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  1. You know I'm not sure where everyone is located but I will say this.... I know this isn't high school Football, but I pretty much remained silent through all this on these forums. My oldest daughter is halfway through her softball season and we are very fortunate. I live in a once upon a time COVID Hotspot that made national news during the outbreak! I really feel for all Coaches, parents, and players with High School Sports and quite frankly It is emotional just typing this out and I'm not an emotional guy! My daughter hit her 2nd home run last night this season and it all happened so quick, but when she stomped on home plate it was all slow motion afterwards. Watching the joy and the excitement on her face, and seeing her teammates clear the dugout while the coaches were jumping and screaming, and seeing my wife get emotional while her little sister was going bezerk was truly an amazing feeling and it felt like an eternity to me. I honestly grew up respecting the opportunity I had with sports but didn't fathom the bigger picture. I have seen the fear on these Forums of no season whether its for a senior son playing their final season, or a coach in fear for the kids who don't have much other than football, or a megafan who just simply cannot live without watching a game, or a ref who does it for the love for the sport! I can honestly say I really really Hope this will pass for everyone so everyone will experience that feeling I had last night. After the Game was the best night of the year spent with my wife and kids. All of this was sparked from a competitive atmosphere and I cannot thank the league enough because I will not take these little things for granted anymore. So thankful there is normalcy coming for sports and my daughter had the opportunity to smack that ball! All I'm trying to say is if my city can recover all the others can too! Just have hope the tide will flip!
  2. I saw the design photos for this and the shield has holes scattered on it.... It makes no sense!
  3. RETIREMENT MUST HAVE BEEN GETTING TO THE MAN!! With that being said congrats to Clay... Im sure he is in for the long haul and I am confident he will do great things with the KINGS!!
  4. Also announced is Scott Mannering is first assistant coach on staff! https://www.pharostribune.com/sports/article_ddcdd928-4e13-11ea-9ff4-637aaeba01dd.html
  5. I would have to agree that words really can't do justice. This man instilled so many qualities into my life and all of those qualities helped mold me into the man I am today. it was an absolute honor to play for this man on and off the field and I have so much respect for him and his family. The X's and O's are just a small portion in what you get with Coach Mannering. At the time of playing for him you think all you talk about is football, but looking back at it now, the structure I lead in life, the work ethic I live by, it all comes from one thing and that is the Lewis Cass Football Program. I am so blessed that he built that program. I thought back then he was just making me a better athlete, which he was, but all in all that was just a tiny detail. These traits he imprinted onto me in my young age are the reasons for success in my everyday life. He is one reason I hold my head high in times of defeat. He is one reason I don't quit. He is one reason I remain loyal to everything I believe in and do. He is one Reason I present myself Proper. That program really worked on me without me even realizing. When a Coach can have that kind of affect on someone without even trying, you know that it comes natural and it says a lot about someones character. He isn't just a good coach he is a fantastic mentor at school and in the community. He never really had to preach on what we needed to be like or how we needed to act. He just had an expectation. When you can get through to kids without beating something into their head or without even bringing the topic up you have something special. He is a hell of a man. He is a hell of a coach. He is a Hell of a role model. With all that being said I hope Coach enjoys his Retirement it is well deserved. I speak on behalf of all players from Lewis Cass who were fortunate enough to play for you. Thank you for all you have done and we all cherish every second that we had as a King! We wish you the best.
  6. I love it too its a great way to categorize, After he flew down the field and made the very first play of the season on the opening kickoff to 2019... I was like please RS this kid.
  7. Also Kiser has seen the field and saw it up till cutoff prior to being Redshirted.
  8. No I don't think its a knock on CASS at all. I wasn't trying to sound like a know it all either. Other than CASS being my Alma Mater and knowing some of the coaching staff, I have no link. I think you make a valid point with SOS. I've thought this from the beginning when I saw ANDREAN on film week 1. They are big, fast, and underrated, that is a scary combo. I just imagine anyone who breaks down film will not look past this ANDREAN team. I know I didn't, and they didn't get much love all season and they are playing with GIANTS on the GRIDIRON. I remember thinking they would not be fun to play.
  9. I totally agree they have played better teams... Do you think LEWIS CASS isn't aware?? Those are some Great ball clubs the 59"ERS play. I understand what you are saying, but CASS isn't in the INTIMIDATION GAME. If you look at CASS when they get off the bus they don't really pass the so called "EYE TEST", but if you watch them play they are an exceptional TEAM. They live by playing as a TEAM. NO PLAYER ON THAT TEAMS SEEKS ATTENTION. ALL OF THEM KNOW IT TAKES THE WHOLE TEAM.There is a big chip on their shoulder and boy do these young men play HUNGRY. I THINK THE DIFFERENCE IN THIS MATCH UP IS WHAT YOU SAID.... " THEY MAY NOT HAVE BEATEN ANY OF THEM, BUT" CASS Has shown that they can WIN those games they aren't favored in. I THINK ITS GOING TO BE A BRAWL FRIDAY NIGHT AND I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO IT. All I am trying to say just like ANDREAN, CASS won't be intimidated or surprised.
  11. https://www.pharostribune.com/sports/article_7578e76e-01a6-11ea-b34c-7f14e5cd3cc3.html ALSO GOOD READ!!
  12. https://www.southbendtribune.com/sports/high_school/football/laville-high-school-could-be-football-s-version-of-hoosiers/article_4621aa9f-8511-5cff-a8e6-052876723ca1.html GOOD READ!!
  13. I'm going to be quite honest and say the same. I haven't seen or been to a game since I coached against them either. 2 weeks ago was indeed my first game as well. I will say this THEY ARE INSANELY PHYSICAL. I remember hearing this my whole life, DO NOT take a play off and give it your all between whistles 110%. I also have preached that to my kids I coach now. If any of the 11 for LAVILLE take a play off or even just a second. THEY WILL NOT WIN. THEY WILL END UP ON THEIR BACK. THEY WILL GET BEAT DEAP.. THEY WILL GET RAN OVER. This CASS team is NASTY, they play fast, VERY FAST, and they play smart. MOST IMPORTANTLY THEY ARE VERY PHYSICAL. When they played PIONEER first week of Sectionals I watched 3RBs and 2OLs all have individual PANCAKES on the same snap. ALL 5 DEFENSE PLAYERS for PIONEER WERE 10 YARDS DEEP AND ON THEIR BACKS. Then I noticed this wasn't a highlight. THIS WAS EVERY SNAP. As the Game progressed it was more and more prevalent. I was astonished by the pure DOMINANCE. With that being said LAVILLE is a very good football team. If anyone on here thinks that LAVILLE is being overlooked you are wrong. The coaching staff at CASS will have these boys ready. LEWIS CASS WILL NEVER VIEW A GAME AS A CUPCAKE. The players know LAVILLE'S record and will not. I REPEAT WILL NOT LOOK PAST THIS TEAM. Looking forward to watching this game. BEST OF LUCK TO BOTH TEAMS
  14. Pioneer doesn't kick extra points. They kicked in the 4th when the spread gap widened.
  15. "LEWIS CASS HAS A KICKER!!!" "LEWIS CASS HAS A KICKER!!!" "LEWIS CASS HAS A KICKER!!!" I now feel better. Sorry just venting from the past.
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