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  1. Downtown Mishawaka, Prized Pig is a new BBQ joint...pick up your tailgating meat there and head back to Roc's (also right downtown) after the game. Southside of SB, where you will get off of 31 has BW's, WIngs Etc, Hacienda, and the usual Applebees/McD's/etc.
  2. At the top of the main box on his site are the archives. Sagarin back to 2009 it looks like. http://pastfb.homestead.com/files/archives.htm#loaded
  3. How many feet up does it need to reach? A- less than 31 B - 31 C- over 31
  4. The Harrell site showed Whiting and Wheeler as postponed
  5. I thought I had heard at one point that this series would continue as non-conference after the move.
  6. I agree, the amount approved is high but it is the kids that do not get approved because they came from schools that basically do not sign off on anybody. They may be few and far between, but they are there and I hate that they can keep a kid from playing a year of high school sports when a kid a town over can transfer w/o consequence.
  7. My problem is that the schools decide. Some will always sign off while others will never sign off. The fact that this isn't a uniform rule across the state and is left to the hands of individual schools is bothersome in that similar circumstances are not treated similarly.
  8. Was Luers 3A because of enrollment or success? I thought enrollment
  9. Any chance New Prairie goes to the Duneland? They are currently in the NIC North....with Mishawaka leaving and the rumor mill spinning about a Penn independence, the NIC could turn into a "last one out turn out the lights" conference. NP geographically makes the an outlier in every conference but still a possibility in a number of conferences.
  10. Andrean, Noll, Wheeler, Bremen, LaVille, Fairfield, Culver Community, SouthCentral -----grass
  11. Mishawaka marian, John Glenn, Knox, Lakeland, Tippy Valley----grass
  12. http://www.ihsaa.org/Portals/0/ihsaa/documents/quick resources/Enrollments & Classifications/football schools 19-20.pdf The 2019 classifications are listed first and then the 2020 at the bottom.
  13. I dont understand what you are fighting here. According to the classifications distributed by the IHSAA, Elkhart schools will play 5A in 2019 and then 6A in 2020 with Valpo moving down. Not sure if you didnt see this or you are just against this?
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