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  1. I have seen this name tossed out before, how about KC Woods from Danville? He has had a lot of success with the Warriors, could he bring that success to the 6A level?
  2. I just think EM's defense did what nobody else was able to do, make someone other than Parker beat them. Overall EN's offense looked really bad, they were being dominated up front making it nearly impossible to have any time to throw the ball. The turnover's also did not help. They escaped semi state with 6 and making the same mistakes again was a recipe for disaster in the state game. EM definitely was the more physical team, congrats to the Tiger's on the win!
  3. Great football player, and from what I have heard an even better role model. His parents should definitely be proud of him. Hobart was able to get a lot of pressure on him and he took a lot of hits. He was still able to put up some impressive numbers, but that pressure definitely caused some of the mistakes for EN.
  4. Maybe some slight exaggerations here. Hopefully the turnover bug is out of their system. That being said, I think the EM defense is good enough to create some turnovers/put EN in some bad spots and EN's defense is good enough to do the same.
  5. You definitely have to think there will be some nerves from EN. For Memorial to make it to state again after moving up a class just shows how great their program is. EN cannot let nerves get the best of them and let the first quarter get out of hand. They especially cannot bring the turnover bug they caught in Semi State to LOS.
  6. East Noble cannot afford to make as many mistakes as they did against Hobart. To turn the ball over 5 times and have a punt blocked deep in your own territory and still be competitive let alone win is impressive. Friday was one of the most exciting football games I have ever been to, and I expect Saturday to be just as exciting. East Noble's offense has been putting up numbers all year, they nearly doubled Hobart's yardage even with the aforementioned turnovers. I think this goes without saying, but EN owes a lot to their defense. I don't know much about Memorial, so hopefully their fans can give some insight on players to watch other than Mr Combs. I know the defense is good, but is the offense good enough to score on EN's defense? East Noble 35 Memorial 14
  7. There was a fight after the game - don't know too much other than that.
  8. Yes here is the link. https://twitter.com/AthleticsHobart/status/1197955802679693312
  9. Totally agree. Leo did something that nobody else has been able to do this year and that's slow down EN in the 2nd half. The adjustments made at half time are also huge for EN and definitely need to give credit to the coaching staff. Last week Ole Miss kept up in the first half, but was unable to do anything in the 2nd half, similar to Leo the week before.
  10. The 43 turnovers forced by the Hobart defense is impressive, and their offense is average. I do not think they have see a player more athletic than Parker. There is a reason nobody has been able to stop him this year, he has a running back that has rushed for over 1000 yards on top of the 4000 total yards Parker has put up this season. Hobart thrives on big plays and EN does not give up big plays. I still do not think this game will be a blowout for either team and will stick with EN 35-28. I believe there were over 300 tickets donated for the students from various business around the area. East Noble's community does an outstanding job supporting them not only during the season, but in the off-season as well. The tickets are only for students, $10.00 for a ticket may not seem like a lot, but for some of these kids it could have been the difference of going to the game or not.
  11. Coach Foster used to be an assistant at EN, he was extremely well liked by players and coaches. I am sure they would love to still have him on the staff. It will be a packed house on Friday. Sounds like Hobart is bringing a bunch of fans, and this is the only game in the Fort Wayne area so it will attract a lot of people. I would expect it to be standing on both sides, not sure if EN is going to try to bring in more bleachers or not. I watched some Hobart games including the NP game from last Friday. EN has a lot of weapons offensively. They will not struggle to move the ball and score, and I do not think Hobart will have trouble moving the ball and scoring. I think this game is going to come down to who makes to least amount of mistakes. EN 35 Hobart 28
  12. Great assessment, love the detail. EN has done well with teams who run the football. They shutdown Dekalb's running game in both meeting and matched up really well with Mishawaka. I could see this game being similar to the Mishawaka game, I believe EN and Mississinewa scrimmage each other in the summer as well if I am not mistaken.
  13. The three key players who go both ways for EN are #1 Bailey Parker, #17 Gage Ernsberger and #11 Hayden Jones - all three are great athletes who make plays on both sides of the ball. They will want to make the Indians pass the ball because that is where the three players mentioned above can shine. The D-line for EN will need to show up this week by the sound of it. Should be a great football game on Friday.
  14. That is similar to what Leo changed their offense to. Three quick but powerful running backs and just ate up the clock. I believe EN only ran 14 plays the first half. Is Mississinewa's defense good enough to slow down EN's offense?
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