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  1. ITS GAME DAY!! GOODLUCK!! “There may be people that have more talent than you, but there’s no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do.” – Derek Jeter
  2. I applaud Coach Lambert getting the Kids and the community bought in. I foresee them being a 1A powerhouse within the next few years. They have so much young talent and everyone is behind them up in Starke County. SUCH A GREAT BALL CLUB!!
  3. They will be tough in the years to come! Last week they finally found their Tailback. He is a freshmen and he is already a decent size kid. He had all of three of their TD"s against North Newton last week he will be an absolute stud. Allen is his name and he is #40 6'1" probably 180. His name will be familiar in the future.
  4. https://www.pharostribune.com/sports/article_e5c34f24-d4fa-11e9-9ca8-bf8f849b3106.html Tough Kid! I know he works very hard at everthing he does. Very good Role model as well. It doesnt matter if the playing grounds is a rectangle or a diamond this kid is an absolute weapon.
  5. Ill be excited to see how they will compete this week and week 6-7!
  6. I have yet to see Film on my ALMA MATER, but one thing I have seen is 11 on 11 This summer and I was very impressed! They have so many threats! Don't Let the line fool you either those young men may not be biggest, but they all know where the weight room is and it shows they are about as tough as they come. I don't follow them as much as I like, but they are scary athletic.
  7. It'd be a fun one to watch! How about the KINGS Vs. BOMBERS?
  8. WEBO vs. Rensselaer Central who Wins that ball Game? We all are curious in the North!!
  9. Current Standings after selection W3 W/L RStandish 11/2 Coach_Newton 10/3 CoachDurham 10/3 FarmerFran 8/5 LilUrb 8/5 Ultimate Warrior 6/2 79RP56 5/8 RedwoodCowTippers 4/1 From_the_sidelines 007 4/4
  10. Carroll at South Newton Clinton Central at Frontier Culver at West Central North Newton at Kankakee Valley Tri-County at North White Should be an interesting week! Hope all is still healthy. WHO YOU GOT???
  11. GAME DAY!! “There is only one way to succeed in anything…and that is to give it everything.” –Vince Lombardi
  12. Current Standings after selection W2 W/L RStandish 9/0 Coach_Newton 6/3 FarmerFran 6/3 CoachDurham 6/3 LilUrb 5/4 79RP56 4/5 RedwoodCowTippers 4/1 Ultimate Warrior 3/1 From_the_sidelines 007 1/3
  13. Frontier at South Newton North Judson at North Newton West Central at Tri-County Winamac at North White ITS WEEK 3!! WHO YOU GOT??
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