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  1. How about splitting a new stadium/field with Snider? That way we wouldn't have to see that hideous Bruin 6+ times a year lol
  2. My brother was on the 2004 Snider team. I was on the 2015 team. His team would have beaten us 8 times out of 10. We could score but that defense he was on was an absolute nightmare. And our defense would have had no way to stop them. We only win those two games becasue I think we could figure out a way to score on them, eventually.
  3. This game is massive. Luers has a chance to win their first outright conference championship since 2011, a decade ago, their 4th since 2000. Snider has a chance to win their first since 2017, and their 8th of the new millennium. Luers has one of the best aerial attacks in the state, and one of the best quarterback to boot. They've been solid since week one. Snider has a massive offensive line, a bruising running back, and have only gotten hotter as each week has come. Tonight's game, which is being played on a natural surface, will be determined by the weather. If things can dry up by game time, and Luers has the chance to throw the ball all night, Snider's secondary will have their work cut out for them. Might come down to whoever has the ball last. It the rain persists, however, Snider's run game should tear up Luers, and the Panther's front 7 should be able to corral Carson Clark. Even though I am a Snider fan, something inside of me wouldn't be upset if the 2A school won the SAC. Anyone who isn't watching this game is going to miss a good one.
  4. Luers Field always does seem to have some long grass, doesn't it? I played on it a few times, don't particularly remember it standing out as creating performance issues. It was definitely nice to land on though, especially compared to the dirt over by Lane MS that we used to practice on. That ground would be like concrete about now. No bueno.
  5. Yeah duh my mistake it was late last night and I wasn’t thinking lol
  6. Dwenger at Northrop This one could be interesting. The Bruins are coming off of a solid win over the Legends, and the Saints have lost four out of their last five. Saints will probably pull away, but I'll be watching the fourth quarter on this one. Final Score: Bishop Dwenger 35-21 Northrop North Side at Concordia Closest game in the Fort this week, but only because they're both so bad. Legends have so much talent, but no heart. Cadets are just kinda... there? Tight game over in Zollner, but still a snooze fest. Cadets stop the slide. Final Score: North Side 16-17 Concordia Snider at Luers I almost picked against the Panthers again this week, and I was afraid @psaboy was going to come find me. But I forgot three very important things: that 1) all of the Knights' big games have been away games, on turf, and 2) this game is at Luers Field, and 3) Friday is calling for cold and rain. The Knights finally comes home to a natural surface and inclement weather to find the hottest team in the SAC who has arguably the best run game in the SAC. (Sounds like another game down in the Indy area... 👀) Knights have their work cut out for them this Friday, and I think it's going to be a classic no matter who wins. Final Score: Snider 31-24 Bishop Luers South Side at Homestead Archers should have been scouting Delta all week, because at least they stand a chance in that game. Final Score: South Side 7-49 Homestead Wayne at Carroll The Generals actually did keep it competitive last week, for about two and a half quarters. That wont happen this week. Roll Chargers. Final Score: Wayne 17-54 Carroll
  7. Oh boy indeed. Nothing gets me more excited for a game than a wet, cold, windy, muddy, stormy night. Most fun games to play in. Wish I could make it, but definitely will be watching from up North.
  8. Yeah that makes sense, easier than driving it across town at the end of the season. But Wayne and Dwenger played in the middle of the season in 2014, so not sure why they would leave it for them when at least one other team still had to have it for that season? Def would love to see the video tho. Snider would always paint the supports black and leave the bell itself plain. I actually hate the idea of painting on the actual bell at all, but to each their own I guess!
  9. I gotta say this game is the de facto state championship, for all classes. Winner of this game is the true king of Indiana HS Football. Which is why neither team should hold back. Each should cruise through their respective tournaments, regardless of which players they chose to field. So lay it all on the line this Friday. Final Score: Center Grove 19-16 Cathedral
  10. I was a senior at Snider in 2015. Since us, Wayne, and Luers split the title in 2014, each of us had the bell for 3 weeks each throughout the 2015 season. Dwenger won the SAC in 2015, so they got the bell for all of the following season, 2016. No bell in the playoffs, per IHSAA. No noisemakers at all. At least that is how I remember it, definitely could be wrong.
  11. Game day, ladies and gents. Hopefully the Panthers can make me eat my prediction @psaboy
  12. And I played side by side with Jessie Bates! He's no Rod Woodson (not yet at least), but my father played against Woodson when he was at Nor... North- 🤢 Northrop 🤮
  13. I went off of enrollment for the big/small division split, and considering Dwenger only has an enrollment of around 1,000 and Wayne has about 1,650, it wouldn't make sense to swap them. Like I said above, I personally would like an East/West split which would look like this: East Schools West Schools Snider Homestead Concordia Carroll Bishop Dwenger Northrop North Side South Side Bishop Luers Wayne
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