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  1. No. They are still going. Should be around the 4A/3A cut off
  2. Charlestown 22 Lawrenceburg 21 Southridge 35 N. Harrison 14 Providence 28 Eastern Pekin 6 Triton Central 42 Paoli 13 Perry Central 27 North Central 14 West Washington 28 Daviess 7
  3. Charlestown lead the regular season game vs Brownstown until last 1:19.
  4. East Central 21 Silver Creek 0 Charlestown 27 Brownstown 26 Lawrenceburg 43 Scottsburg 7 Heritage Hills 42 Corydon 0 Gibson So. 28 Salem 20 Ev. Bosse 55 N. Harrison 35 Providence 28 Clarksville 26 Union Co. 21 Eastern 20 Paoli 41 Switzerland Co. 12 Triton Central 49 Mitchell 14 Mater Dei 63 Crawford Co. 0 Perry Central 28 Tecumseh 6 West Wash. 40 Springs Valley 14
  5. Double edged sword. If you leave starters in against JV kids and Blitz don't complain if they throw it or put starters back in. I think a lot of coaches do it so the score doesn't look near as bad.
  6. Brownstown 48 Scottsburg 14 Charlestown 46 Eastern 0 Silver Creek 34 Corydon 0 N.Harrison 29 Clarksville 28 Salem 36 West Washington 26 Tecumseh 20 Crawford Co 12 Paoli 34 Ind. Washington 6 Mitchell 28 Perry Central 14 North Daviess 35 Springs Valley 20
  7. Good Luck Coach! Use what ever you need to keep motivated. I picked you to win by the way vs Eastern. Wish you and your Wife well. BTW since we got you in here, with conference realignment in PAC and Big 8 going away how is that going to impact your non conference game vs MT Vernon? Any chance you guys pick up Madison? Would make a good rivalry game.
  8. https://www.courier-journal.com/media/cinematic/video/3916373002/marion-lukes-became-a-father-at-15-now-hes-a-football-phenom/ Nice segment by Courier Journal on Charlestown's Marion Lukes
  9. Clarksville 26 Corydon 21 N.Harrison 41 Crawford Co. 6 Charlestown 20 Salem 15 Scottsburg 28 Eastern Pekin 22 Brownstown 21 Silver Creek 13 West Washington 42 Shortridge 12 Paoli 21 Mitchell 20 Perry Central 27 Springs Valley 21
  10. Going to be a fun week in the MSC. A lot of competetive games. Silver Creek at Brownstown For the Conference Championship. Silver Creek D is for real, but can their Offense put up points? Will Creek QB Myers be back from broken ankle? Salem at Charlestown Should be a battle. Two very good Defenses. Can Charlestown muster enough of a passing game to keep Salem from going 9 in the box to slow down Lukes? Can Corbin and Salem put up points on a stingy Pirates D? Clarksville at Corydon Both very young teams trying to build for the future. Both need a momentum building win. Clarksville has a ton of skill position speed, Corydon......not so much. Can the Panthers bounce back from being shut out back to back weeks to put up enough points to win? Even Scottsburg at Eastern Pekin is interesting. Neither Coach Dean or Coach Mullins has been able to muster any sustained program momentum. Both seem headed in wrong direction. Is this a loser leave town (Coach gets Fired) type of match up?
  11. This is a year one project, so I would expect it to be completed by next season.
  12. Clark County has three school systems Greater Clark: Jeff, Charlestown, New Washington West Clark: Silver Creek, Henryville, Borden Clarksville is a stand alone independent school system.
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