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  1. I agree this team is missing lots of calls, but it’s better than throwing too many flags I guess
  2. Might not have the lead but they are 100% in it. I can’t tell if Westfield is playing better than I expected, or CG is playing sloppier than I expected.
  3. MV is playing with 99 speed players and the sprint button mashed down lol. Unfortunately there isn’t much that can bring these Raiders back into it
  4. Tagg can run the ball, but he’s the only one running it. He also can’t seem to remember which colors Northridge is wearing today because he’s thrown a few passes to a defender with absolutely NO receivers near him. Need to figure out some plays that aren’t just “give Tagg the ball.”
  5. Raiders v Marauders. Picked Mt. Vernon to win by 20 earlier this week, I’ll stick by that pick. Catch me on the Northridge side, though, cheering for the north all the way!
  6. Hey @Bobref, I thought high school football stopped the clock while chains were moving? Noticed a couple times in the second and third quarters where the ref called for a running clock well before the chains were set. I might be mistaken
  7. Offenses finally started to wake up. Should make for an exciting 4th!
  8. Showed up with about 6:00 left in the second quarter, listened to the beginning of the game on my drive down from Fort Wayne. Fantastic defensive showing from both teams so far! Lets see if this continues to be a field position game in the second half.
  9. Okay I know they aren't in any championship and the video isn't even for this year's team but I have to show off a video I made a few years back for Snider. I used to love doing this, but it just became a second full time job and I had to quit.
  10. How does one keep up with other state's programs? I am assuming they have their own versions of the GID? Anyone have those links? I'd like to follow the surrounding states (Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Illinois), then some of the big boys like Florida, Texas, and Cali.
  11. Friday Adams Central vs. Lutheran - Two massive offenses meet two stingy defenses. This game will come down to whoever wants it more. Adams Central by 1 Brebeuf Jesuit vs. Gibson Southern - The Titans have one of the best cultures in small class football, expect them to pack LOS. The Braves might make this one closer than some expect, though. Gibson Southern by 6 Zionsville vs. Cathedral - Either the Eagles or the Rocks are coming up with an upset this weekend... the Irish aren't letting it happen on Friday. Cathedral by 15 Saturday Andrean vs. Mater Dei - This is the most interesting matchup to me. On one side, we got arguably the favorite out of the South. On the other side, none of the top three from the North made it to LOS. Instead, we have a team that was able to capitalize on the opportunities given to it. Did the Fighting 59er's get lucky with an Eastside team that was worn down? This one will be good. Mater Dei by 3 Northridge vs Mount Vernon - This one, unfortunately for the Raiders, is going to be the most lopsided. Marauders end the Cinderella season. Mount Vernon by 20 Westfield vs Center Grove - I know what you're going to say: "you just said above that the Rocks were going to get the upset!" I did indeed say that, hypothetical internet stranger. That doesn't stop me from also thinking that the Trojans are still the better team. The Shamrocks will need to pull every single trick out of the bag to pull this one off. If they can punch the Trojans in the stomach hard and early, they could pull it off. That said, Center Grove by 8 I might be biased, but I still think the North could pull a couple out of the hat this weekend, don't count your physically superior Southern chickens yet.
  12. Okay so I can see how S&C can solve the physicality issue, but not sure how it is supposed to add height to a kid or 50lbs to an 18yo with a sky high metabolism. Size at the high school level is very difficult to train because these are physically developing children. That's why you see colleges chase after the big boys, even if they can't move all that well. Because speed and agility can be taught, size can't. Central Indiana schools have more big boys because they have more students, period. The larger a sample size, the more likely you are to have outliers. The FW area and the Region just don't have the numbers to compete with the Indy area in terms of size. That said, however, (before @temptation comes flying in to say I told you so) that doesn't mean us Northern teams can't schedule and scheme to make ourselves as competitive as those Indy teams.
  13. Andrean at Eastside - The Blazers have now beaten arguably no. 1 and no. 2 in 2A. The 59er's might not be on the level that the Knights and Panthers were, but that doesn't mean the Blazers can overlook them. A team doesn't get this far into the tournament on luck (unless you're Tri 👀), this could easily become a trap game if the Blazers are looking ahead to State. I think they stay focused. Eastside by 5 Adams Central at North Judson - The Jets are just a step above everyone else in the North, including the Bluejays. Congrats to Coach Lambert's team, though, for building what looks like a consistent and successful program. They might just make it to LOS in the next couple years. Adams Central by 18
  14. I know what these words mean, and I understand the sentence, but I have no idea what you mean by it. Like is it supposed to be sarcastic? Are you making fun of me? I’m genuinely baffled on this one 😂
  15. From my topic about this: The Saints welcomed in the Panthers last week and just dominated from kickoff to kneel down. Playing a rival can do special things for a team. So can the fact that you might be related to half of your teammates. Zionsville had a brutal regular season schedule that has them more than prepared for the Fort's Fighting Tippmanns. Zionsville by 20
  16. Shield's Field, on their campus. Corner of Washington Center and Clinton in Fort Wayne.
  17. Passing thought: I know the SIAC has had a thread that has lasted all season, and the HHC thread has been going since 2019. How about a NEIGN (Northeast Indiana GameNight) thread for next season? I know the SAC has some supporters on the forum, and so does the NE8, ACAC, and NECC, just not as many as some of the other conferences. It'd be nice if people from NE Indiana could have their own dedicated thread instead of being spread out across the forum. Said thread would encompass 35 teams across 4 conferences. Any thoughts?
  18. Agreed. I could flip Dwenger and Carroll but only because I think they both have about the same chances this Friday.
  19. So I basically included teams that fell under the Northeast Indiana GameNight umbrella. This includes the SAC, NE8, ACAC, and NECC. I didn't wanna call it the "Northeast Indiana Teams" thread, because I knew that would include teams that I wasn't planning on talking about. And growing up in Fort Wayne, I've always considered Auburn, to Columbia City, to Huntington, to Decatur, to the state line, and everything in between to be "Fort Wayne" area.
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