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  1. John Hilbert - Kicker from Boonville, played at Louisville, and then got a brief shot with the Cowboys.
  2. Bumping this to the top! There are only four days until this event at the COLTS' PRACTICE FACILITY. There are over 170 athletes signed up and opportunities are numbered.
  3. Recruiting is not an exact science, but for the most part, guys who can play get found. Coaches get fired when players that they fail to recruit go on to do great things elsewhere. In the climate that we live in today, if you want to be seen, there are great opportunities that exist to preform in front of coaches. The mega camps that they hold in the summer at places like UIndy and Lindenwood are examples. The College Exposure Showcase event this weekend at the Colt's facility is another. There will be coaches from several levels, and several states in attendance to see 175+ young men showcase their skills. The bottom line is that recruiting has evolved tremendously over the last 15 years. Right now more than ever, if a player wants to be seen, they have every opportunity to do so. From participating in camps and combines, to getting highlights out on social media, probably the least important part of recruiting is where you live and the size of the school you play at.
  4. This is not the Chatard fightin Joe Hollands of old. Thats for sure. Tough road for the Partiots, but it will be a dog fight no doubt!
  5. Interesting question ... How many places refer to themselves as "the ville?" Also, anyone else remember the Louisville v. Pitt football game when the Cardinals wore jerseys that said "The Ville" across the front?
  6. Potentially some equals, but certainly no better man has ever graced the sidelines of football fields. Coach has never met a stranger, and everyone who has met him is better of because of it.
  7. Anyone with questions can PM me as well. I am helping to run the camp and have extra registration information.
  8. The drive featured 22 plays, all but one of them runs, three fourth-down conversions as well as another on third and 11. Bohannon tooted the ball 14 times on that possession alone. This line from the attached article made me chuckle a bit! Seems to be many more of these types of typos than in yesteryear.
  9. It can, but I am not sure how it holds up as a playing surface.
  10. These grass fields in this area are all Bermuda. Fast (brown this time of year) track with solid root systems.
  11. My money is that it is a solid track. That field is in really good shape. Should not impact the play!
  12. Make that 3 for the NCC as McCutcheon plays Harrison tomorrow.
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