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  1. Agreed. It's like watching the undercard of a UFC fight. Both guys have something to prove and go all out to get that coveted W.
  2. Meeting works with official announcement of the new sectional alignments. Rumblings made mention of early May, correct?
  3. As I recall, Joe Frazier stole the show when he learned, very publicly, that he was unable to swim whilst competing in a swimming competition. Unafraid of failure, I wish this mentality would find its way into today's youth. Kids would rather never try at all, than try and subsequently fail.
  4. A multi-faceted match-up, there are many depths to this debate. Arguably, Forrest is the better athlete. A scholarship player at the University of Alabama and a world-class ping pong player, Mr. Gump's speed, reflexes, and reaction times are unquestioned. Ridiculously strong, Forrest carried his entire platoon (on his back) from the forests of Vietnam in live combat. However, Forrest is an A to B runner. His speed is unparalleled, but could we count on him to make Bobby miss? Is there any lateral movement in that body? He did get shot in the buttocks. (Everyone knows you've got to zig-zag - a la Game of Thrones.) Bobby is a self-professed water boy with a killer instinct. Using inner turmoil and conflict as his motivators, Mr. Boucher finds his way into the Bourbon Bowl, with the South Central Louisiana State Mud Dogs - not exactly SEC football. Should Forrest not anger the Waterboy, could Bobby find a reason to "show no mercy" to the amicable Mr. Gump? All things considered, my money is on Boucher, knowing that he is well hydrated and able to outlast Forrest. Too many Dr. Peppers leave Gump ailing in the southerly climate!
  5. Compliments of @Zonefball : Forrest squeaks out a 6 point victory over Falco, probably on a game winning drive...toss was called more than once. Boucher with a solid win, 33-13, Sunshine was no match for that defensive prowess. Which leaves us with the original question of Gump vs. Boucher. It was eloquently debated a month prior to this matchup by great logical minds, better known as real men of genius.
  6. In the ultimate battle of offense versus defense, who reigns in gridiron supremacy?
  7. Living in Da Region is easy. Just about every school in the state is SOUTHEAST of us. Don't know where the school's located? Just reply, "SOUTHEAST of here."
  8. Quarterfinals for the bracket. Will close voting next Tuesday (April 2).
  9. And that's the bottom line - cuz Stone Cold (Bleacher Report) said so!
  10. As the newest member of the 64-man selection committee, what parameters will you use to seed the athletes if not third-party awards? Championships? SPOILER ALERT: The winners and losers are scripted! 😱
  11. Hating on the American Hero!?! King Kurt was voted the Wrestler of the Decade for the 2000s and has finished in the Top-4 vote-getters for Wrestler of the Year four times. Undertaker has finished in the Top-4 just one time in his career, finishing in 4th place.
  12. @MarkCalaway Don't threaten me with a good time... Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, and Kurt Angle are the #1 seeds. John Cena, The Rock, The Undertaker, and Bret Hart at the 2s... 🤣
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