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The question no one is asking...

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2 hours ago, TrojanDad said:

As we all do....

Just hope you show the exact same concern with driving a motor vehicle, influenza, heart disease prevention, alcohol consumption, eating habits, etc. as you do with Covid.  

BTW, we've experienced COVID up close and personal in our family, so try not to insinuate I don't care...but living life is about balancing risk.  We do it from the very moment we leave our beds in the morning.

But I don't have to wear a mask and socially distance to improve my diet or hold off from drinking.

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4 hours ago, Wedgebuster said:

I'm up here in Michigan with all of our own "interesting" ways of dealing with this virus.  Can someone tell me what the definition of a "Covid Contact" is in athletics.  The line from the governor's office up here is that in regular everyday life its "15 minutes of being within 6 feet or less".  

Well that literally never happens in a football game, even if you add up all the time of O and D-line contact in a game its not 15 minutes.  Yet your seeing entire programs shutdown over 1-2 cases.  Contact tracing......I get it, but what is their metric for a "contact"?  



That was the same standard in Indiana, but now the 15 minute standard can include cumulative time, and not just be one 15 minute segment. 

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I know 3 grade school children who have it who have not given it to their Mother.  The kids are running high fevers.  You are talking about something that is hard to put a handle on because we do not know.  People have gotten it and not sure how.  I see what too many people with families under 40 in stores without a mask and with many A-symptomatic you never know.  There is a lot of trash talking in piles and who is to say droplets do not fly when that is happening.  Be grateful we have gotten into week 4 and hoping for many more.  But one never knows what happen in a week or so.

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