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  1. Congrats to the North Freshmen! 7-0 SIAC Champs. Played the entire season without their best lineman, he has been a varsity starter since week 2. They also endured several injuries, including a concussion to their top RB who suffered a concussion towards the end our week 5 varsity game. Last night he returned against Central and had 2 carries for 124 yards and 2 TDs! This is a GREAT class, and has won their last 23 games.
  2. I have wondered if the headlight buffing brushes would work.
  3. Our guy uses the kit, but not until he goes through a three day process of removing the retail wax, coating the leather in shaving cream, and then mudding them like they are major league baseballs. I have never seen game balls hold up the way ours have thus far. From my vantage point, his hard work on ball prep has been totally worth it!
  4. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate reading this post! I am doing what I do BOTH in the classroom and on the football field because of him. He was my Papaw! He was a larger than life character who was also an All-American high school player at Central and was then named the 1952 NCAA Freshman of the year as the QB at Vanderbilt. He became a lifelong Bears fan because of their willingness to take a chance on him in the draft, and his injuries were actually sustained while a member of the Toronto Argonauts. He was never able to play a professional game, but if you talk to any of the few that are left, who were able to see him play, they will tell you that he is in the conversation of the GREATEST players to ever come out of Evansville. Below is a single play from his freshman season, but we are lucky enough to actually have this Vandy v. Florida game in its entirety in our possession! Thank you SO much for this post! IMG_2348.3gp
  5. So sad, I have known the Temples for many years. One of the greatest families around. Prayers to the Duttlingers and the HH football families.
  6. That is a fact! Pretty incredible the things that catch on in 2021!
  7. Not either way. There are no Bosse football players involved. I work in the building, and don't think it should be something that is even posted once I not based on facts.
  8. Both of your RBs walked the halls of Bosse as Sophomores. They might not be "new" transfers, but they are transfers none the less.
  9. I am not sure where the info has come from regarding the Bosse kids and the TikToc bathroom nonsense. It is not the case.
  10. Superintendent is said to be a fan. However, do not forget that if you put in one in Warrick Co., you will have to put in three. Not happening this year, but I have heard admins talk about sooner than later.
  11. We are a week away from the showcase at Westfield and our numbers are right where we hoped they would be. There are still spots available, and we are excited for a great event. We have been making lots of contacts to schools around the midwest and are excited to have some new schools that are going to be attending. Here are the schools that have let us know that they are sending someone to recruit the event! UINDY Kentucky Weslyan McKendree Marian St. Francis Indiana Weslyan Taylor Olivet Nazarene Lawerence Tech Missouri Baptist Hanover Franklin Trine Depauw Anderson Eric
  12. 34 players listed in the top 34 of the 2022 class on 247. 14 are OL, 10 and DL, and 1 is a TE. Only eight skill players. I would definitely say this is the year of the lineman!
  13. That point is an accurate one! However, if you were ever an opponent that had to walk through that mess. You are not a fan. FYI ... I did not play there, but my brother did, and my grandfather coached against them. Walked those stairs to the field once. Then bussed around to the field from the locker rooms in the school.
  14. Here is the snake pit in Mt. Carmel, IL. If you are an Indiana school it is full of all kinds of snakes ready to bite in lots of different ways ...
  15. The BEST Stadium ... I am a bit biased. However, this is a beautiful facility and a great place to watch a game on Friday night.
  16. I think that you could have come up with something a bit more believable!
  17. Thank you so much! Yoursupport is greatly appreciated!
  18. We have great positiin coaches from programs all over the state of Indiana. Guys who have played at Purdue, UIndy, Marian, St. Francis, etc. We are not providing instruction. Our coaches are facilitating drills which will allow the athletes to move and compete for the college coaches that are on the field in attendance. There are opportunities for critique, but that is not the purpose of the event. It is about getting reps. It is a showcase, not a camp. If your kids do not need to attend events like this, that is great. Fantastic for them. Thanks again for not caring so much that you have helped to keep this advertisement at the top of the list.
  19. Mr. BigBH, Our December showcase was attended by the following schools. UIndy Marian St. Francis Olivet Nazerene Lawerence Tech North Central College Olivet (Michigan) Trine Anderson Depauw Franklin Hanover Manchester North Park University At previous showcases we have also had these other schools attend Mount Union Mt. St. Joseph Kentucky Christian Indiana Wesleyan Kentucky Wesleyan Lindsey Wilson Millikan Hocking College Union College, KY Our May event is going to be smaller than the showcase that was held in December. More like 100 players rather than 300. If there is a nearly equal or even potentially larger turnout of colleges that are in attendance, that means much more opportunity to be seen. I have no problem if you do not like the showcase system. It might not be for you. But it does work for some kids and all we are doing, as I have said before, is providing an opportunity. Not one athlete has ever been forced to attend. I will post the names of the schools that I have gotten confirmation from for the INDY spring showcase on May 1st. By the way, My name is Eric Schnur. I put it in my tag so that people know who I am. My record is 9-43, but for me it is just a reminder that things don't always turn out the way you intended. It is motivation to be better today and in the future. It does not define me, my last name does. I took a job that NO ONE else wanted, and I did it at a time when I was not fully prepared for what came along with it. I poured my heart into that job, and resigned when I felt I was out of potntial answers for the questons that were popping up. You said you, don't give a damn about me," but you are the one that looked me up. When I say college coaches are on sight, I mean that. We have never hosted a showcase that did not have at least ten. We have had as many as 21 at a single event. You should talk to some college coaches about who they recruit and when they start looking at them. I think that you might find your perception to be a bit off. Thank you, Coach Schnur
  20. It is to early to put a list together, with all of them playing currently. I have been corresponding via email regularly, and will begin making phone calls to each school starting the Monday we come back from Spring Break. I will post a list in this thread of all the schools that have confirmed on May 1st. This is shaping up to be a smaller event, our numbers look to be in the 100-125 range for total attendance.
  21. I am sorry that you believe that I have done something wrong. I contact EVERY college at the FCS level and below in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky multiple times. I apologize to no one for my record as a head coach, it is the result of mistakes I made plus circumstances that I was not prepared to deal with at that point in my career. I have not only had kids that played on my teams come to the camps, I have driven players around the mid-west to events like the U-Indy Mega camp, Lindenwood Mega camp, Best of the Midwest, as well as indy showcase events at both Indiana and Purdue to hopefully help to get them opportunities to play in college. Every year of my tenure at Bosse, we had at least one player get an opportunity to leave Evansville and move on to play football in college. So throw your shade, it is fine, my record is what it is. We have had at least ten colleges represented at every one of our events over the last few years. I am peddling nothing but facts. Thank you for researching me, I find it flattering that you care about me so much. I do not have to defend myself, and will not be responding again. We run an event that is designed to help those who want to be helped. It costs money to run and my time is worth something as well. No one has ever been forced to attend one of these events. Thank you coach! I appreciate your support and knowing that there are good folks out here fighting to get their kids every chance possible to be successful later in life!
  22. Have you had a bad experience with one of these camps? I would love to have you come watch ours this spring. We are selling an opportunity. What the kids do with the opportunity is up to them, their preparation, and somewhat the gifts that they were born with. We will have several college staffs in attendance, watching the players. The best of these players will get noticed because of their play. The others have the opportunity to speak with as many of the coaches as they can. Try to start a relationship. Your game tape argument is not perfect. Lots of kids get opportunities based on game tape that is seen AFTER they were seen at one of these events. Freshmen and sophomores come and have an opportunity to get on the radar early, but probably benefit the most from seeing what the competition looks like. They get a chance to see how high the bar is set. That is a potentially immeasurable part of these types of events. You said a parent can spend $75 and attend three on campus camps, and that may be true, VERY unlikely, but I will play along. At each of these camps, nearly all of which happen on FCS/FBS campuses (some D-II), they get to meet one college staff. The parent also has to pay for the trip to each of these camps, so the $ amount is 4-5 times that in the end. If the kid is D-1 material than great. However, for our most expensive rate $110 + one time travel expenses, the same kid gets to do the same things in front of coaches from multiple college staffs. We have had as many as 21 schools represented at our events. I get it, you do not like them. They are not for everyone, but there are thousands of football players in the state of Indiana alone. These events are just one way for those players to try and separate from the pack and earn an opportunity.
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