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  1. A name to throw out there... Mike Leonard....Franklin College. Would only have to coach... Most likely better pay... Kids would love him...
  2. Hey KFI was it not your man coach BOOM who brought the Double Wing to the EIAC? And did not EC run some Double Wing under Jr's regime to help him win a state champion ship?
  3. Brought this up a couple of weeks ago...not much interest then. Leaving a ( will not say rebuild As the job was never BUILD ) building job to a MAJOR BUILD. Oak Hills area athletes go to Elder ( a catholic school ) ( a subject i was talking about last week which Bobref got board with) ? Is will JR bring his type of football to the west side or will he try to match up his few athletes to the athletes of many to big time Cincinnati high school football. Spread for the wealthy....power/option for ever one else. Just wandering....
  4. Since 2000 the number of private school state championships per class. Going from 1A to 4A since no private school has the enrollment for 5A or 6a They would be in those classes do to the Succes Factor 4A 13 out of 18 3A 12 out of 18 2A 11 out of 18 1A 7 out of 18 Public schools way out number Private Please correct me if I am wrong with my numbers COWBELL DROPS HIS COWBELL DINGGGG
  5. Between this game or the New Pal loss can't tell what game I liked best. Never said public can't win. Just private win More state games. A lot less private school then public. True or False
  6. Not RIDICULOUS Private schools drops enrollment, cut teachers. Win win Private schools pay their teachers less. Win win Football team wins championships. Win win More prominent people want there kids to be apart of that. Low enrollment higher the tuition.. It's what you would call Supply and Demand
  7. Born on Beach Creek, Clay co KY. Moved to Indy. Went to IPS 78 until bussing started then across town to 38.. ( finally indoor plumbing ) momma got sick, daddy got down. Back to Beach creek a couple years. Then finished at Arsenal Technical high schools. Explains grammer and computer skills. HONEST
  8. Yes it can be done...even a blind squirrel will find a nut once in a while. Plus there is bad recruiting years. Alabama lost this weekend.
  9. Dam George O It will take a wile for me and my old IPS education to read and break this down. But I will .....get back to you soon
  10. With out the SF how many private school are in 6A or 5A. LaSalle in Ohio could never win a state championship at D1. They dropped there enrollment to D2 and now dominate. They have no plans at raising there enrollment now.
  11. We put fools in our highest office all the time. If I could only speak like ( and spell ) like Lysander I would have a cult following. Every once in a while even DT has something intelligent to say. Fool or not.
  12. Also my beef is with the IHSAA / OHSAA And any other AA that allows recruiting and schools that hold there enrollment down to pacific numbers to better them shelf in football.
  13. Look up state championship... See who they are dominated by That's who my beef is with
  14. Open enrollment only works for city schools. The kids that do not get scholarship offers and want to play for a better team...Perry Meridian kids will go to South Port or Center grove and so on. The success has weekend Indiana football. 4A has been a joke for the last few years. SF was just a way for IHSAA to quiet down the public schools. What they should do is tell the Private schools they can play during the regular season but come playoffs they are on there own. Spell check time Lysander
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