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  1. Completely off topic. I thought that the Irish being led onto the field by bagpipes was awesome . Pretty cool entrance
  2. 100%. Agree. This game completely lived up to the hype. Amazing atmosphere, biggest crowd that I have seen at Kelso field. Both teams left it all on the field. Thanks to these young men, for an exciting Friday night of football.
  3. Did it occur to you that maybe the AD’s decided this together. Two class programs, I can’t see pettiness between. Disclaimer I didn’t check with the ADs to confirm 😀
  4. Correct, Brebeuf and Decatur Central will be their non conference games for next year.
  5. Last time I drove to Terre Haute it was an just shy of two hours, I my opinion that is to far.
  6. Conference Indiana would add way to much travel for the schools. I agree with captain, that football is the only lopsided sport in the conference. It will balance with time.
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