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12 years , 3 coaches , dozens of different players . Last night they looked like the same old IU Big Ten road performance. 1 step forward - 2 steps back it’s sad I want them to succeed I like Mike Woodson I get these are young college kids but as a fan it’s just so darn frustrating to watch it time and time again 


i realize the glory days are long gone and so do most rational fans . I just want a program that can consistently compete in the top half of the Big Ten . Win 21-25 games a year and be a solid presence in the NCAA tourney and who knows when a run can happen ? 

your roster is comprised of an All American , 2 5-star freshman and multiple seniors and you can’t win a road game against a team that is 0-3 in the Big Ten and lost to Eastern Illinois at home ? 

I know it’s early January BUT these next couple of games might decide to fate of the Hoosiers this season they could dig themselves a hole they won’t get out of like they almost did last year 

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