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  1. I hope that wasn't aimed at me, good sir. Good luck to our 3 CIC teams this evening. I'll be at the Westfield/Carmel game contracting hypothermia. Cheers!
  2. I was surprised to find out that the Starfires really did have a weaker schedule than MG according to Sagarin. Those same ratings show SA as a 40 point favorite over the Argylls though. Maybe the Black and Gold are hearing stories of the 2006 playoff run when the Argylls caught fire and avenged a 42-7 loss to Eastbrook in Week 9 with a shocking victory 2 weeks later at Eastbrook in the semifinals and then beat South Adams in OT to win that sectional. I had a lot of friends on that MG team and loved hearing them talk about that muddy Eastbrook game. Weird things happen when November comes aroun
  3. Agreed. I've had Alexandria fatigue ever since a Tiger poster led with "Down goes Frazier" after they beat Blackford. Woof The explosive offense scored 16 against a 2-8 1A Wes-Del squad at home to begin the season and if you remove lifeless teams like Elwood, Frankton, and the September version of MG from the slate there isn't much to beat your chest at. I will agree that they have some individual standouts at the skill positions but in the end, Eastern did the Tigers a favor by allowing their fans to focus on basketball and avoid another chilly Friday night on the bleachers listening to
  4. This has been a fun thread. I am definitely sad to see this season likely end with the same fart noise with which it began for my Panthers. I hope the rest of my CIC brethren get to see their favorite teams get some big W's tonight. I am also taking extra solace in the fact that if the Mississinewa Indians do lose tonight, it won't be due to the performance of their own athletes but rather factors beyond their own control such as: 1) employing a coaching staff who apparently loves long halftimes as much as they hate wearing watches 2) an opponent wearing longer cleats than them
  5. Having taken in a few hundred AAU hoops games over the last decade, my uneducated eyes tell me that Brown is more than capable of being a D1 contributor. His grandpa/coach was one of our counselors at Rick Mount Shooting Camp one year and I swear every single guy in our bunk was terrified of him. I can't imagine spending 17 years with that man in your ear. Reminded me a lot of Bobby Knight in that you never ever want to disappoint him. College hoops rosters are filled with weak-willed lanky dudes who simply look good in layup lines. Luke's IQ and pedigree will have him well-suited to float rig
  6. Psh, I wish the problem in Elwood was limited to 1 sport. Outside of softball and the occasional standout wrestler, Elwood's athletic programs are hot, steamy garbage. I don't even know where to begin to place the blame but I've got a theory brewing about the windmills they installed on the outskirts of town siphoning the athletic abilities of our youths. I mean what's reeeeally going on with those creepy turbines and their beeping red lights? I'll trade 10 windmills and my tinfoil hat in exchange for a couple more Mireles brothers.
  7. You bring up an interesting point here. I think this speaks volumes for the program Adamson has built. Taking a group of kids who lost to the likes of Alexandria as middle schoolers and molding them into a top-5 2A squad (who just took down a ranked 4A team) is extremely impressive. Yes, this Alexandria senior class is more talented than traditional Tiger squads and the Panthers probably have more talented sophomores and juniors but still, what a maturation in just a few short years. Back in my day, Elwood had several undefeated/highly successful middle school squads who beat the likes of Tip
  8. Man, what a Friday night that would be. Panthers and Indians battling in front of a packed house and some Ivanhoe's on the way? Oooo weee. Good luck to everyone tonight. I'll be seething with envy as I knock out some "honey-do's" at home while feverishly checking the GID for score updates.
  9. I was in Oregon last week and took a break from the GID only to come back to some smack talk on the Week 2 thread. Love it! Love the delusional confidence from the MG fan. I know he doesn't speak for the Argyll faithful as a whole but I've got to admit, I'm still giggling at all the posturing about how MG is now a darkhorse contender for the conference bronze medal based on a couple good quarters against a down Tipton squad? Take it from me, it's much more fun to sit back and embrace the suckage. Leave that bar low and keep playing on house money until you're really ready to beat your chest at
  10. You are a saint for including this. Thanks!!
  11. Blackford Marion Lapel Tipton Pendleton Eastern Frankton Alexandria
  12. Also, Blackford @ Monroe Central - Bruins are back af, baby! Eastbrook @ Marion - James Blackmon and Zach Randolph dunk all over the visiting Panthers Lapel @ Elwood - Burgeoning community adjacent to I69 > town where my 30 year old peers still loiter in the Dairy Queen parking lot Madison-Grant @ Tipton - I've seen at least one person predict MG to beat Tipton at Tipton. I'm just gonna tell you, if that happens (it won't), I will personally drive the tractor hauling all 13 of the Argyll's fans Westbound down hwy 28 to paint that dumb rock black and gold.  Ol
  13. This is really great to hear. I had heard they went away from paying assistants at one time but I just figured that was a common occurrence for small schools with tight budgets across the state. It's good to know we are back in the business of staying competitive with our peers when it comes to adequate staffing. Thank you for your input.
  14. I keep seeing comments about not paying assistants. I know Elwood hasn't paid assistant coaches for years but I figured this was common across all small schools. Do assistants at other 2A schools still get compensated for their time? I know assistants of at least one 3A school that get small compensation. I just figured the larger the school, the more $ in the budget to pay assistants and at most small schools, there isn't a big enough pie to slice multiple ways. Even $2k or $3k is nothing to sneeze at when compared to $0 but I really don't think small potatoes like that is what's keeping good
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