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  1. eschnur66

    Mercy Rule

    Irregardless of what the rule states (I am sure that one would not be passed without ample research and development to avoid any loop holes), there needs to be a rule put in place to protect coaches, players, officials, and even school administrators. This is a simple concept and all levels of football will be positively effected by its implementation. There are no arguments against it, IMHO, whether you are on the giving or receiving end.
  2. I hear you! I just thought the explanation I found was funny. I am a firm believer that if the fans in the stands would make noise and cheer rather than yelling at coaches, officials, and their kids, we would have much more successful young men and women playing the games we all love!
  3. Since quiet is a two-syllable adjetive, the rule-of-thumb would make more quiet and most quiet the expected comparative forms; however, quietest and quieter are six-times more common (or, as many would say, "commoner." Both forms are correct, but the single-word construction is what the American ear expects to hear. LOL
  4. My wife helps coach the Robotics team at the elementary school where she teaches. My five year old cannot wait to participate and free builds at home to make things that look like the robots that they use in the competition. He is far smarter than me and he loves that stuff almost as much as throwing balls around and wrestling his brother. Time will tell what he want to do when he gets older. I will following whatever he decides to choose and and be his biggest and quietest fan in the stands!
  5. All I know is, my fingers are crossed tighter than they have ever been!