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  1. Your one to be talking about discipline if half of what I hear about salem is true
  2. Sounds like the JV has an easier time than the varsity! What’s going on over there?
  3. Going with PC/paoli for the game of the week. PC cleared the air some last week, and Paoli seems to be just fine after the Corydon loss. I had this game picked as a good one in the preseason so here’s hopping. Give me: NH......substance over style Silver Creek......by a lot Providence.......linemen win this one up front Btown........this one ends like it usually does Corydon.......if they get there heads right after the tough overtime loss Crawford County........git r done! Mitchell.......getting off the snide Perry Central.......early season hiccups? Let’s hope so for this one to be right one thing I’m pretty certain of is this will be a high scoring affair. West wash........best team they’ve faced so far. Be interesting to see how their injuries stack up against better talent.
  4. Then they wouldn’t have that mental hurdle to overcome. What about juniors? One place I’m pretty sure this played out was the battle of Orange County. Valleys got enough talent, but they got a mental block.
  5. Good one in the battle of Harrison county last Friday. Obviously, NH was ready for overtime. Sometimes you can put a lot of stock into what happened in the JH games for each school. What I mean is the seniors 4-5 years ago for each team played each other and those games can sit with you and give you and edge or a disadvantage sometimes you can get mentally beat. Anybody know or remember how these two senior and junior groups do against each other in junior high? Maybe it’s nothing but especially in rival games where you want to beat them real bad that stuff can affect you
  6. Hey brother that’s ok. We all just people. How do you do that thing where you put what I wrote in a box and then write what you want to say under it?
  7. Just found his website it is awesome so is having good internet for the first time in my life
  8. Oh I’m not gonna worry worry about it. Just get back to football. good luck to all tonight. Safe and happy Friday night to all
  9. I don’t want to start fights. Been watching these two conferences my whole life, guess sometimes my joking don’t come through the computer screen I known some coaches that’ll run her up, and usually 72 nothing is one of those situations but it seems like the coaches are ok with it so what do I know
  10. Hmmmmmmm.....seems like I upset someone
  11. Insights free of charge...... Btown- best meets least in this matchup. Will Eastern go 0-fer? Charlestown- congrats to the gens last week, but you still play in the msc Corydon- yep I’m climbing on that horse one more time. That being said I predict this to be the msc game of the week salem- by a mile perry- getting on the winning side again springs Valley- are the hawks back? Didn’t expect them to hang with Mitchell, but they did more than hang! Too early to tell, and of course the orange bowl will be the PLAC game of the week. Can’t wait west wash- geez, you think you’d call off them dogs at some point last week! I feel like west wash should be solid in this one but that Jon Harrell site somebody posted on here has them losing to Mitchell 28-38. I don’t know about all the math on that one I’m more of a shop guy than math but that website sure is impressive.
  12. Is a thankless job, and with the shortage beggers can’t be choosy. But I still cuss em
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