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  1. Eastbrook Alexandria Frankton Madison Grant
  2. Ole Miss @ Huntington North - Huge win last week for Ole Miss! They keep things rolling this week and set up a Sectional Championship game with Marion next week. Ole Miss by 30 Tipton @ Eastbrook - Think this will be a little closer for awhile then some think but Eastbrook will take control in the second half and win by 3 scores! Eastbrook 35-14 Eastern @ Alexandria - High scoring game in this one. Eastern and Alex both have explosive offenses but eastern pulls this one out because I believe they will make more defensive stops. Eastern 42-28 Union City @ MG - Both of these teams are on 3 game winning streaks and are playing with a lot of momentum. The coaches for MG have those kids believing in themselves and playing with a lot of confidence and it shows. MG wins this one by two scores and goes to the sectional title for the first time since 2011. Good luck to all CIC teams this evening!!
  3. Oak Hill - Oak Hill in a close one Delta - Delta by 14 Tipton - Tipton by 30 MG - MG by as many as they want Eastbrook - Eastbrook by 30 Alex - Alex wins this one by as many as they want
  4. Oak Hill @ Alex - This is going to be a really close game especially if Alex can’t get the defense on track. Give me Alex in a close one 28-24 Eastbrook @ Elwood - Eastbrook may score 100!! Frankton @ MG - Mg wins again this week and I think they will win handily. MG 35-14. I agree MG’s sectional draw was a huge blessing and huge for the program! MG wins 4 in a row and will play for a sectional championship and will have their first sectional victory since 2011. Huge for MG. Ole Miss @ Blackford - I believe Blackford can keep this close for awhile and will do that but Ole Miss pulls away in the second half. Ole Miss by 14-20
  5. Blackford @ MG - Blackford by 14 - 20 Eastbrook @ Frankton - Eastbrook by a lot Elwood @ Alex - Alex by a lot Ole Miss @ OH - Ole Miss by 3 scores!
  6. Alexandria @ Blackford - This is going to be a good game! Alex has a good offense and the Metz kid is a really good player! Sehy seems to have Blackford really clicking. I agree and think it will come down to who can make the most defensive stops and control the clock and I think Blackford will do that better this week. Blackford by 7-14 Frankton @ Elwood - Frankton gets their first and only win of the season. Frankton by 3 scores. MG @ Ole Miss - MG is definitely improved from recent years and are very similar in talent from last year. They still have a ways to go and are probably only a 2-3 win team this season but are definitely much improved and most definitely not Dirty lol. But in this one Ole Miss is much bigger and much more talented and will run away with it. Ole Miss by as much as they want. Oak Hill @ Eastbrook - Eastbrook keeps things rolling and are on their way to a CIC title as long as they don’t slip up and I don’t see that happening. Eastbrook by as many as they want.
  7. Elwood @ Oak Hill - Oak Hill by 3-4 scores Frankton @ Blackford - Blackford by a lot MG @ Alex - Think this will be a close game! Both teams are going to be ready to go and will both put up points but I think the key is can MG defend the pass good enough to come out with a win and that’s something I don’t think they will do this week. Alex by 7-14 Ole Miss @ Eastbrook - Going to be another great game between these two teams! Eastbrook is at home and I think they always have a major advantage at home. But with that being said I think this time Ole Miss comes out with the win! Mississinewas play makers prove to be just a little to much for the panthers. Mississinewa by 10
  8. Alex @ Frankton - Alex hasn’t performed quite to the level I thought they would in the first few weeks but I still feel they can be a good football team. Frankton sounds like they have some talent but are still trying to put things together. I’ll take Alex by 14! Blackford @ Oak Hill - This is an interesting game! Really expected Blackford to be 2-0 and have heard Oak Hill has been making a lot of improvements. Blackford loss to a good Monroe Central team and Oak Hill lost a close game to a good Eastern team. I think Blackford will pull ahead late and win by a touchdown or two. Madison Grant @ Eastbrook - If MG doesn’t let Eastbrook jump out early, which is what killed them last week I think this could be a really good game. Both offenses really chew up the clock especially MG but in the end I think Eastbrooks defense proves to be too tough and they pull ahead in the second half. Eastbrook by 10-14. Elwood @ Ole Miss - Mississinewa by however much they want.
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