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  1. Sorry fellas, internets been down. guess there’s only one game left to talk about do let get to it i know nothing about Decatur personally other than they they must be pretty good west wash is pretty good too can’t believe those injuries haven’t catched up with them yet this might be the week anybody got the scoop on Decatur?
  2. Gimme..... creek btown lburg hh gibson nh providence union swiss tri perry west wash
  3. Game of the week: Mitchell and Perry. Two teams who have hit on some wins past couple weeks. Get right just in time for the tournament. upset of the week: I’m going the hawks over north Davies. Ground pound the ball tonight. btown....hoe many undefeated seasons this make? Charlestown.....how does Eastern draw look? silver creek....next season must be the year of the panther nh ......little down this year, but enough to beat on Clark west wash.....real impressed with their season paoli.....how we feeling about the new coach? perry....this will be a grinder valley.....go hawks
  4. Been to a few, but not since the new turf. Parking still crazy?
  5. Game of the week is an easy one to pick.....I will be making that long winding 135 journey to btown tonight. Might just stay camped out for fort vallonia days. Set up the trailer at the hollow, go see the medoras covered bridge, but I’ll probably just take my old sorry body home . give me..... braves.......reed may doesn’t lose games like this salem.......I know Luke is a good rb, but the lions are hot right now sburg......Perkins last shot corydon......but not by a lot west wash.....0-7 vs 7-0 usually only goes one way upset alert....... I called it and missed last week, but with all they injuries, give me Mitchell besting paoli perry central....defensive battle here
  6. They sure didn’t dominate the one game I saw them in that was one play away from going the other way at some point these injuries will show up on the field. Maybe versus salem maybe in sectional but the fact they struggle versus a good run game like paoli has will haunt them again for sure west wash deserves credit for overcoming but spunky only takes you so far just as ex-wife number 2
  7. Can’t believe how fast the seasons gone. Come to think of it the years go fast to. my upset of the week is NH over silver creek. Timing is right with the creek looking to far ahead to btown and NH always keep it close. this week gimme: mitchell.......they are on the rise paoli............obviously springs valley.......sleeper in sectional? weat wash......tho this was almost my upset of the week. Leopald in October is a tough out btown......onward charlestown......interested to see them play salem next week salem......does this even count as a rivalry lol NH.....good defense and a shortened game scottsburg......cause why not?
  8. Decatur May be that good but didntba bunch of rams get hurt in that track meet I mean football game last week? saw a big boy get hurt
  9. Game of the week is the battle for Jackson county. Big rivalry. Little bit of the smaller school versus a big boy. If any one can pull her off it’s coach may. this week give me: seymour———I said the braves could, but probably wont silver creek—-sneaky good MSc contender here, week 8 May be a killer Salem——i thought the panthers would be tougher this year NH——obvious charlestown——-can scottsburg make this interesting? perry central———maybe finding their groove against weaker competition? mitchell——upset of the week. Gonna need 60 runs at 3-4 a pop west wash——what a shoot out last Friday gotta love cook field. They have no problems this week paoli——this could be another shoot out. Rams don’t have the D anymore but they can sure score springs valley——entering a little streak of winnable games. Who would’ve thought they’d win more games this year than last?
  10. All this turf talk going on. Call me ole fashioned but I like fresh cut grass and perfect lines fields for my football. Game of the week is Paoli and west wash. Winner probably takes conference. I have been unsure of west wash the whole season, but I am going with recent history and say the rams will be the first real football they have faced. You just don’t lose good players at this level can keep trucking. Reality is about to set in. speaking of reality, here’s my picks, salty as usual: corydon...reality: eastern may go winless btown....reality: MSC is all braves once again. Probably the best shot taken was last week. charlestown.....reality: Providence ain’t what they use to be salem.....reality: lions showed something last week. With their issues behind them (how?) they will be a force silver creek.....reality: best scottsburg team since the 70s mitchell.....reality: conference rushing record set tomorrow night pc......reality: need some wounds licked valley........reality: I really thought they would do better last week Paoli......reality: I also like to look at coaches and glessling has a pedigree and coached big school ball that experience will make the difference in a tight ball game
  11. Your one to be talking about discipline if half of what I hear about salem is true
  12. Sounds like the JV has an easier time than the varsity! What’s going on over there?
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