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  1. The TD Shelbyville scored was on the opening kick off...
  2. I am interested in the answer...have already read DT theory on Shelbyville weeks ago......
  3. Play down is NO WAY to build a program. It creates false hope. Coach the kid in a scheme that they can win in. I haven't seen the team play since their last coach but if I had to guess they are trying to run some sort of spread. correct me if I am wrong. Please
  4. Not sure what you mean as a legacy community ? What proud tradition do they hold ?
  5. 2018 Shelbyville News introduction report of Coach Clevenger said... he felt conference games are always great. Now he does not ?
  6. N/P could join the EIAC big boys...Connersville. Rushville join Shelbyville somewhere. EC would finally get some worth playing. ( Will have to work on a plan get back with you later )
  7. 24 hours later / 2 post and no Love for my man Steve Moorman. What say You?
  8. The Question was most underrated was it not...Steve Moorman .....YES Steve Moorman. Winning at 3 IPS schools.
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