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  1. That's the message I received. Hobart was kept without helmets or equipment until this week. Valpo is not scrimmaging Hobart as a result.
  2. With a little digging... Lowell: QB returns with a slew of RBs. Highland: Stud RB/FB/LB Rios is back. KV: QB returns for a third campaign. I'd guess that the week six clash of Andrean/Hobart will decide the conference championship. Lowell/KV/Highland in the middle looking to play spoiler. Munster bringing up the rear.
  3. The Red Devils are always a solid team. One of the top programs in the area, year in and year out. I'd venture they've earned the right to be considered a contender.
  4. Andrean plays a difficult schedule, regularly facing larger opponents. Added two difference-makers on offense from neighboring private schools in Illinois. Throw in a healthy #3, and the Niners will be a very tough out come playoff time.
  5. Russ gonna get Knox rolling quick enough to factor into this year's playoffs?
  6. Unfamiliar with New Prairie outside of Russ leaving and the OT Whitenack not being happy about it. Putting a lot of stock into the Valpo hire, McKim?
  7. I'll piggyback on Merrillville. If they can produce a QB, there is plenty of talent around him. Picking up two D-1 transfers from Morton sure helps! Their early matchups with Andrean and Hobart then later date with Valpo are circled on my calendar!
  8. The Valparaiso Vikings dominate the Sectional, crush Concord/Mishawaka, win a tight one over the Saints - the new QB Grimes making all the difference, then eke out a win over the Irish of Cathedral during Thanksgiving weekend. 5A State Champs!
  9. Renegade? Outlaw? Does this mean he is also a "maverick"?
  10. Do tell! What's the update? I'm sure we're all curious!
  11. Agreed, The Brickies cannot rest on the laurels of last year's achievements. John Harrell's site suggests they will be tested early and often. Chesterton, Merrillville, Lowell, and Andrean in the early stages of their season. If I'm not mistaken, they also scrimmage Valparaiso, correct?
  12. What effect will the newly appointed Hammond Central Wolves have on the tournament pairings in 2021? Projecting them as a 5A team? What about the consolidation at Morton? Another 5A team next cycle?
  13. State admin just nixed school/facility access until at least June 30th. Earliest team availability now stands at July 6th. IMO, still plenty of time to prepare for a regular season start date.
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