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  1. Leo - Returns some great players and will be a tough out. Can't say I love their offense, but if Miller can grind it out on the ground and get Crawford the ball in space they will be tough to stop. Defensive line with Livingston and Allen will cause a lot of issues. East Noble - They being back some talented receivers and play makers, but the QB position is up in the air, but they return the entire OL. If they have someone who can get the ball in the hands of Zolman and Munson they will be a tough team to beat. Sadly I have to agree with this.
  2. They won the 4A state title in 2012.
  3. What does the talent look like in the upcoming classes? I know they have graduated a lot of very good players over the last few years.
  4. I think I agree with their top 3. I would put Homestead at 4 with LN very close behind them. Homestead has everything they need to succeed, they just need to prove themselves on a football field against an Indy team.
  5. I never said my opinion was superior. If it's my opinion wouldn't I support it just like you are supporting yours? Clearly you aren't going to listen to anything I have to say so I am done trying to justify anything to you. Good luck this year and I hope you can prove me wrong. If you ever want to discuss things further my privates messages are always open.
  6. Lol show me where I took a personal shot at you. I don't care I can take it, but as someone who is a leader in their schools tossing out insults like a child is a joke. I hope your prospective coaches see you making an ass out of yourself. Congratulations on the blue rings. How many of them were at New Haven which is what we're talking about? None of what I said is BS, you just didn't like it. I've defended my arguments, you just keep bringing up credentials and tossing insults and excuses. Back them up with facts, like the statistical facts I have provided for why your program is a
  7. Insulting my intelligence without knowing anything about me? Aren't you supposed to be a role model for young kids? What lesson does this teach? This is disgraceful. They might be accurate but they are still excuses on why you couldn't win. You want my football success credentials? I have a blue ring and a red ring as a player and coach.
  8. This is about as productive as talking to a brick wall. "East Noble sees every week of film from us because they follow us most of the season. They also have a week off for Fall break. They are a bigger program; especially up front, and in many cases by about 50 lbs a person." This is an excuse by the way.
  9. Clearly you are passionate about the program which hopefully leads them in the right direction. Feel free to correct me if I missed a years where they tied for the conference title, if I missed something I can accept that. Ok so EN was the runner-up in 2017 and didn't have a challenge in the regular season. What about the other 16 times EN has beaten New Haven since 2000? What excuse do you have about dropping a playoff game to South Side? Make more excuses about being small, or they have every game, great teams can and have overcome both of those things. New Haven has overcome both
  10. You said you have great coaches that work with the kids and get to know the kids. I never said you didn't have that, I never said anything bad any New Haven coach as a matter of fact. I said you need a great coach to get the kids to buy in which you do, a below average program needs all of those things unless you are happy going .500 or barely over. The truth hurts, I wouldn't expect you of all people to agree with me, but I have watched New Haven play at least once a year for the past 20 years and nothing has changed. You have had some excellent teams that fall short in the playoffs just like
  11. That's your opinion and I have mine. New Haven is consistently one of the most undisciplined teams in the NE8. New Haven has everything they need to succeed in a below average conference yet struggles to finish near the top every year. I'd appreciate if you actually had an argument for what I said being "the worst assessment of a program I have seen in a long time" because everything I stated is a fact, so sorry if it hurt your feelings.
  12. New Haven has the athletes to absolutely dominate the NE8 and make noise in the post season. They really need to get a quality coach and support staff who will work with the kids and get them to buy in. 4-17 against East Noble since 2000 - 1-5 since the NE8 3-3 against Leo since the inception of the NE8 Those numbers against the top 2 teams in the NE8 are embarrassing in my opinion. The right coach can turn this program around in a season or two.
  13. Hard to argue with how nicely Angola would fit in the NE8 other than a couple long drives. I would have loved to see Angola's last couple regional teams play some NE8 competitive like EN or Leo. I don't think West Noble would be very competitive as @NEIFootballGuy stated above.
  14. Conference Winners and Playoff Results: 2010 - Dwenger - Lost to Cathedral at state (Luers and the fighting Jaylon Smith's win state) 2011 - Luers - State championship (See above for how) 2012 - Snider - Lost to Lawrence Central at state (Luers wins state again see 2010) 2013 - North Side - Lost in sectionals 2014 - Snider, Luers, Wayne - Semi state loss, semi state loss, sectional loss 2015 - Dwenger - State champs 2016 - Snider - Semi state loss (Concordia won 3A state in dominating fashion) 2017 - Snider - Regional loss 2018 - Dwenger - State ch
  15. Angola is definitely a no brainer and would be a quality addition to the conference. Wouldn't be upset to see them replace Bellmont, I think it would increase competition in every sport except likely wrestling. If you're going with a 10th team I am having a hard time coming up with any team outside of the SAC. Northrop could be a nice addition, I don't think football wise they would be unbeatable by any team in the conference.
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