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  1. Man, what a Friday night that would be. Panthers and Indians battling in front of a packed house and some Ivanhoe's on the way? Oooo weee. Good luck to everyone tonight. I'll be seething with envy as I knock out some "honey-do's" at home while feverishly checking the GID for score updates.
  2. I was in Oregon last week and took a break from the GID only to come back to some smack talk on the Week 2 thread. Love it! Love the delusional confidence from the MG fan. I know he doesn't speak for the Argyll faithful as a whole but I've got to admit, I'm still giggling at all the posturing about how MG is now a darkhorse contender for the conference bronze medal based on a couple good quarters against a down Tipton squad? Take it from me, it's much more fun to sit back and embrace the suckage. Leave that bar low and keep playing on house money until you're really ready to beat your chest at the upper crust. That's solid prep for the real world anyway. Hang with us bottom-feeders and enjoy the low hanging fruit. Big girls need love too. I mean I couldn't tell you how many Myspace posts I made about beating Wabash or Alex by 50 when I was in school. That's the good stuff right there. Also, I'll bet someone in here a cold Bud Ice from the Silver Dollar that Elwood topples at least 1 of the following teams: MG, Frankton, Alex, Oak Hill, or Blackford. Strange things happen when you start getting uppity. Conference season is here. Lets get weird.
  3. You are a saint for including this. Thanks!!
  4. Blackford Marion Lapel Tipton Pendleton Eastern Frankton Alexandria
  5. Also, Blackford @ Monroe Central - Bruins are back af, baby! Eastbrook @ Marion - James Blackmon and Zach Randolph dunk all over the visiting Panthers Lapel @ Elwood - Burgeoning community adjacent to I69 > town where my 30 year old peers still loiter in the Dairy Queen parking lot Madison-Grant @ Tipton - I've seen at least one person predict MG to beat Tipton at Tipton. I'm just gonna tell you, if that happens (it won't), I will personally drive the tractor hauling all 13 of the Argyll's fans Westbound down hwy 28 to paint that dumb rock black and gold.  Ole Miss @ Pendleton - Completely guessing here. Is the Pancol kid still at Pendleton? Do CIC teams still play pass defense like an elderly woman wearing a VR headset? If so, RIP Indians. Oak Hill @ Eastern - Idk jack about either squad. Eastern is always bouncing between legitimacy and incompetence. Are this years Comets "Superbad" Jonah Hill or are they "21 Jump Street" Jonah Hill? Either way, Bud and the boys are left eating lunch by themselves like Steven Glansberg after this one. Tri-Central @ Frankton - I would just like to exclaim how proud I am of the Eagles for finally ditching a lowly athletic program with a small enrollment like APA in Week 1 in exchange for ... *checks notes*...Tri-Central? Since 2012 the Eagles have outscored their Week 1 opponent 336-40. NICE  Wes-Del @ Alexandria - Another game I know nothing about. Alex has a solid Pizza King and the only thing I remember about Gaston is that they sold us overpriced kegs of beer when I was at Ball State. Advantage: Tigers
  6. This is really great to hear. I had heard they went away from paying assistants at one time but I just figured that was a common occurrence for small schools with tight budgets across the state. It's good to know we are back in the business of staying competitive with our peers when it comes to adequate staffing. Thank you for your input.
  7. I keep seeing comments about not paying assistants. I know Elwood hasn't paid assistant coaches for years but I figured this was common across all small schools. Do assistants at other 2A schools still get compensated for their time? I know assistants of at least one 3A school that get small compensation. I just figured the larger the school, the more $ in the budget to pay assistants and at most small schools, there isn't a big enough pie to slice multiple ways. Even $2k or $3k is nothing to sneeze at when compared to $0 but I really don't think small potatoes like that is what's keeping good help away, is it?
  8. Updated enrollment for CIC schools that I pulled from the web: *Source* http://www.ihsaa.org/Portals/0/ihsaa/documents/quick resources/Enrollments & Classifications/football schools 19-20.pdf Ole Miss - 811 (2nd smallest 4A) Oak Hill - 548 (4th smallest 3A) Blackford - 511 (11th largest 2A) Frankton - 507 (13th largest 2A) Eastbrook - 500 Alexandria - 461 Elwood - 416 MG - 367 (9th largest 1A)
  9. I think Lapel did the right thing in going independent when they did. That area is growing like a weed so that was smart to keep their options open. I wonder if its a headache as an AD to make that kind of schedule. Finding adjacent schools that fit the Bruins profile is definitely possible, it's just that most of those schools are probably in the thick of conference play by the time September rolls around. Elwood got caught being a wallflower in Week 1 back in 2012 and ended up having take a long, desperate drive up North to slow dance with River Forest. Yeesh
  10. I would say no. I believe Elwood got the right man for the job in Brown. This season will undoubtedly have its growing pains but I think the arrow is pointing upward in the long term. Being an old fart and no longer living in town means I no longer have my finger on the pulse of the program but it seems like some semblance of order has been restored. Also, I really don't see anyone outside of maybe Blackford or Ole Miss leaving the CIC. I'd understand if Ole Miss and their increasing enrollment might have eyes for stronger competition. I can't imagine it's very fun to whip up on inferior schools with a fraction of your enrollment. Blackford is a bit of an oddball but it sounds like they have already entertained the idea of spurning the CIC in favor of playing paddy cake with random schools like Jay County (ew, why?). The traditionalist in me would be bummed to see either school leave the conference. I'm sure Lapel would be on speed dial if that really did happen. Shenandoah is intriguing as well from a size standpoint but some of those drives to Middletown would be kinda miserable. As far as pulling schools like Heights or Tipton into the fold...Not a chance. Those schools are positioned well both logistically and competitively. I see the Hoosier as sort of the gold standard of small school conferences. Zero reason to exit a comfy situation like that. I'd liken that to asking Kate Upton for a divorce so you could go to a singles mixer at the Elks lodge in Hartford City.
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