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  1. Didn't offend me at all. My initial point and statement was driven by the fact that Jasper started running the football more in the 2nd half of that game, and has ever since. Not really a big deal. And the Courier...............don't get me started!!
  2. I believe if you watch film Jasper ran a completely different style offense the second half. But if it makes Memorial fans happy and lord knows that's the most important thing to do here......"but I said it after the Memorial game, Jasper figured something out in the second half AGAINST THE JV!!!" There now the Evansville Courier can keep writing about how Memorials starting defense hasn't been scored............oh wait I forgot about North.
  3. Not saying you and Jets don't no what you are talking about.......but I said it after the Memorial game, Jasper figured something out in the second half. Had they run the ball with the fullback more late in the game against SR (last drive), maybe could have seen overtime. Last week they demolished an over hyped Booneville. I honestly think that Jasper is going to play this one really tough. I like the Patriots in this one, but 17 points may be a stretch.
  4. Not trying to offend any person, family member, fan, relative (you get the gist) Is this statement really accurate, especially in boys athletics. Let's think about this: 9 football games against the city, Castle and Vincennes. Speaking honestly here, the Wildcats probably go 3-6 ish maybe 4-5 ish. Basketball.....with Bosse, Reitz, Castle etc, etc, etc not sure what they would expect their conference record to be. Baseball I can see being perfectly capable. So is it the best interest??? Time will tell.
  5. I think SR was a very solid team, capable of beating anyone, with their QB getting hurt the dynamic completely changes. I think had that not happened they could've competed with anyone.
  6. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm I would say that is not all together true, I'll let you look at the PAC conference and figure it out. But I would start in Gibson county and then work east towards Spencer county and then maybe a little north!!! Just Sayin'
  7. What about Booneville and North Knox???? And if memory serves me correct, that 2001 rain delayed game HH won 14-7 and Coach Clayton never ran a single play outside of the Tackles all night.
  8. Jasper played a great game against Booneville and beat the snot out of them that's for sure. But I think that was the same Jasper team that played SR too. SR is better than Booneville plain and simple AND Jasper is heads and toes better than Booneville. Si I think the real million dollar question is this: How good is Booneville really??? Now to the important part about this thread!! This game between HH and Jasper will come down to defense and minimizing mistakes defensively. Playing responsibility football and not allowing the big play!! It will be and always has be a street brawl between these two teams and I am so looking forward to it!!
  9. I think maybe my earlier comments about SR are getting confused by some. I never mentioned Alabama, I never said SR didn't play a tough schedule. I was originally questioning why SR didn't move into the LED and Tecumseh come into the SED. That seemed logical to me. Also, and I am a realist here.......SR will win the SED for years and years and years, and that's fine. All I was saying was that I felt SR would get more out of playing teams such as MV, and Prin., every year because they have better potential to improve(due to enrollment and numbers), on their schedule. It is what it is. Play where you want and who you want. But SR winning the LED would be an eye opener, SR winning the SED is a forgone conclusion. IMO
  10. That's fine we don't have to agree on this one. But Mt. Vernon beat Posey already this year and is getting better. Pike hasn't won since 1986 and Princeton is also going in the right direction IMO......so maybe we are splitting hairs here.
  11. Not trying to disagree to just disagree but: Booneville or Tell City Princeton or North Posey Mt. Vernon or South Spencer Washington or Pike Was just trying to say that even though the teams may not be powerhouses by any means it stills seems like better competition IMO
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