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  1. Some stats.... No starter played more than 29 plays Technically cant play JV game cause JV started playing in 2nd quarter 21 points...no defesne ever came on field Rushville punter at 6 yards kicked into hands Fumbled kick off. Last pass for TD was a bubble pass...
  2. Not 100% to blame. The kids have to want to play. BUT I'm sure they are babied and it's never their fault they lose...it's everyone else...coaches, AD, bus driver, anyone but them.
  3. I agree 100%. You can't ignore the rule book. 1st this rule then the next. When does it end? The kids have to want to win the coaches can't do it for them. It starts with pre season workouts (how many kids from Rushville show up)? How many are in the weight room. FOotball is not just a Friday night sport. You need commitment year round.
  4. I can say the best Hot Dogs that I have had was at Pike high school Indy. That was 7 yrs ago though not sure if it still holds. Rushville has these steak sandwiches that are unbelievably. Have seen visiting coaching staffs send their assistants to get in line at pregame so they could start the game right.
  5. Not a economic major here. But if I am buying some Tiger BL's with gate money. I can get more from a Cincinnati team. Or I would say that there is many Nap town teams that travel better then the people from Stink Town. Hell STC will travel but he usually to many deep to make it inside the gates.
  6. I believe they were in their own lane. Then EC put them back on the schedule. Was it just for a W? What say you SEB?
  7. Are you on the Unemployment line this morning.
  8. Bulldogs over Gillys house Bulldogs QB can not be stopped in this game. Air squats all night. The O'fers continue for the Bears. Upset alert Lions over the Indians. Connersville vs Richmond Internal problems for the Red Devils Connersville wins a close one. Chicken and jo Joe's to much for New Castle. BOOM BOYS and the Double Wing over the Owls. Game of the week. Can the Tigers hold on for 4 quarters. With a Catholic school type of recruiting year I say so. TIG...ERS by 2 TD's over the Big Red and Black.
  9. EIAC South Dearborn: New turf Beautiful. Need stands replaced Batesville: Home stands one of a kind. Nice venue Greensburg: Not visitor friendly. Small stands on the ground. Visitor team press box on the ground. 👎 Rushville: Old timey. Steak sandwiches from concessions 🤩🤩🤩🤩 East Central: As everything else there. Top Class Lawrenceburg: Neat setting. Good places to eat afterwards. Great place to play. Connersville: Press box is nice. Franklin County: Visitors stands 👎
  10. Well the clown is slowing down. Could it be because Kitty is coming to town. The Tigers are on a roll But the Spartans are hoping to take control STINKY. STINK.. STINK... 1. 2.. 3... What say theeee....
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