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  1. Is this a normal practice, to accept a new head coaching job but keep/send applications out for a better gig? Calumet got a very good coach, and I suppose you have to do what you have to do from a personal standpoint. I just feel for the kids in the Niles program who haven't had much success lately, get a coach in talking up a plan/vision, and then having him leave them high and dry 2 months before the season.
  2. What, having to add or subtract an hour on watches? There are issues because people want excuses. Indy is about 2.5 hours away and if you go each direction from Warsaw the same distance, you have plenty of like sized schools to choose from: from Lansing, to Indy and Toledo to Chicago. Don't get me wrong, glad Coach Curtis has been able to make this happen with the schedule, but I am not very sympathetic to the "woe is me at Warsaw, we are too big and dont have anyone else to play". You could if you think outside the box with scheduling, especially with football that plays once a week. And this isn't anti-Warsaw either, Penn is the same way. Not sure if its laziness or apathy changes could be made to make these teams premier but no one is willing to go that route.
  3. Paul Page and George Dury run the camp: ppage@pjpinvestmentsllc.com(317) 945-5914 Coach George Dury georgedury@sbcglobal.net(317) 590-5549
  4. "It was awesome! We left Wednesday from New Carlisle for Evansville on Wednesday, so we needed 4 nights in a hotel....but it was so worth it to beat Laporte in the semi-finals and South Bend West in the championship!"
  5. Most of these things are cyclical but there may be a few trends in our area pointing towards a swing back towards high school sports and their importance. Look at the Elkhart county schools? many have added turf fields, weight room additions and improvements in many of the schools, and it seems more coaches in the buildings for football than we have in Saint Joseph County. SJ County, as usual is behind the 8-bal but the signs of life are there : Penn's huge upgrades, SBCSC putting turf at School Field, and the "new" Saint Joe facilities. It may be a slow process, but hopefully the pendulum does swing back in favor of high school sports and football, in particular.
  6. I think you are correct, but this may also lead to an even bigger coaching shortage. If you are asking a HC and one assistant to do the work of what was done by 4-5, burnout is going to get very real. I think we are already seeing it and it does not look like a situation that will improve any time soon.
  7. This is what worries me about starting too young. I am sure I will get some flak for this, and I am not making a blanket statement about youth coaches, but are there enough good coaches teaching proper fundamentals and safety techniques? It is hard enough to fill high school staffs with people who are willing to put in the time to learn and then teach all of this correctly while still making it enjoyable for the KIDS. I love getting kids involved in the sport, especially properly. I worry that having 8 year olds having to travel from South Bend to Orlando to play for a championship gets away from the fundamentals/teaching process and exerts an emphasis on winning way too early. Maybe I am wrong, but I would think youth football programs at that age are our sport's equivalent to t-ball and I don't think we have t-ball tourneys/national championships...at least I hope not!
  8. That is more along the lines of what I am thinking. Introduce them to the game, but keep it fun and safe and make them want to play as they get older.
  9. Interesting perspective. Would you also change the driving age to 18 and not start schooling at all until 18 so the individual can make their choice on that as an adult?
  10. I saw story recently about a local Pop Warner team, 8U, winning a national championship. As much as I love football, so much about this made me cringe: 1- Do 8 year olds need to be playing tackle football? And, forgive me if i am wrong, i just assumed it is full contact since they looked like they were in full pads. 2- Even if 8 year olds are playing full contact, tackle football, do they need to be playing in a "national tournament" or should they be focused on fundamentals. 3- Is this growing in popularity, do we have to worry about the AAU'ing of football? Maybe I am just becoming a curmudgeon in my old age. I love the positive publicity in South Bend, that is for sure, but I worry about the effects starting football this young will have on our kids. Burn out, fatigue, injury, and loss of interest isnt anything that football needs right now.
  11. Do you really believe a school like CC is going out and recruiting by position? That wasn't meant to be a snarky question, I genuinely wonder if that is really the case?
  12. It seems as if the IHSAA has dug in against co-ops but their is some light in the 8-man discussion...but I could be wrong on that. Whichever helps make football in our state better and gets more people playing, I am all for!
  13. WIthout destroying two conferences, could these two conferences do a split for football only? Bold teams one half, the rest in the other?
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