone know who will be the QB for Concordia? Without Byrd, Carroll by 14. With Byrd, a much closer game. But I would still pick the Chargers by 3. Luers with an easy win. Northrop by 4 over the Legends. Dwenger would love to clinch the SAC with a win over the Panthers. Saints by 6. I believe in the Generals this year, but I think they will be listening for updates from Zollner Field and not giving the Spartans their full attention. Homestead by 7.
  12. That wasn’t the same Luers D from pervious games. They had another linemen return to add to their rotation, DE moved to LB, RB played LB/Rover, safety returned from injury and played mostly corner. The Knights tweaked the D and had better success. That should worry 3A teams. I agree that the Saints need to improve the passing attack. The wind on Friday cause havoc for their QB. Open receiver didn’t have a chance to make catches. If they can complete 10 passes a game to go with their power running game, 4A teams may not get enough chances on offense to beat them. It should be fun to watch their run to LOS. 6 days to the draw!
  13. Why even worry about where teams are in the Sagarin Ratings? It’s not used to seed teams in the playoffs. If teams were seeded using it, then I would voice my concerns. Playoff draw in one week!
  14. Or is the SAC better this year? Because the teams do not play outside its conference you really can’t tell if it’s a strong or weak conference until the playoffs. I never put much stock in the Sagarin Rankings. I look forward to seeing a Dwenger/Wayne vs. Northwood regional matchup; and Snider/Carmel and Luers/Marian rematches (maybe Concordia, but I’m unsure about their QB situation).
  15. FW HS Football

    SAC week 7

    Dwenger’s O-line is big and strong and controlled the tempo of the game. With the wind tonight I was surprised to see them throw the ball 9 times (completing 1). Both defenses played well tonight. Luers made some changes and they looked much better. On offense, the wind hampered Knapke in the first half and several players dropped catchable balls. Presley has to get the ball more than 8 times (8 carries, 72 yards) if the Knights want to go deep in the playoffs. However, they do have talent at wideout when healthy. I can see both teams playing Thanksgiving weekend, but they have to limit mistakes. Great game tonight. It was fun to watch