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  1. SBFootball1

    2019 Rule Changes

    Thank you!
  2. SBFootball1

    2019 Rule Changes

    That is too bad. Are those that miss not considered IHSAA officials anymore? Obviously this would mean these crews arent doing tourney games, but does IHSAA have any say on who can ref a regular season game? Sorry if these are dumb questions, just not sure how it all works from the officiating end.
  3. SBFootball1

    2019 Rule Changes

    Thank you. I am looking forward to seeing the wording/clarification on this POE. I feel like there is a lot of inconsistency when it comes to enforcement of low blocks. That is not a knock on officials at all, in conversations with many crews, their understanding and definitions vary and hopefully this will push more consistency.
  4. SBFootball1

    2019 Rule Changes

    Can anyone expand on this? Points of emphasis this year include proper procedures for weather delays, the expanded neutral zone as it applies to run or pass options, and the free blocking zone and illegal blocking.
  5. SBFootball1

    Get Back Coach

    I thought the same thing while watching this. If a player was out there with that much tunnel vision and lost look, we would pull him from the game!
  6. SBFootball1

    Officials and the Media

    I like this idea. There will never be 100% agreement on calls made on the field, as is witnessed every Saturday and Sunday when expert pundits try to tell us which way a review will go. The amount of times these experts are wrong just shows that there is so much subjectivity, and getting an explanation as the the "why" of some calls would be refreshing. What did they see? What made them throw/not throw the flag? Yes, there are many who would still yell and complain just as loudly as ever, but it would be interesting and insightful for everyone else.
  7. What is the number of football playing schools for 2019? A lot of GOOD teams right near the class cut lines....will be interesting to see where it all shakes out w/ success factor, non-football playing schools, etc.