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  1. HH should hope in the delorian and head to the ville in 2016 or 17 and see how they do. Those warriors teams beat chatard 2 years in a row then
  2. The only thing missing is some of @Tanka Jahari fart sandwiches and some rhymes from Stinky, stink, stink...1,2,3 @StinkTownClown https://youtu.be/gDB9cvJgPRU
  3. Listened on the radio. Game was everything it was supposed to be and then some
  4. Definitely did a double take when I saw Indian Creek fell to West Vigo
  5. There is one in West Lafayette at sagamore pkwy(US 52) and salisbury st just behind the CVS
  6. Jeffs schedule causes me concern for them to make a deep tournament run. This has been an issue for them for years
  7. North Vermillion at Fountain Central North Vermillion gets a break this week after the battle in Cayuga last friday NV 42 FC 0 South Vermillion at Seeger Hopefully the patriots can keep the ball rolling after the impressive win over sheridan last week. Seeger 35 SV 21 Tri-County at Covington Brown and the men of troy are too much for the cavaliers Covington 28 Tri County 7 Riverton Parke at Parke Heritage Hearing how the panthers did the kid from south vermillion dirty, I have to agree with a few others on here and hope Moore and the wolfs blank them Parke Heritage 56 RP 0 Attica at North Central Farmersburg Attica looking for redemption after what most would call an upset last week Attica 28 NC 14
  8. What a football game! Sectionals will be interesting
  9. Parke heritage - 30 North vermillion - 34 6:00 4th Q
  10. Parke heritage - 14 North vermillion - 28 mid 3rd quarter
  11. Parke heritage - 14 North vermillion - 20 3rd quarter
  12. Would be handy in a game such as this one
  13. How about the patriots! 42 - 7 over sheridan
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