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  1. Eastbrook Alexandria Frankton Madison Grant
  2. Ole Miss @ Huntington North - Huge win last week for Ole Miss! They keep things rolling this week and set up a Sectional Championship game with Marion next week. Ole Miss by 30 Tipton @ Eastbrook - Think this will be a little closer for awhile then some think but Eastbrook will take control in the second half and win by 3 scores! Eastbrook 35-14 Eastern @ Alexandria - High scoring game in this one. Eastern and Alex both have explosive offenses but eastern pulls this one out because I believe they will make more defensive stops. Eastern 42-28 Union City @ MG - Both of these teams
  3. Oak Hill - Oak Hill in a close one Delta - Delta by 14 Tipton - Tipton by 30 MG - MG by as many as they want Eastbrook - Eastbrook by 30 Alex - Alex wins this one by as many as they want
  4. Oak Hill @ Alex - This is going to be a really close game especially if Alex can’t get the defense on track. Give me Alex in a close one 28-24 Eastbrook @ Elwood - Eastbrook may score 100!! Frankton @ MG - Mg wins again this week and I think they will win handily. MG 35-14. I agree MG’s sectional draw was a huge blessing and huge for the program! MG wins 4 in a row and will play for a sectional championship and will have their first sectional victory since 2011. Huge for MG. Ole Miss @ Blackford - I believe Blackford can keep this close for awhile and will do that but Ole Miss
  5. Blackford @ MG - Blackford by 14 - 20 Eastbrook @ Frankton - Eastbrook by a lot Elwood @ Alex - Alex by a lot Ole Miss @ OH - Ole Miss by 3 scores!
  6. Alexandria @ Blackford - This is going to be a good game! Alex has a good offense and the Metz kid is a really good player! Sehy seems to have Blackford really clicking. I agree and think it will come down to who can make the most defensive stops and control the clock and I think Blackford will do that better this week. Blackford by 7-14 Frankton @ Elwood - Frankton gets their first and only win of the season. Frankton by 3 scores. MG @ Ole Miss - MG is definitely improved from recent years and are very similar in talent from last year. They still have a ways to go and are probably
  7. Elwood @ Oak Hill - Oak Hill by 3-4 scores Frankton @ Blackford - Blackford by a lot MG @ Alex - Think this will be a close game! Both teams are going to be ready to go and will both put up points but I think the key is can MG defend the pass good enough to come out with a win and that’s something I don’t think they will do this week. Alex by 7-14 Ole Miss @ Eastbrook - Going to be another great game between these two teams! Eastbrook is at home and I think they always have a major advantage at home. But with that being said I think this time Ole Miss comes out with the win! M
  8. Alex @ Frankton - Alex hasn’t performed quite to the level I thought they would in the first few weeks but I still feel they can be a good football team. Frankton sounds like they have some talent but are still trying to put things together. I’ll take Alex by 14! Blackford @ Oak Hill - This is an interesting game! Really expected Blackford to be 2-0 and have heard Oak Hill has been making a lot of improvements. Blackford loss to a good Monroe Central team and Oak Hill lost a close game to a good Eastern team. I think Blackford will pull ahead late and win by a touchdown or two. Madi
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