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  1. From another thread, compliments of @JustRules: This change was made because under the previous rule if you only had 10 players on offense with 4 backs and 6 linemen you were guilty of an illegal formation even though you were at a disadvantage of having not enough players. This change removes that as a foul and matches the NCAA rule. What both versions are trying to prevent is lining up 10 of your players at ends or backs so they are all eligible. They included the "minimum of 5 on the line" even though that's already covered by the numbering requirement. They really didn't need to mention it here but they did and it's creating a lot of confusion. You could legally snap with 6 players if you wanted (5 lineman and a back to receive the snap). From an officiating mechanics standpoint, wings were usually counting backs anyway. As long as the R/U confirmed there were 11 players, they only had to make sure there were no more than 4 backs. If the R/U counted 10 players, then the wings would make sure there were no more than 3 backs. Now the wings don't have to worry about how many players there are on offense for this formation rule.
  2. Has to be related to ineligible linemen downfield? Big guys are doing their best in the R phase and the QB has other plans in the P phase. Defensive coaches are lobbying for the call all the time.
  3. HanShotFirst

    Too Much Awesomeness

    Amen to that. His buddies Bo Nickal and Mark Hall are juggernauts. Sanderson has got that program firing on all cylinders.
  4. HanShotFirst

    Too Much Awesomeness

    Was able to watch the young man wrestle at the ECC Semi-State this past Saturday. Lost a tough one to CP in the ticket round. Truly incredible - a story which transcends sports!
  5. Interesting. Never thought to play devil's advocate. So much stock gets put into high-scoring offenses - I never considered the defensive POV.
  6. Nothing about intentional grounding?!? It baffles me how the high school level has the most strict interpretation of this rule. Kids see quarterbacks avoid sacks by chucking it away on Saturdays and Sundays but cannot do the same on Friday nights.
  7. Not football related but had to share: http://www.inkfreenews.com/2019/02/08/once-a-slave-warsaws-jacob-bass-celebrates-freedom-through-wrestling/
  8. I can think of a couple from around the Region. Football coach at Munster and baseball coach at Griffith. Another was football at Kankakee Valley and basketball at Covenant Christian.
  9. Paoli Athletic Department just posted the head football coaching position. Seems to corroborate the aforementioned hiring of Jeremy Lowery at LaPorte, no?
  10. HanShotFirst

    Southbend Washington hire made

    Isn't SBCSC open enrollment?
  11. I'm with you - seems rather subjective. Especially if you are a smaller school playing larger competition. If you are a 4A program and start 0-2 against 6A programs, that's to be expected, right? One hopes you are able to match the physicality of those programs, thinking this will pay dividends when you match up with a program your own size. Just have to hope the team stays healthy to make it to that point. Curious if there are other examples out there like the 2005 Red Devils? I remember a LaPorte team finishing 4-5 and making it to the Dome.
  12. What are the general opinions about frontloading a team's non-conference schedule? Is it worth the risk of potentially starting the season 0-2? 0-3? Even 0-4? I remember a pretty good Lowell team who started 1-4, only to rattle off ten straight and win the state championship, but this has to be few and far between.
  13. HanShotFirst

    Southbend Washington hire made

    Awesome to hear. Let's hope this translates to a winning culture. I remember the days of David Perkins and Gehrig Dieter not so long ago.
  14. HanShotFirst

    Southbend Washington hire made

    Interesting hire. Coaching experience of 23 years, roughly half of those with a middle school program. Seems a man of character and a five-star rating on "rate my prof" to boot! 😂
  15. Correct! Google suggests he played running back for Geesman in the late-80s, finishing as the 5A state runner-up to Carmel, losing 7-10. Head coach at Paoli for the past two years, won a sectional and lead the 2A Rams to a 21-4 mark. Looks like the flexbone offense will be alive and well at Kiwanis field! Ought to make for a fun week two matchup as Penn and LaPorte will square off this season.