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  1. DT, you have every right to dislike the RPOs in the game now. Certainly a lot of teams use them because they are trendy and provide flexibility. But many use them to put defenders in conflict in order to get their best people the ball. What I was mostly getting at was that I think you are broadly talking about football in terms that may be too general for your point to be accurate, if that makes sense. For example, talking about positions changing and linemen changing role, etc. NFL and College are in reality quite different from the majority of high school football. As was mentioned, TE is still a huge position in all levels of football. Some teams use them more as an H Back, but that position has not left the game. The traditional I formation FB has definitely become less prevalent for sure. But I see what you mean, the game is different. Teams using RPOs in their system are simply trying to use the entire field and put certain defensive players in conflict, because that is as good as a block. When I was HC at my previous school, we ran spread with lots of RPOs and RROs. We had 3 run plays and tags on them to react to the defense. We had to do it, our OL wasn't dominating and we played in a great conference. We had some success there with that. At my current 1a school, we went to the wing to control the ball more but still use some RPOs to protect our main runs when we are in gun about 30% of the time. Just Rules --> Awesome insight there. From a coaching perspective, we are telling QBs that read is made and ball is out pretty quickly. If you hold the ball at all or double clutch after deciding on the throw option, its too late! I remember about 6 years ago we ran outside zone to the right with a slant on the backside. QB pulled the ball to throw, double clutched, then hit the WR in stride for an 80 yard TD.....everyone is cheering while I'm already coaching the QB to correct his mistake because I knew we'd have that called back for lineman down field before the ball even got to the goal line lol. It comes with the territory. ....sorry for the long football posts....stir crazy sitting at home haha
  2. It's fun to watch DT on here talking about football "scheme" when he has no clue what he is talking about. A) "The drive blocking and pass protection skills of big linemen are mitigated in these schemes. Lots of standing around and then their involvement in the action is very limited." - DT RPO scheme is a pass option + a real running play. Usually with a read by the QB of a single defender to give him an answer of what to do with the ball. Your comment about big lineman standing around is ridiculous and proof you don't know what you are looking at. The run play can be a gap scheme, zone scheme, counter of some sort, or even a draw. Either way these are a teams regular run plays and most teams run them the same way whether there is a throw option tagged to it or not. So if I'm running inside zone with a bubble concept and reading the Apex defender, my OLine better be blocking inside zone and getting off the ball driving their fight like its a run play only. (I realize I'm probably over your head DT, but this is the most basic RPO teams run). B) You obviously aren't as in touch with high school football in Indiana as you think. Yes, as a whole the state may be having more D1 lineman than the past, but that doesn't mean they are everywhere. An RPO is a way to PROTECT your run game whether you have good lineman or not. If there is the threat of an option of a receiver open in space, you can take a run defender out of the run fit defensively with that threat alone. Example - defense aggressive backside LB that is stopping the cutback on our bread and butter Inside Zone run. You could add a hitch in behind that LB with a TE or Slot, QB reads the LB. If LB flys towards the run, throw the easy hitch where he was. This protects your run game later. Or that is the goal anyway. C) This is traditional option football (not far off from Bart Curtis triple option), just with a different look. QB puts the ball in the belly of RB and reads a defender. Based on defender he will have the OPTION to 1) give the ball to the RB 2) keep it and run 3) throw (like a pitch in triple option) to a receiver..... sound familiar? D) Most High School QBs in general can't handle reading a whole defense on the fly. Why not make it easier on your QB by giving him a simple read and react situation? Hence why coaches like the RPO - can be easy to teach D) I could go on and on. I do understand you not liking this particular scheme, that's completely acceptable and logical. Just have a clue what you are talking about before you get on here (wishful thinking...)
  3. Dude, now isn’t the time. Go back to your hole.
  4. We've had a good response. Our date will be July 23rd and we have room for 1 more smaller school team. Let me know if you are interested!
  5. Clinton Central is looking for at least 1 but up to 3 opponents for an 11on11 Thud date this summer at our place (just outside of Frankfort). Looking at a date of either July 20 or July 23. We should have enough for JV reps as well. If interested, contact HC Justin Gardiner - justin.gardiner@clinton.k12.in.us
  6. I am Transportation and Special Ed Director in addition to head football coach at a small rural school. Some good things and some bad things about that set up.
  7. Instead of questioning where kids come from in successful programs, maybe realize that Western Boone has a great strength and conditioning program. If you watch their athletes in action in any sport, you can tell they have spent plenty of time working in the weight room.
  8. You know these kids personally from up there in the North?
  9. Clinton Central (just outside of Frankfort, IN) is looking for a JV or C team opponent for September 14 or 16th. Can host or travel. If interested contact Head Coach Justin Gardiner -- justin.gardiner@clinton.k12.in.us
  10. If anyone still wants to get some work in, Clinton Central has room for 2 more teams tonight on our fields tonight. PM me or email Justin.gardiner@clinton.k12.in.us
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