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  1. This summer we (Bosse) brought in veteran official Dave Snider to speak with our players and coaches. Was a really positive experience for everyone. Players learned a massive amount and were able to ask tons of questions. Last night Mr. Snider invited myself and new Central HC Sean Coultis to speak with a room full of officials at their monthly meeting. Once again, this was a really positive experience for all of us. The running theme for both events is that communication is the key to keeping games and relationships positive and productive on Friday nights.
  2. So disappointed that we did not get to attend this clinic, as it filled up faster than I could get us signed up. However, if this continues, Bosse will be in attendance! Glad to hear it was such a success.
  3. Teaching openings may be available in multiple areas. I will post more info as I get it!
  4. Evansville Bosse, 3A enrollment, sectional 32, is looking to hire a varsity offensive line coach and a special teams coordinator. Could be a combined position. Please contact coach, Eric Schnur, if interested. (765) 532-8876 - eric.schnur@evsck12.com
  5. At least this method provides very simple, logical explanations using Math, Science, and Geography for why some teams have to be placed in one place or another. Conference affiliation, traditional rivalries, and who is friends with who should not be factors. There does not need to be a committee that assigns sectionals. We are waiting to see what the people are going to do about an issue that can be determined without human bias and illogical reasoning. Place the grid over the state and assign sectionals accordingly. Simple geography makes this a moot point. If you look at the map that I posted earlier of the projected verses actual sectionals, you can see the flaws. Math is the other thing on the side of my approach. In the actual sectional assignments released for the 2019 and 2020 seasons, the average mileage and travel times (for the two schools in each group that are the farthest apart) are 102 miles and 1 hour 51 minutes respectively. This is compared to the projected sectional alignment where the distance and time between the two schools with the greatest distance between them being, 96 miles and 1 hour 45 minutes respectively. The number of schools vs. the number of classes creates a problem for the IHSAA that I do not envy. However, this discussion would not be at all necessary if they simply geographically places schools in their sectional. my biggest issue looking at these maps is the size of the boxes on the Actual side as apposed the the projected side. Six miles and six minutes worth of travel time seems silly to argue, however in the 2019 case there are far more schools with potentially longer than necessary trips in the sectional than 3A has seen in the past.
  6. I am not a fair this or fair that kind of person. My favorite quote is, "There is nothing more unequal, than the equal treatment of unequals." That being said, the 3A alignment just does not employ any type of logic that I can come up with. The IHSAA called this a Sectional tournament, not you or I, implying that geography would be the logical way to divide teams. Therefore, split the state into half and divide each half into quadrants. This works for every class. With 64 as the magic number, group eight schools at a time geographically, so that regardless of who moves up or who moves down, this is an outcome with far less anticipation. We should not be waiting and holding our breaths to see who will go where because there should only be a handful of schools that are borderline based on their location to the location of others. There ARE politics involved in the decision of where to send everyone this time around, and we should question the logic. I am all for bucking tradition for better means, and looking for new solutions to old problems, but this process should only be about looking at lines on a map and not who benefits from this scenario and that scenario. There should NEVER be a 150+ mile, 3 hour bus ride for a sectional game.
  7. Elbridge Gerry would be proud! 3A Comparison.pdf
  8. I understand what you are saying. I was referring to the above comment from taps.
  9. Let's not start conversations about kids when we do not know all of the details
  10. Should time zone be considered when a drive is less than 90 minutes? I just cannot see time zone having anything to do with the discussion. With them having to move two teams from the geographic footprint of the sectional, it will happen in one of two ways, Sullivan and Washington will go North, or SR and HH will go East. Based on the numbers in the other sectionals and their geography, I think that HH and SR both go East. We will know soon enough.
  11. In terms of common sense and geography, if you send one east, do you not have to send them both?
  12. They have been released ... and Bosse is 3A. In case anyone was wondering.
  13. I went to Boonville and have been in Carmel's gym. Boonville is most definitely a couple thousand seats larger. Boonville is like the 17th largest gym in the state. It was built with the late Roberts Stadium in Evansville as the blueprint.
  14. Simple fact is though, it will NEVER happen with our current athletic administration.
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