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  1. Any issue or topic is worth debating simply because there are two side that oppose each other. What happens is there are people from each camp that believe that have the definitive answer to the original post. When its all said and done the responsibility rests with the parents initially to help guide their student athlete in the best direction they can. Large university head coaches will always do what the feel is best also , but those coaches must carry a portion of responsibility to be willing to tell those athletes that on the surface that seem less likely to be a contributor and probably shouldn't join the team to look at other options. Its great to have a solid scout team to go against and I know there are kids who develop and become contributors from the walk-on ranks. With that said though, those of us who have played at the D1 level know there is always a sizable group of athletes who probably would have had a better chance to play at a smaller school and should not have chosen to part of a D1 roster just because they had the opportunity to be accepted. Either way it is a topic that has debatable merit. NEW CHAPTER!
  2. Congratulations Coach, good luck with the rest of the tournament.
  3. Pretty sure the Merriam Webster dictionary defines a "Juggernaut" as (a massive inexorable force, campaign, movement, or object that crushes whatever is in its path) Inexorable, in essence means unstoppable by the way, and since they were stopped twice then the term is rendered unsuitable in this situation. Again as always I am a fan of the Wolves and I believe they had a very successful season, but a JUGGERNAUT they are certainly not. Have fun with that sandwich
  4. You're just upset because he is not referencing end-zone cameras or flatulence
  5. With 3 yards and a cloud of dust or in this case some rolling corn leaves and a little mud. You will be ok Coach.
  6. And its a know fact that the river Moore no matter how hard it tries cant break through the Crabtree damn.
  7. Tatank, Tanaka, Tutankhamun or whoever is more worried about gastrointestinal byproduct than anything from John Harrell or Webster's. You should know that by now.
  8. Still a fan of the Wolves but all those yards came from a season played against teams with a combined win loss record of 38 wins 68 losses. Not like they were facing high caliber defenses all year. Wishing good luck to the Wolves anyway, but not sure they can beat a running team of NV's quality.
  9. Late in the year playing in the cold you usually want to bet on the team who runs the ball better and controls the clock. It gets tough for receivers as the game progresses to catch the ball in cold weather. Don't get me wrong great receivers find ways to make catches in any type of weather but in a big game late in the year factors like cold weather seem to impact throwing teams a little more than those who run the ball. As I have stated before I am a Wolves fan but I believe NV will win in a close game with their running offense.
  10. SP could be a big challenge for the Falcons, they have played a pretty tough schedule. Should be a good game.
  11. Good luck to all WRC teams someone has to lose but here's to hoping all teams play well and get through night injury free.
  12. I was at a small school as an athlete (3 sport for 2 years 2 sport for 2) and at smaller schools most of my coaching career, and it is true that they tend to rely on many 2 sport athletes and in some cases 3 sport as well. The problem is just an Grover put it. If we allow a kid who is still actively playing a sport to start practicing another they increase the risk of injury. To me this also sends a bad message to the other athletes that follow through is not that important. I do understand some athletes are better at one sport and the one coming up may be that sport and they want to get into it as soon as possible but if you commit to a sport then finish its season first. If they get injured in the sport they are currently playing that's part of the risk but to increase the risk by having time spent not only practicing the current sport but to participate in the up coming ones activities as well increases the risk factor. If a season ends then the kids should be allowed to move on they are most likely already in shape and should be given a short break if they feel they need one but should not sacrifice time if their season is over by waiting until that sports championships conclude. I agree one season at a time but when its over let the athlete move on.
  13. South Putnam is the southernmost school that is completely in Putnam county Cloverdale has a portion of Owen county in its district.
  14. I have been around a lot of high schools and I don't see that trend nor do I see a trend of kids supporting their families by working. I'm not saying it doesn't happen but its not prevalent in the areas I have taught and coached in.
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