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  1. I understand what you are saying. I was referring to the above comment from taps.
  2. Let's not start conversations about kids when we do not know all of the details
  3. Should time zone be considered when a drive is less than 90 minutes? I just cannot see time zone having anything to do with the discussion. With them having to move two teams from the geographic footprint of the sectional, it will happen in one of two ways, Sullivan and Washington will go North, or SR and HH will go East. Based on the numbers in the other sectionals and their geography, I think that HH and SR both go East. We will know soon enough.
  4. In terms of common sense and geography, if you send one east, do you not have to send them both?
  5. They have been released ... and Bosse is 3A. In case anyone was wondering.
  6. I went to Boonville and have been in Carmel's gym. Boonville is most definitely a couple thousand seats larger. Boonville is like the 17th largest gym in the state. It was built with the late Roberts Stadium in Evansville as the blueprint.
  7. Simple fact is though, it will NEVER happen with our current athletic administration.
  8. It is an impossibility, and even more so in basketball than in football. There are no metrics that can can be used to make seeding legitimate. Outside of the coaches in the room putting pen to paper, like they do in wrestling.
  9. Could be ... The best players from both schools return in 2019-20.
  10. Kiyron Powell from Bosse is a 6'9 Jr. forward with offers from Kansas State, Xavier, Georgetown, Evansville, and Miami (OH). Heritage Hills' Blake Sisley is a 6'8 Sophomore who has a large skill set and will command some pretty big offers eventually as well. There are are some other players on both rosters who are great high school basketball players in their own right, but those are the two biggest prospects!
  11. Please do not tell me that this is the football forum, as I am already aware, but last night in little ol' Boonville, IN! Hoosier Hysteria is not completely dead! Bosse beat Heritage Hills 66-62 in front of 5,000+
  12. WHAT A GAME LAST NIGHT! Definitely lived up to the hype! Old school Indiana basketball crowd! Boonville has not seen this type of crowd in 20+ years. There had to be over 5,000 in attendance. Heritage Hills had a great season and both teams played at an extremely high level last night. Terrible to lose in the first round of the playoffs, but the Patriots have nothing to be ashamed of. I am sure there is not an individual in Santa Claus that could say a bad word about those kids! This match-up is only going to be better next year.
  13. I disagree with the apples to oranges part. They are not that different, however the high school happens on a larger scale (not sure it is infinite). The point however, is that when you are a varsity assistant, you are shielded from the administrative duties that being a head coach requires. When you are in charge at any level, there are admin responsibilities that can help to prepare you for the higher level.
  14. Coaching at the middle school level may actually help prepare a coach more than being a coordinator or other varsity assistant. The most difficult part about being a head coach is not the coaching part, as that does not change regardless of the level, it is the administrative aspects of the job that it is impossible to prepare for. As a middle school coach, there are a number of administrative duties that parallel those of a head coach. Finding the right person for a job is as inexact a science as there is. I understand that there are any number of factors that must be weighed by candidates when choosing places to be interested in, and the same goes for the schools when evaluating candidates. I hope Gavit found the man they were looking for!
  15. They must have left out the we also never rush only three part!
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