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1 hour ago, Irishman said:

Phinisee enters the transfer portal. I wish the young man well wherever he lands. This team next season will definitely have Woodson's fingerprint on it. 



Would be interesting if he goes back home to Lafayette/West Lafayette...................


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Well the roller coaster that is IU Bball continues in the off season.


Fife is gone after one year and very weird situation that I can't decide if it is indeed negative might not be but overall the optics just not the best seems he will be off to Butler to join Matta .

Matta leaves again what exactly his role was as the season went on was murky at best BUT players seemed to wish him well (which was absent for Fife) so at the very least he was a guy the team enjoyed having around. 

Xavier Johnson who looked to be the true leader and back bone of a potentially talented roster was arrested for speeding in Bloomington so continued off court issues. Seems that it wont jeopardize his spot on the roster plenty of players in the Knight and post eras have had that the question is if the talent outweighs the issues ? right now it seems too . 


Coaching staff - Walsh is elevated which seems to be a VERY popular move within the program among players and coaches alike a staple in the program since Archie came. Hunter and Rosemond named associate HCs again Hunter big for Recruiting and Rosemond is a rising star in the coaching game (Rumor is U of L Kenny Paine had zeroed in to bring Rosemond on his staff) . 

Speaking of Recruiting - IU making a huge push for 5-Star Florida de-comitt and teammate of JHS at Montverde Academy in FLA Malik Reneau 6-9 PF is the 21st overall prospect in the country seems right now IU is the only planned visit this month . 

In addition class of 2023 5-star big man 6-10 C Kwame Evans Jr. announced his final 5 schools . The 2nd overall prospect in the class of 2023 is down to IU , Oregon, Auburn, UK and UCLA . (the twitter sphere of UK fans don't seem optimistic , a visit their recently did not go well ) rumors have said IU and Oregon to be the real front runners . 

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Class of 2022 5-Star top 30 Big man Malik Reneau commits' to Mike Woodson and Hoosiers former FLA Comitt he is teammates with JHS at Montverde Academy in FLA and a 2 time national champion. 

This makes IUs class of 2022 ranked 5th in nation and first in the Big 10 . It also provides and insurance policy for the IU front court if TJD decides to stay in the NBA Draft . Many believe is TJD return IU could begin as a top 10 team heading into next season. 

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