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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ... I think they counted the stats for BA bro!
  2. North v Central is a must play! It is a pretty bitter rivalry. Let Gibson and VL play that neighboring county rivalry.
  3. Just for fun, take a look at this. It was submitted to the SIAC ADs a few years ago. I created it when the news began to float around about Mt. Carmel. I sent it to my AD and suggested that the conference get out ahead of the inevitable changes that have since happened. Did not go over really well. I do believe that it could have worked though. I still do. Allows for protection of traditional rivalries, crossover games, and a championship week that only has limited potential to create a tournament rematch. With the way the PAC is now structured, there is zero chance that a change like this happens without someone leaving unexpectedly. BTW @Titan32, Columbus might be out of your Indy Metro scope, but I'd bet Southport is not. There is a need to schedule outside of the "Pocket" that is southwest Indiana. It serves the programs well, in multiple sports, that have had the foresight to leave this bubble and challenge themselves. It does not have to be Indy, but scheduling outside opponents and taking the kids on the road is always a positive.
  4. Schiff was two years younger than Cutler. Cutler was 2000, Schiff was 2002.
  5. This way you can head to Wrigley for the Boilers!
  6. Mater Dei's three road games have spanned 465 miles (one way). 91 miles to Linton 199 miles to Triton Central 175 miles to Beech Grove
  7. THIS CAMP IS FILLING UP FAST. This morning we were at 70 participants.
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