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  1. I agree with your thoughts completely, however I find it kind of ironic that 13 of the 24 listed players to make the AP team are from two sectionals.
  2. The only concern I have is this: Most coaches want their 1s and 2s to at least have a possession after the half to "work" on adjustments etc. If the clock is running from the beginning of the 3rd quarter on sometimes the young kids don't get many reps at all due to the fact that the second half ends very quickly. With that said, maybe the mercy rule should be a 4th quarter thing only????
  3. Well it is money mostly, but I would also assume that their fan base are hard core gamblers and they can hit the casino on road trips.................otherwise there was absolutely no reason for them to join the SIAC. C'mon man you can't honestly expect me to believe that. BECAUSE if you all started out 1-3 us folks from Lincoln City would be having a hay day with it!!!!!!
  4. I wonder if locale of some athletes hurts them also. It seems that many of the smaller school athletes that get recruited are usually from the Indy area, maybe Fort Wayne or the Region. I mean the QB from Memorial last year, Lindauer, only had a small D1 offer. That kids could flat play. Does the location of athletes' school affect them more so than the school size???
  5. That's what they said about our schedule this year and we went to LOS. I honestly get so tired of hearing about SOS, and how that will get a team ready for the playoffs. Coaches, the team, hard work, film study, health........that stuff gets you ready for the playoffs. I think in the end for HH it was just easier to keep their schedule with a couple of "old" conference teams versus sign a two year contract with a new team who might opt out later and leave you hangin'.
  6. Okay I will put to bed the thought that P/P schools cap enrollment, but you can concur that from the outside looking in (non P/P parent) the perception was/could be there!!! Almost like UK and Duke ALWAYS get the top recruits but then say “no we ain’t paying nobody”. Please don’t say I am saying P/P schools pay anyone, just an analogy!! I would like however to discuss an advantage Public schools have??? Obviously athletic motivated please Seriously??? I find that whole statement disturbing if true!!
  7. Okay this topic was supposed advantage of P/P schools!! I would say over 30% of your male student body playing football is an advantage!! And Lysander if you were to have a North Deanery school your class would be the Big 10 and you would be playing in a bowl game every year!!!
  8. Serious answers: 4 grade schools, yes all have a 5th and 6th grade tackle team. They play each other and area schools. 1 middle school. Middle school plays a nine game schedule against conference teams and two non conference teams both from 4A schools The elementary and middle school team run the exact same offense and exact same defense as the varsity!! The elementary may be more wishbone heavy, but still the same. Serious question........how does this pertain to the advantage a P/P school has over a public school. Heritage has been an outstanding program for the past 2/3 decades. It has done it the right way with home grown coaches most of whom have played in the system and came back to coach!! The argument here is whether P/P schools have more or any advantages when it comes to athletics vs public. My answer will always be YES!!
  9. Look dude, I ain't butt hurt over nothing. To be VERY CLEAR I am so proud that my team made it to LOS. That they played their tales' off against arguably the best team in all of the state!! That a small rural public school made it thru the toughest class in football to have a chance!! I too have been on this forum for close to a decade and I have said the same thing every year!! Had this forum been available 30 years ago I would've been saying the same thing I am today!! Never said they give scholarships. Never said they take kids from all over to line the sideline.......but could if they wanted too!! May not cap their enrollments, in your opinion......but perception is reality, some schools never seem to grow when every other school in the region are !! I honestly think you might be the one a little tender in certain areas........I mean to think that a country boy from down south, who is public school born a raised would have the audacity to question the likes of you.......
  10. It depends what I am talking about and what the argument is. If I feel strongly about something I am going to support it with every fiber of my being!! IF THAT MAKES ME DENSE THEN DENSE I AM. You're not this haughty in real life are you??? For too long there have been so many exasperated people defending their "honor" for going to, or the reason why people chose P/P schools besides the obvious. Trust me I get it!! You are correct, the education most likely IS better than most public schools. But the irony in all of this is to act like there is no correlation to the success of most all athletic teams as well. Why is this????? Just better stock in kids??? Is it genetics??? Is it because they just work harder??? I say not!! That's why in one of my earlier arguments I started by saying "you're not going to convince most if any public school supporter......" That is because public school kids, at least the one that choose to compete, work just as hard as any private school kid. The public school student with educational ambition will work just as hard as any private school student. They dedicate their time, and effort just like any!! But yet year in a year out P/P schools dominate in athletics, for the most part, in 1A-4A and the question then becomes......how???? So there is logic to the public school backer saying things behind closed doors, or at the local bar, exactly what I am saying here!!! P/P schools have advantages, P/P have made an un-level playing field and extorted loop holes so kids can attend their school mostly no questions asked, whether it for educational or athletic reasons, maybe both!! These same avenues not always as easy to access in the public school setting especially when it pertains to athletic teams, and IT SUCKS. Try to explain to young men and women who don't understand how this is fair!!! You can't. So I guess I just got a little denser........
  11. Ain't gonna happen because the P/P schools don't want it to happen!!! In retrospect had it happened the way many thought, the 2A championship many thought Mater Dei would/could lay claim to that trophy!! Had that happened 1A-4A state champs all P/P schools, and that's how EVERYONE likes it!!! Nah I'm not buying your......"not everyone cares about a trophy case" stuff!!! Of course school staffs and their students care. Of course parents care. Of course administrators care. C'mon man!! And how could this be a tournament less competitive??? Are you telling me that NO OTHER P/P school can compete with Chatard??? Wow never thought I would've seen the day........
  12. Blasphemy!!!! Oh wait we are talking about a Catholic school of faith............I meant ridiculous statement!!!!
  13. Don't necessarily agree with you about it being the dumbest argument on the GID. I will assure you this, you aren't going to totally convince many if any public school backers that one of the main reason P/P schools stay where they are in enrollment IS due to the fact that they have significant success in sports. C'mon man who do you think that you are fulling??? That could be one of the best selling points P/P schools have to offer kids, especially athletes "do you want play for a state championship in ________________, then enroll here!" (put whatever sport you want in the blank) Yes private schools are funded by tax dollars, things have changed. You are correct, you may not be able to snap fingers and build a school, but there are other means to support more students if that's what P/P schools really wanted!! All I know is this: I think I made the best, most feasible solution earlier!!! If class size doesn't matter. If there are no true advantages of public vs private. If the end game is not to a certainty to achieve athletic success at the highest level and that includes state championships........Then it's simple, have one tournament for P/P schools. ONE state champ in the P/P class!! It makes complete sense. This argument would end so quickly!!
  14. Thank you for that statement you beat me too it......Heritage Hills roster was 50 including three or four frosh. So it would be safe to assume that a school that has +30% of the boys attending playing football does have a slight advantage due to numbers alone. My lord think of the practices and the availability of getting quality reps in alone vs a school with barely enough to run 11 on 11. There was one comment on here about controlling enrollment to stay in a certain class, example Evansville Mater Dei staying in 2A. The rebuttal was that the school was not controlling enrollment to stay in a certain class but instead controlling enrollment because of the classroom size to adequately handle the number of students. My thought would be this, if the school is truly not concerned about staying in any certain class, build a bigger school to accommodate the number of students wanting to come. I mean if that truly is what the issue is (classroomss are only this big so only "x" amount can come), why not have a bigger school, and consequently move up in class size if necessary. This is something public schools deal with yearly, shrinking/growing enrollment and the affects it has on the class in which you compete. Lastly; if there is the perception that p/p schools have no advantage, and it's all just kids vs kids competing, let the best team win. Then why not do what Tennessee has done, Illinois has done, countless other states have done.........a state tournament for the p/p schools only. I mean seriously if there isn't an advantage one way or the other, then to me that's the most simple and logical solution. There will never again be this debate then.......problem solved.
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