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Phil Jensen named new HC at Whitko

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Im a little surprised when I see some of these successful retired coaches come back for another stint, regardless of the level.

Things seem to be so much different now than they were 10, 20 , 30 years ago.

Seems like nothing but problems.

* Dwindling numbers

* Program apathy

* Poor administrative support

* Influence of lay coaching

* Declining game attendance

* The negative impacts of specialization

* Bad parents

* Referee shortages


Maybe Coach Jensen feels like a move from a big school to a small school will rekindle some of those old time feelings.  Reminds me a little of Brad Smith, who went from big schools (Portage/Highland/Crown Point) to small schools (Attica/Fountain Central)  

Its rare indeed that we see this type of move.  

Best of luck to Coach Jensen and hope that he finds lots of small school spirit at Whitco.




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@DT    He took exactly 1 year off from Warsaw to now Whitko 

I am sure he understands the current climate of Indiana H.S. Football 

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As a Whitko grad I think it's a good hire. If you read the Times Union article, it talks about him intentionally balancing life as a coach and father. That's a trend that seems to be appearing more in the profession and I will be rooting for Coach Jensen even more because of it. 

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