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  1. I'm just an alum in the bleachers every Friday night. No dogs in the fight, yet.. I'm thankful for the culture that Russ brought to NP. I do hear mixed opinions about him. Maybe it was his time move on. I'm not in the inner circle but have obsered since Bart had the reigns. I'm assuming Jolio and Ted will stay with Russ. That might sting more than anything. Both appeared to be very respected. IMO Schwingendorf or Whitenack would be excellent candidates for the job. There's lots of great young talent coming up. I think the Coug's will be O.K.
  2. If the same Brickies that stuffed NP show up, Hobart by 2 td's at least. East Noble better be well prepared for the speed of the defense! Looking forward to watching the winner of this one down at Lucas.
  3. Good luck against East Noble and see at Lucas! Play like you did last night, your state champs!
  4. Icey field conditions benefited New Prairie in their 2014 run to Lucas. Final play of the game against Lowell in Regionals. Lowell goes for the 2 and win. Their stud back Ike James slips on a chunk of ice and comes up short. Keep the field as it is, Mishawaka! Valpo is used to playing on their shag carpet.
  5. Would be an interesting matchup of coaches between Mike Gillin and New Prairie's Russ Radtke, if it came down to it. 82+ years of combined head coaching experience on the field.
  6. What's the Brickies best recommendation for 🍕 and 🍺 in Hobart?
  7. If the game was at Plymouth, my pick would be much closer. I honesty thought the CMA game would be closer. I think the soft wet grass vs turf played a small roll as well as being home. The colder temp may have benifit NP. The story of the game was the intensity of the defense. We had a few more skill players on defense that normally don't play D. CMA's QB ran for his life all night. I expect the same from Plymouth. 49-14... I do think Plymouth is a better team than that, but I think that Central loss lit the fire that NP needed. Last year's loss to SJ was to a NP team with a little complacency. NP might have learned from that.
  8. Warsaw over Penn 21-17 Central over Mishawaka 31-28 MariOn over Jimtown 35-14 New Prairie over Plymouth 49-14
  9. Your more than likely right. It will be a good game.
  10. As bad of a season that they've had, they also have a tough schedule. St.Joe always brings out the best at tournament time. If Plymouth can get beat by 20 by Northwood and below average KV can put 28 on them, St.Joe might be able to pull this off.
  11. Penn 35-7 Central 35-21 Mishawaka 41-7 New Prairie 49-14 St.Joe 14-10 Tippy 24-14 Marion 28-24 Laville 35-7
  12. Washington plays at School Field. Adams plays at Clay Field. I believe the two schools alternate yearly when home field is scheduled at the same time. Not sure what would've happened if Clay High also had home field.
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