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  1. 34 players listed in the top 34 of the 2022 class on 247. 14 are OL, 10 and DL, and 1 is a TE. Only eight skill players. I would definitely say this is the year of the lineman!
  2. That point is an accurate one! However, if you were ever an opponent that had to walk through that mess. You are not a fan. FYI ... I did not play there, but my brother did, and my grandfather coached against them. Walked those stairs to the field once. Then bussed around to the field from the locker rooms in the school.
  3. Here is the snake pit in Mt. Carmel, IL. If you are an Indiana school it is full of all kinds of snakes ready to bite in lots of different ways ...
  4. The BEST Stadium ... I am a bit biased. However, this is a beautiful facility and a great place to watch a game on Friday night.
  5. I think that you could have come up with something a bit more believable!
  6. Thank you so much! Yoursupport is greatly appreciated!
  7. We have great positiin coaches from programs all over the state of Indiana. Guys who have played at Purdue, UIndy, Marian, St. Francis, etc. We are not providing instruction. Our coaches are facilitating drills which will allow the athletes to move and compete for the college coaches that are on the field in attendance. There are opportunities for critique, but that is not the purpose of the event. It is about getting reps. It is a showcase, not a camp. If your kids do not need to attend events like this, that is great. Fantastic for them. Thanks again for not caring so much that you have hel
  8. Mr. BigBH, Our December showcase was attended by the following schools. UIndy Marian St. Francis Olivet Nazerene Lawerence Tech North Central College Olivet (Michigan) Trine Anderson Depauw Franklin Hanover Manchester North Park University At previous showcases we have also had these other schools attend Mount Union Mt. St. Joseph Kentucky Christian Indiana Wesleyan Kentucky Wesleyan Lindsey Wilson Millikan Hocking College Union College, KY
  9. It is to early to put a list together, with all of them playing currently. I have been corresponding via email regularly, and will begin making phone calls to each school starting the Monday we come back from Spring Break. I will post a list in this thread of all the schools that have confirmed on May 1st. This is shaping up to be a smaller event, our numbers look to be in the 100-125 range for total attendance.
  10. I am sorry that you believe that I have done something wrong. I contact EVERY college at the FCS level and below in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky multiple times. I apologize to no one for my record as a head coach, it is the result of mistakes I made plus circumstances that I was not prepared to deal with at that point in my career. I have not only had kids that played on my teams come to the camps, I have driven players around the mid-west to events like the U-Indy Mega camp, Lindenwood Mega camp, Best of the Midwest, as well as indy showcase events at both Indiana and Pu
  11. Have you had a bad experience with one of these camps? I would love to have you come watch ours this spring. We are selling an opportunity. What the kids do with the opportunity is up to them, their preparation, and somewhat the gifts that they were born with. We will have several college staffs in attendance, watching the players. The best of these players will get noticed because of their play. The others have the opportunity to speak with as many of the coaches as they can. Try to start a relationship. Your game tape argument is not perfect. Lots of kids get opportunities based
  12. I think schools will have camps, but there will not be mega showcases this summer on campuses. We are putting on a showcase, and are advertising it as such. I am not sure why the negativity. This is simply another opportunity, and another part of the recruiting process. You focused on the $110 after April first. Rather than the $60 before March 1st, why?
  13. I completely understand and agree to some degree with your sentiment. Showcases have become the norm when it comes to recruiting exposure as they are the best ways to get tangible stats and perform in front of college coaches. The facts are that we have had MANY college programs represented at our showcases over the last couple of years in December, and every one of these showcases have resulted in players receiving opportunities that they may not have gotten otherwise. There is no reason for a D1 coach to attend a showcase, as the players they are recruiting do not, by and large, attend th
  14. It is geared toward position players, however, with this event being outside on a full field, there is the opportunity for specialists to come and display their skills as well! Thank you for asking!
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