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  1. https://www.chronicle-tribune.com/common/story.php?ID=12911&hl=Ole-Miss-hosts-East-Noble-for-regional-title Nice article for both sides to read.
  2. Great advice! Imagine being 15-18 yrs old, watching that game trying to keep it all together... Im extremely grateful for the program, but was yelling at my TV for sure, haha.
  3. Mississinewa: This will be an amazing environment and game! Both teams have gamebreakers. Home field will be a benefit, but not sure how much... The team with least amount of turnovers.... Wins! Eastbrook: Eastbrook will win with sp team play... Eastern has had a great run! South Adams: great finish to the season MG! Build on it for the off-season... South Adams wins this one.
  4. Coach Ozmun at OH has done things the right way.... Solid program for 21 yrs.
  5. Pre-tournament stats and probabilities won't win the games. Delta was heavily favored to win sectional and second only to East Central to win state. Good thing football games are not played on paper or on spreadsheets.
  6. Chances of winning state, based on ratings, draw and home-field advantage: Mississinewa 0.29% Eastbrook 7.53% MG and Alex 0.0%
  7. Mississinewa @ Huntington North: Indians' come focused and put this to bed early! Tipton @ Eastbrook: EB takes advantage of turnovers and win by 3 TDs! Eastern @ Alexandria: Eastern proves to be a more talented team! Union City @ MG: Both teams are hot at the right time or have the benefit of easy schedule at the right time.... Either way, I'm taking the CIC team! Argylls by a TD!
  8. Yep! Delta had some weapons and the Defense dominated the 2nd half. They made huge stops when it mattered. 1 big play away from a shutout. Offense did what what was needed. Great blocking, hard running, and sustained drives leading to points.
  9. Ole Miss on a walk off field goal! Oak Hill on a last series defensive stand! I'll take the over on Eastbrook and Alex I'll take the under on Tipton and MG
  10. Yeah, I thought Eastern looked good (scrimmage week) against Mississinewa. Haven't seen Lapel. They have some talent and played tough.
  11. Can't argue against that! Maybe the 4th time will be the charm for that elusive piece of hardware?
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