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  1. Anything to do with Charter schools being able to buy a closed public school for a $1?
  2. This could go horribly wrong. Remove everyone's snow shovels and then the snow comes back?!?
  3. That is a slap in the face to the majority of coaches that will bend over backwards to help get their kids into a school and, in particular, one that fits. With the advent of Hudl and Maxpreps (and others), access to film, stats, data, etc is easier than ever before. I guess i am just disappointed in the laziness of the football players in our state who keep choosing the "easier" route as a walk-on. 🙄
  4. Why couldnt it be just as rewarding for that guy who never sniffed action? Maybe they are at their dream school, suiting up for the team they have wanted to play for since they were little? Every day they are out there practicing, weightlifting, attending meetings, etc....maybe the role on Saturday's isnt what they dreamed, but they are still there, living out the path that 18 year old them led them down. The same could be said for the guy that chooses a smaller school and ends up starting for 4 years instead of taking the WO route. It is rewarding because it was his route and his choices.
  5. I don't understand your argument here: School A - "we like you and want you to be a walk on" School B - " we like you and want to offer you a full sholarship" Student-Athlete - " i want to take my chances at school A" The student saw what options they had and made a choice. Until Saban turns a kid down in order to boost Chattahoochee Valley Community College's program, i think this is a non-issue.
  6. I too am disappointed and dumbfounded that a Big Ten coach would go out and try to get the best talent in the state on his roster. 🙄 First IU didnt recruit enough in state, now he is taking too many guys. Can't have it both ways. Some of these kids have D1/Big Ten dreams and this may be the only route to pursue those dreams. More power to them!
  7. That is because the frequency interferes with MOST endzone cameras!
  8. Sad news out of Mishawaka. he has been a part of the game in this area for a long time. Prayers to his family and friends.
  9. Definite possibility. Could be advantageous for a few schools...Jimtown, Concord, Northridge at first glance, potentially Penn, Edwardsburg, SJ, Marian
  10. It is a body of water to be ferried across...according to Gerry and the Pacemakers
  11. Glenn showed some signs of life at times and then did things to make you scratch your head. It would be nice to see a solid season from the Falcons. Bremen was young and should be exponentially better this year. Jimtown and Washington had a lot of seniors so will need to rebuild in a hurry. Riley could be sitting in a nice spot heading into the fall. Recent woes at Clay make that a tough sell. It would be nice if a young coach from the area could take it over and turn it around but i could see building an experienced staff being difficult in this scenario. Jimtown is a totally different bird.This is an important hire at this time....admins must decide whether they want to keep with the Baugo faithful and what they have known or branch out in their thinking/style of play. I think this is a tough hire but hopefully they find their right man.
  12. Jimtown and Clay jobs still open. Any word on timetables for filling either of these spots? With interim coach at Riley this year, 3 of the NIC South will have new HC's. Should be a wide open battle for top spot in the South.
  13. So put a multiplier on the ingredients and everything will be better? And if a cookie does well in the contest too often, he should compete against cakes? I am not naive, obviously not all coaches are handed the same deck...hell, that can be from year to year at some schools. However, It is disingenuous to say the earlier commenter meant because of recruiting when saying "put the pieces together".
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