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  1. No they each have a pair of Wolves that run the sideline and carry their towels and water bottles for them. They are a very reliable and intelligent animal, and in some cases can be taught to spell as well.
  2. Fortunately for me i do have the internet and i do check scores but i am sure your intent was not to just inform me, but rather to show me i was wrong with what i thought would happen. As i stated "anything can happen" / and i did not think Sheridan would lose but then again I said anything can happen. So thanks for the recap of the score i was already well aware of.
  3. Pretty evenly matched teams with different philosophies. Both seasoned coaches who will undoubtedly have each team well prepared. As a follower of PH its tough for me to say they have the tougher task to beat NV but I believe they do. The NV team (program) knows how to win big games, and I agree good ball control can limits mistakes offensively and a good run stopping defense, which is usually a little more durable as the game wears on is a solid combination. Either way this one will probably be discussed at length both before and after its over.
  4. As a fan of PH i will be rooting for the Wolves, I know the program at NV is solid ans they are very capable of beating any team his will be a game that football fans should catch if possible. Its match-up like this that make high school football exciting. Best of luck to both teams.
  5. Well i am by no means a Seeger "Hater" and if they do win then yes it is a boon for the program. My nephew played on the State team, so i have done my cheering for the red white and blue. I of all people have no right to tell someone who they should or should not root for or wish good things for. Most of my responses are based on what i believe to be a logical outcome but if I had a crystal ball and knew the future i wouldn't be spending time on the GID. Best of luck to the PATS
  6. Well in the game of football I will concede anything is possible on any given night or afternoon, but Seeger's wins came from 2- 0fer teams and 2- from teams whose two wins were against 0fer teams. I just don't think Seeger has what it takes to beat Sheridan unless you are telling me they are beat up to the point they are playing seconds at several key positions.
  7. I will be literally shocked if Sheridan loses to Seeger.
  8. The game would have been a little different on a different field but Attica is a challenge for any team even though they have low numbers.
  9. Raining pretty hard in the north as well going to be some delays tonight
  10. I haven't seen enough games or know enough stats to give any player a rating above any other, but I will say Logan White would be my choice for QB
  11. And NO that is not a knock to a very good NV team from last year, I am just using that as an example of how good Pioneer actually is.
  12. I am a PH fan but I have seen both Pioneer and PH play, there is no way PH can handle the physicality of the Panthers, and this is coming from a fan. I don't put much stock in a website that does not see a team play in person. It would be a very interesting question to ask the GID faithful if anyone else believes that the Wolves have a chance against the Panthers, but again since the Panthers defeated NV 60 -0 in the championship last year (the same NV team that beat PH) they have moved up into the 2A tournament so we wont see that game either.
  13. And how can I be the voice of Seeger sports??
  14. Big shoots?? Post what you want I will respond as I see fit. Plain and simple. You don't need to worry about my feelings, I react the way I want as most on here do. I don't need a safe place as you can plainly see I don't hide.
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