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  1. No I don't think its a knock on CASS at all. I wasn't trying to sound like a know it all either. Other than CASS being my Alma Mater and knowing some of the coaching staff, I have no link. I think you make a valid point with SOS. I've thought this from the beginning when I saw ANDREAN on film week 1. They are big, fast, and underrated, that is a scary combo. I just imagine anyone who breaks down film will not look past this ANDREAN team. I know I didn't, and they didn't get much love all season and they are playing with GIANTS on the GRIDIRON. I remember thinking they would not be fun to play.
  2. I totally agree they have played better teams... Do you think LEWIS CASS isn't aware?? Those are some Great ball clubs the 59"ERS play. I understand what you are saying, but CASS isn't in the INTIMIDATION GAME. If you look at CASS when they get off the bus they don't really pass the so called "EYE TEST", but if you watch them play they are an exceptional TEAM. They live by playing as a TEAM. NO PLAYER ON THAT TEAMS SEEKS ATTENTION. ALL OF THEM KNOW IT TAKES THE WHOLE TEAM.There is a big chip on their shoulder and boy do these young men play HUNGRY. I THINK THE DIFFERENCE IN THIS MATCH UP IS WHAT YOU SAID.... " THEY MAY NOT HAVE BEATEN ANY OF THEM, BUT" CASS Has shown that they can WIN those games they aren't favored in. I THINK ITS GOING TO BE A BRAWL FRIDAY NIGHT AND I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO IT. All I am trying to say just like ANDREAN, CASS won't be intimidated or surprised.
  4. https://www.pharostribune.com/sports/article_7578e76e-01a6-11ea-b34c-7f14e5cd3cc3.html ALSO GOOD READ!!
  5. https://www.southbendtribune.com/sports/high_school/football/laville-high-school-could-be-football-s-version-of-hoosiers/article_4621aa9f-8511-5cff-a8e6-052876723ca1.html GOOD READ!!
  6. I'm going to be quite honest and say the same. I haven't seen or been to a game since I coached against them either. 2 weeks ago was indeed my first game as well. I will say this THEY ARE INSANELY PHYSICAL. I remember hearing this my whole life, DO NOT take a play off and give it your all between whistles 110%. I also have preached that to my kids I coach now. If any of the 11 for LAVILLE take a play off or even just a second. THEY WILL NOT WIN. THEY WILL END UP ON THEIR BACK. THEY WILL GET BEAT DEAP.. THEY WILL GET RAN OVER. This CASS team is NASTY, they play fast, VERY FAST, and they play smart. MOST IMPORTANTLY THEY ARE VERY PHYSICAL. When they played PIONEER first week of Sectionals I watched 3RBs and 2OLs all have individual PANCAKES on the same snap. ALL 5 DEFENSE PLAYERS for PIONEER WERE 10 YARDS DEEP AND ON THEIR BACKS. Then I noticed this wasn't a highlight. THIS WAS EVERY SNAP. As the Game progressed it was more and more prevalent. I was astonished by the pure DOMINANCE. With that being said LAVILLE is a very good football team. If anyone on here thinks that LAVILLE is being overlooked you are wrong. The coaching staff at CASS will have these boys ready. LEWIS CASS WILL NEVER VIEW A GAME AS A CUPCAKE. The players know LAVILLE'S record and will not. I REPEAT WILL NOT LOOK PAST THIS TEAM. Looking forward to watching this game. BEST OF LUCK TO BOTH TEAMS
  7. Pioneer doesn't kick extra points. They kicked in the 4th when the spread gap widened.
  8. "LEWIS CASS HAS A KICKER!!!" "LEWIS CASS HAS A KICKER!!!" "LEWIS CASS HAS A KICKER!!!" I now feel better. Sorry just venting from the past.
  9. GAMEDAY!!! "You have to be able to center yourself, to let all of your emotions go. Don’t ever forget that you play with your soul as well as your body." - KAREEM ABDUL-JABBAR
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