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  1. I thought Warren Central was dropping Center Grove after this season. Am I missing something here?
  2. My experience with the MIC is usually pretty good considering I went to Warren Central. I agree that the Warriors will win the conference title this season. Ben Davis will more than likely finish second. Pike might surprise me. I know the Lawrences are talented. NC is the bottom of the barrel.
  3. What about Warren Central? I remember that the Warriors used to rarely throw the football back when I was in high school. The 2018 team was very much an aerial team. And this is a 6A team. Previously was in 5A before the addition of a sixth class
  4. What about Warren Central? Don't the Warriors deserve to be on this list due to the fact they were the first high school football team to ever 4peat
  5. Warren Central (IN) vs Warren Central (MS) would be a great match-up. I can only dream right?
  6. Warren Central scrimmages Westfield at Marian University on Saturday
  7. My list of 6A contenders is: Cathedral, Warren Central, Ben Davis, Carmel, Center Grove (?), Westfield, HSE, and Brownsburg
  8. I guess Warren Central is doomed. I never thought I would see the day the Warriors would fall from the ranks of the elite
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