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  1. Will this game be found online?
  2. Do 2008 or 2009 helmets rotate out because of age this winter?
  3. Lakeland has an open Assistant coaching position. Current teaching openings in English, Science, Math and Spanish.
  4. laker54

    Summer Rules Info:

    Thanks, Coach Nowlin That helps
  5. laker54

    Summer Rules Info:

    Will team camp at Manchester U count as 4 competition days?
  6. laker54

    NECC 2018

    Angola 1st, Busco 2nd, Lakeland 3rd
  7. laker54

    Competitive Drills

    We do a couple different relays with weighted sleds, tractor tires, truck pushes...the kids love powerball
  8. I am looking for a team camp to attend this summer. We have attended St. Francis one day camps the past several years which have been good....might be time for a change of scenery. Suggestions?
  9. laker54

    NECC 2018

    Lakeland returns 6 on each side of the ball as well as several others with game experience.....but until this group figures out how to play defense we will continue to lose to Angola, Busco, and Garrett.
  10. laker54

    Lowell vs East Central!

    The IHSAA will/can't review calls....on the other hand I have never seen a kid ejected for targeting in high school....was it his second personal foul?
  11. laker54

    NECC 2017

    Losing Roddy will hurt...the kid just made plays. I am not happy to see they only lose 3 on defense...ouch!
  12. laker54

    Dwenger at Angola

    Angola is a team that just finds ways to win games...collectively they are much better than individually. Leo, Northwood and CMA were athletically superior, yet the Hornets found a way to win those games. Offensively, they will spread you out, run the option, the jet and bubble screens. Roddy at QB finds ways to make plays, especially when the structure breaks down. They play a 50 on defense. Their inside backers are both big and physical...6'3, 230. Dwenger will be able to run the ball on them...but Angola always seems to find ways to make plays. Coach Thomas has done a wonderful job of getting these kids to believe in the process and each other. Should be a great game.
  13. laker54

    NECC 2017

    Congrats to Angola on a Sectional Championship and to Central Noble on an amazing season. Kudos to Coach Thomas and Coach Moe.
  14. In all probability, Lakeland will be looking for a week 9 game next year....any week 9 open dates?