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  1. Was Luers 3A because of enrollment or success? I thought enrollment
  2. Any chance New Prairie goes to the Duneland? They are currently in the NIC North....with Mishawaka leaving and the rumor mill spinning about a Penn independence, the NIC could turn into a "last one out turn out the lights" conference. NP geographically makes the an outlier in every conference but still a possibility in a number of conferences.
  3. Andrean, Noll, Wheeler, Bremen, LaVille, Fairfield, Culver Community, SouthCentral -----grass
  4. Mishawaka marian, John Glenn, Knox, Lakeland, Tippy Valley----grass
  5. http://www.ihsaa.org/Portals/0/ihsaa/documents/quick resources/Enrollments & Classifications/football schools 19-20.pdf The 2019 classifications are listed first and then the 2020 at the bottom.
  6. I dont understand what you are fighting here. According to the classifications distributed by the IHSAA, Elkhart schools will play 5A in 2019 and then 6A in 2020 with Valpo moving down. Not sure if you didnt see this or you are just against this?
  7. Does anyone know the threshold of getting these items on to this agenda? I would imagine it is not every proposal brought to the IHSAA, so are these vetted/discussed/etc prior to this meeting? I guess the main question is, what are the chances of any/all of these things passing? I realize some are just verbiage corrections but others are significant changes.
  8. The joke is on you...they actually listed 6 "chief" or "executive" titled positions at the admin building. So your 5 was way off! 😉
  9. It does say, "no more than 4 backs", so I believe if a team does not have enough players on the field but have at least 5 on the line and no more than 4 backs, it is still a legal formation.
  10. Thanks for the info. It does make sense, especially in a smaller corporation....hopefully it makes sense here!
  11. When Tom Noie broke this news last night, I was shocked. During a time when, in many cases, the students, not the parents, are choosing which high school to go to,a corporation that cant afford to lose more students and needs ways to attract students has sent a message that athletics are an afterthought. Just from a marketing standpoint, this move makes no sense. Are there any other situations like this in the state, or do most schools have a full-time athletic director? It seems that most of the schools in our area have an AD and possibly an assistant or a secretary as well. Are any AD's also assistant principals/deans/other titles in other cases? I ask because I genuinely don't know.
  12. I am not a big fan of 11v11 football at such an early age anyways. Someone mentioned above these kids just arent built to get in these stances yet...well, that is a part of the game so maybe these kids should not be playing full on football yet? I think football is such a different beast than a baseball/soccer/basketball where you can lower a rim, use a tee, etc.I love that part of the uniqueness of our game is that there is such a short window that most of us can actually play...and this includes not being able to play organized football at such a young age.
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