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  1. It can, but I am not sure how it holds up as a playing surface.
  2. These grass fields in this area are all Bermuda. Fast (brown this time of year) track with solid root systems.
  3. My money is that it is a solid track. That field is in really good shape. Should not impact the play!
  4. Make that 3 for the NCC as McCutcheon plays Harrison tomorrow.
  5. Just curious, how many of those 13 times has Coach Curtis had the better team on the field?
  6. Good cell reception in the Boonies? Holler if you see me. I will be THE guy in the Red coat!
  7. I wish you would have explained this to the SIAC ADs! Instead we went the lazy route and now have a nine game conference schedule. We have effectively built a wall around our league and said, "We are better than all of you, see you in the playoffs." If that is not the message than it is simply, ADs unwilling to recognize that playing out of league games is beneficial for everyone in the league. Sorry for not feeling bad that it might be difficult once in a while to get games scheduled, but that is part of the job that they signed up for.
  8. You think the West Cannon Coyotes ever road on a yellow bus ... Doubt it! This is proof that they charter planes in Texas! On another note ... I had a roommate in college that moved from Thermopolis, WY to Crown Point. She played basketball and their first road trip was to Merriville. When she showed up to get on the bus with a pillow, she became a target for ridicule. By that time, she laughed at the situation, but she said that the shortest trip they ever took in Wyoming was an hour and a half plus. Sometimes I think that we are just looking for things to complain about. Some people are not satisfied unless they are unhappy.
  9. Tichenor was younger than that. I played for Boonville in that Coca-Cola Classic. 3 pm on a Saturday afternoon, 20,000 degrees, playing the defending state champs and get the ball inside the 20 yard line three times in the first half, but come away with no points. Only game in my life where I had cramping issues.
  10. Tichenor transferred from Princeton and I am not sure that he ever played with Ace (Adam) Paridean. I played against Coach O and Ace in the backfield as a senior at Boonville.
  11. I think that Greene County Sports Network will have the Linton - Mater Dei game.
  12. Coach Obermeier was still the HC in 2002.
  13. Here is an atmosphere for you! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brzGsG32hkI
  14. I don't get involved in a lot of this silly banter, but I can assure you that college coaches could give a rip about the style of offense that a school runs. Size, Speed, and other measurables, combined with many intangible things like character are the only things any coaches are worried about.
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