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  1. Agreed, The Brickies cannot rest on the laurels of last year's achievements. John Harrell's site suggests they will be tested early and often. Chesterton, Merrillville, Lowell, and Andrean in the early stages of their season. If I'm not mistaken, they also scrimmage Valparaiso, correct?
  2. What effect will the newly appointed Hammond Central Wolves have on the tournament pairings in 2021? Projecting them as a 5A team? What about the consolidation at Morton? Another 5A team next cycle?
  3. State admin just nixed school/facility access until at least June 30th. Earliest team availability now stands at July 6th. IMO, still plenty of time to prepare for a regular season start date.
  4. Gehrig Dieter of SB Washington - Week 1 w/ 373 yards receiving to break Indiana State record. Follows that up with 447 yards receiving and four TDs to set national record in Week 3. 1,158 yards receiving through 3 games. https://www.hudl.com/video/3/645504/5721a8f7b019261f808e1720
  5. It's official... April 2, 2020 IHSAA Spring Sports Officially Cancelled The Indiana High School Athletic Association staunchly supports our Governor, our State Commissioner of Health and our State Superintendent of Public Instruction in their herculean efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are extremely fortunate in Indiana to have these exemplary leaders providing guidance and care to all Hoosiers. With the announcement today of the closure of K-12 schools throughout Indiana for the remainder of the school year, the IHSAA announces the cancellation of all spring sports tournament series events for the 2019- 20 school year. It is imperative that our students, coaches, officials, administrators and parents be encouraged in every manner to adhere to the guidance provided by our leadership. The Association understands the extreme seriousness of this pandemic and joins in support of current measures being implemented as well as future considerations. In unwavering support yet with extreme sadness, we must cancel our spring sports programming. We join all Hoosiers in anticipation of a triumphant homecoming back to our schools in the fall of 2020 complete with a full complement of IHSAA sports. The Association continues to remind its member schools and the general public to follow the guidance of the governor and the Indiana State Department of Health via IN.gov/coronavirus.
  6. A reminder that Griffith STOMPED Andrean 48-14 in the regular season matchup. Up 42-7 Griffith went for two and later faked a punt, up 42-14. This was one of the greatest Region rivalries of the time. Following this reception and 2-point conversion, Andrean would go on to finish the season as 2004 3A State Champions, defeating Heritage Hills 21-14. Great article about it here: https://www.regionsports.com/2016/11/02/football-unbelievable-unforgettable-part-1/
  7. Craziest series of plays I've seen. Height of Convicts vs. Catholics. Andrean down 7 with two minutes remaining in the Sectional Championship. Andrean @ Griffith - 4th & 26
  8. Per Twitter, JoJo has committed to the Northern Illinois Huskies. Another Pirate, Jeremiah Howard signed with them last fall.
  9. I don't see his run-heavy offense working in the DAC. The entire scheme relies on washing down the front and getting the edge - DAC defenders are too big and too fast. Sharpe's Slicers had their success running trap right down the pipe, confusing teenagers with misdirection and fake hand-offs. Time will tell...
  10. I'll agree that the Vikings have the potential to make a return trip to LOS. Merrillville may struggle early, replacing both quarterbacks; though there is plenty of play-making ability in Armani Glass and now Mr. Johnson.
  11. According to his Twitter, Dierre Kelly has also made his way back to Merrillville High School. Looks like the Pirates reload going into the 2020 campaign. https://247sports.com/player/dierre-kelly-46085622/
  12. Cannot speak for Dave Coyle, but Jason Renn is currently on Merrillville's staff.
  13. With the sectional draw fast approaching, what are some the potential Week 10 (11) match-ups that coaches are dreading? Around here is the potential for Merrillville to pull 6A #2 Lafayette Jeff..
  14. You are correct. Something like five or six sectional championships in a row for Kilmer's Devils? We will learn a lot when Lowell plays the Govs in Week 3. I imagine Hobart probably fits somewhere into this sectional equation, too. I am sure they are licking their chops, coming home to Lake County from their recent adventures out east.
  15. While 4A East Chicago would be a true Cinderella story, there is a legit dark horse in Hammond Morton. Stud QB, D-I receiver and DE. They will be on everyone's radar in short order.
  16. Got to see Valpo's defense in action at last Friday's scrimmage. They are the real deal. Impact players at all three levels. Jones and Dingman, Krutz and Beller - these dudes get to the ball!
  17. That's what I'm saying! How quickly we forget. This Valpo team lost in the 6A Semistate by four points. The defensive line, anchored by two standout juniors, is going to be a problem for a lot of offensive fronts. If Valpo's offense can produce, they've got just as good of a shot as anybody - not just this season, but next year as well.
  18. With most schools returning to school August 12 or earlier, there is the potential for one - maybe two - of these practice days according to IHSAA restrictions. Long gone are the days where one would show up at 7 in the morning and leave at dusk.
  19. I believe he is playing football at Southern Illinois University this fall.
  20. Yes, Cooper has been offered by IU, Michigan, and Central Michigan. Dad played at Notre Dame in the late 80s.
  21. For this year, you'd have to think Michigan City will likely run into Snider or Dwenger at semi-state. New Pal lurking in the south. Look for Valparaiso to make a run in two years. Dropping from 6A to 5A, the community has been talking about this particular class for quite some time.
  22. Man, my heart can't take much more... Avengers Endgame... Game of Thrones... IHSAA Sectional Alignment...
  23. Agreed. It's like watching the undercard of a UFC fight. Both guys have something to prove and go all out to get that coveted W.
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